Part 2: An account of my second meeting with Miss Wilkinson

6th April

I made more effort with my appearance when I saw Miss Wilkinson the second time. I did my hair in bunches with pink bows. I also wore a proper school skirt, which I borrowed from Diana. I found an old blazer in my wardrobe. Miss Wilkinson noticed a tear at the back and told me to mend it. She also instructed me to get a blouse which did up properly at the neck. The one I was wearing used to belong to Aphrodite, whose neck is thinner than mine.

Miss Wilkinson said there was still room for improvement, but she did seem ever so slightly pleased with my efforts.

I have decided that I have been extremely disrespectful in the past to my Keeper, who is less exacting over such matters. If my Keeper ever deigns to return from the Ethereal Realms, I will never see her without dressing more appropriately.

Miss Wilkinson made me read out my work in my best voice and corrected my diction. She has made me aware that I have taken advantage of my Keeper’s leniency in the past over the ‘enunciation of my words’ as well as my uniform.

Miss Wilkinson was still critical of my posture, which she describes as ‘slovenly,’ in the presence of a Mistress. When I see my own sweet Keeper again, I will never slouch or fiddle with my pens or have an untidy desk. Miss Wilkinson is making me aware of so many things, not least the number of things my Keeper used to overlook because she loved me so much.

Miss Wilkinson made me lower my panties and gave me seven stokes of the cane over a skirt. I got the seventh stroke for arching my back during the sixth. They were very hard strokes and brought tears to my eyes. She then told me to sit down and gave me a lot of exercises to do.

Next, I was then given fifty spanks with the four-pronged strap on the bare thighs. She said that she hoped I had not got any false impressions over her leniency. She said I should beware. She said that she was never lenient and I felt sure of that. I am quite sore after the caning. I have difficulty sitting down.


7th April

Consider the importance of uniform and how it helps you to be more submissive:


Uniform, according to the Oxford dictionary, is ‘distinctive dress worn by the same body, e.g. soldiers, sailors, policemen, nurses, school children.’ These examples of human beings who wear uniform, belong to hierarchical organisations which are dependent for their efficiency and general running, on the ability of those in the various ranks carrying out their duty and following the orders of their superiors. A hierarchy cannot operate effectively unless its members are conscious of their rank and their duty to those above them.

Within the confines of our world, I am subordinate to my Mistress. She is the rock to which I cling and the foundations upon which I build my life. In return for the safety and peace which my allegiance brings, I am bound to her in terms of my Submission.

My uniform is a symbol of my pledge of obedience to my Mistress. When I dress in school uniform, I assume a lower rank. I dress as a subordinate and I place myself in the hands of my superior. In the presence of my Mistress, I relinquish all ‘rights.’ I must bend to her will in all matters.

I must wear my uniform with pride. I must be proud of my Submission. My uniform is not simply a ‘distinctive dress.’ It as a sacred vestment which I wear for my Mistress, with whom I share the magic of our world. This magic ‘transcends all earthly things’ as my Mistress wrote once. It comes from above, and together we participate in a ceremony, which is unique and special to us.

In the past, I have failed to fully grasp the importance of our ritual. I have been slovenly in the way I have presented myself to my Keeper. I am ashamed of my previous attitude. I am surprised at my own lack of understanding, my stupidity even.

Miss Wilkinson has taught me the importance of dressing with the utmost care in preparation for my Mistress. It is my duty to be as perfectly dressed as possible. When I dress, I am preparing for a sacred ritual, the importance of which is crucial in maintaining the sanctity of our marriage. To dress improperly is tantamount to sacrilegious behaviour.

I must honour my Mistress at all times. My uniform is a mark of my respect as a submissive for a superior.

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