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My dearest readers,

I have included some of my writings about Nymphasia. This is an account of Aphrodite’s encounter with Clio. I hope you will like it. I have also included an essay I wrote for Miss Wilkinson on the link between Submission and Harmony. I am posting this in response to some of the absurdities I have come across on the site concerning the writings of a certain person, whose name begins with an N. He ended his days in an asylum and frankly my dears, that does not surprise me. My universe is a much nicer place than the one inhabited by that horrible chap. Come to Nymphasia for a holiday. Unlike N’s world, it is not lacking in ‘order, structure, form, beauty,‘ or ‘wisdom.‘ Thank goodness!!!!!!!!!

Meeting with Clio

At 5 p.m. sharp, Clio entered the schoolroom. She pushed open the door with a violent movement, which caused Aphrodite who was sitting waiting for her, to nearly jump out of her skin. She rose hurriedly to her feet and cast her eyes to the ground until she was addressed by her Mistress.

Aphrodite had arrived 15 minutes early, so nervous was she of being late. She did not wish to incur the further wrath of her Mistress, who was already furious over her insubordination that afternoon. Whilst she waited, her agitation grew, as she thought of the punishment she was about to receive. She felt the fear in the pit of her stomach and beyond. She hated to receive punishment when her Mistress was angry.

‘Stand up straight,’ ordered her Mistress. ‘Don’t slouch. You are a disgrace to the sacred feminine order. You have humiliated me before other members of our community. Such matters are not taken lightly in Nymphasia. You will be punished for the hurt you have caused me and for your breach of sacred trust.’ Here Clio paused and looked at Aphrodite, noting that her school tie was not properly tucked into her navy skirt. ‘Tuck in your tie. How can you show such disrespect for me?’

Aphrodite raised her eyes and saw her Mistress’ eyes flashing with anger and pain. She played nervously with a lock of her black hair, which had escaped from her pony tail.

‘Leave your hair alone!’ instructed her Mistress. ‘Come to me. Let me see that you are sorry. If you aren’t, you soon will be.’ Clio sat in a low chair, as Aphrodite approached her. ‘Kneel at my feet Aphrodite. Don’t tower over me. Show some manners towards the Mistress who loves you.’

Aphrodite knelt at the feet of her Mistress. She dared not raise her eyes to those of her Mistress, who she feared greatly at this moment. Slowly, she felt the perspiration running down her body at the thought of the strap. Her Mistress cupped her face in her hand and raised it until their eyes met.

Quietly and sadly, Clio said, ‘Do I deserve such treatment after all I have done for you. Do I deserve to be humiliated in this manner before our friends? ’ Suddenly she was less frightening. Aphrodite felt the strength oh her love. She stared into the eyes of her Mistress, who for an instant looked kindly and yielding. Aphrodite’s fear was replaced by resignation. She longed now for the resolution which her punishment would bring.

The moment was over and Clio released the face of her loved one and stood menacingly before the kneeling girl. Her crisp grey skirt rustled slightly over her seamed nylon stockings, as she went to choose a strap from the selection hanging on hooks beside the blackboard. She fingered several before deciding on the heaviest four-pronged one which Aphrodite to her cost, knew well.

Clio was herself again. ‘Raise your skirt and bend over the desk, Aphrodite. You will beg me to punish you severely for your disloyalty this afternoon. ‘

Aphrodite raised her skirt and bent over the desk as submissively as she knew how.

‘I plead with you to punish me Clio,’ she said humbly, ’for the pain I have caused you because of my disloyalty this afternoon. Please beat me hard.’

Clio liked the contrition she heard in the voice of her charge. She passed her tongue over her upper lip as she always did before she beat Aphrodite, whose thin, navy school panties would offer little protection against the heavy strap she had chosen to use. She relished the thought before raising the strap swinging it with great force against Aphrodite’s pert little bottom. She watched Aphrodite’s face which was turned sideways towards her, wincing with shock over the force of the stroke and the agonising pain which spread suddenly through her backside. Clio raised the strap again as Aphrodite emitted a low moan. Her next stroke was harder and aimed at exactly the same place the first stroke had landed. Aphrodite arched her back as she cried out in agony.

‘Don’t arch your back,’ barked Clio harshly.

Aphrodite was grateful for the pause in proceedings. It was good to be released from the thudding of the strap against her poor bottom. Her temporary relief was however short-lived. Gently, Clio massaged the bruised and swollen cheeks before delivering four more of her best. Now the girl screamed unashamedly, shaking her head hysterically in a frenzy of pain.

The tears ran down Aphrodite’s cheeks as her Mistress ordered her to stand up. Her brow was damp with perspiration as she straightened her skirt and stood before Clio.

‘Kneel before me,’ her Mistress commanded. ’On your knees. Kiss my hand and thank me with all your heart.’ Clio laid down her strap and offered her hand to Aphrodite who took it and covered it with feverish kisses. She was truly sorry and she said as much over and over again.

Clio looked down on Aphrodite and smiled knowingly. She was sure of her submission and her continuing obedience. Aphrodite would not challenge the authority of her Mistress again. She raised the girl to her feet and led her to a chair. She sat down and pulled Aphrodite onto her lap, cuddling her silently as the sacred love slipped down the Golden Chain.


The relation between Harmony and Submission


In our world, there is an unequivocal link between Harmony and Submission, Ergo, when I am submissive and yield to my Mistress, there is Harmony between us. When I am obedient, there is rarely discord or ill feeling. Our lives form a consistent, orderly and pleasing whole. When I do not submit, we are plunged into misery.

Heaven is not as a scene of endless banquets or amusements, but the place where God is. Only in her Presence can Joy, Goodness, Beauty ,Harmony and Truth be found in all their fullness. The Kingdom of God can only be realised when human beings obey God and do her will. The same can be said of Harmony in our world. If I am to live in Harmony with my Tiger Keeper, I must do her will and obey her in all things.

Mephistopheles describes hell as being denied the presence of God,

Why this is Hell, not an I out of it, Thinkst thou that I who have seen the face who saw the face of God, knows’t not ten thousand hells in being deprived of everlasting bliss?’

My plight is that of Mephistopheles. To be denied the sacred presence of my own Tiger Keeper is its own hell. Think too of God’s sorrow when her favourite Angel rebelled against her. Imagine her disappointment and misery when something of great beauty which she had created, challenged her authority and the whole Hierarchy of the celestial Host. Lucifer was banished into Chaos, just as I am when I challenge the authority of my Mistress.

I was created by my Mistress. She chose me above all others. It is when I seek to destroy the natural hierarchy of our world that I wound her most. It is a hierarchy just like that of Heaven. It is by Submission to that hierarchy that we avoid the Anarchy of the Pit.

Lucifer, in Paradise Lost, loses the battle against God and still refuses to submit,

What though the field be lost.
All is not lost, the unconquerable Will,
And study of Revenge, immortal hate,
And courage never to submit or yield:
And what is else to be overcome.

Lucifer is left with ‘the unconquerable Will, ‘immortal hatred’ and the desire never to ‘submit or yield.’ and thus the Pit was first created.

In our world, Harmony and Peace lie in Submission. I must have faith always in the Golden Order.

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