My name is Tigrou and I would like to share my experiences of the last little while with other Aristasians. I am sending exerpts from my diary, which I hope you will read with appreciation. I am often very naughty.

4th April 2003

I feel very privileged to receive the tutelage of Miss Wilkinson. She has encountered many individuals like myself. Thus I consider myself in very good hands.

To Miss Wilkinson, I am simply another wayward creature, who is in need of guidance and correction. She regards such matters as part of her duty as a mistress. My Keeper has informed me that she is a good mistress and I have no reason to believe otherwise.

I have no special relationship with Miss Wilkinson. Unlike my Keeper, she has no affection for me. She does not regard me as 'sweet.' She is simply doing her duty in trying to make me better for my own mistress, who seems very far away at this moment. Naturally it saddens me to think that I am indeed of such correction. However, I wish to be more worthy of my own mistress, who has always been good and kind to her Tigrou. I want her to be proud of me. At the moment, I am rather 'in the dog house'.

Miss Wilkinson says that I am slovenly and unkempt. She was not at all impressed with my appearance. She complained that my skirt was too short and that my hair was untidy. She wants me to get a proper uniform and tie my hair back neatly. I intend to deal with those matters today as instructed.

Miss Wilkinson told me that I was insubordinate, disrespectful and rebellious, all of which I acknowledge. She was very strict and made me sit up straight. She kept tapping my shoulders with her cane.

She made me bend over the desk; skirt raised and spanked me with a strap. She told me off because I arched my back and would not keep still. I did not say thank you afterwards. I therefore had an extra thirty spanks.

After the spanking, Miss Wilkinson told me to lower my skirt and bend over the desk again. She gave me six of the best with the cane. They were not too terrible.

Miss Wilkinson set me lots of homework. I like her very much and think she has a good sense of humour. She is very strict and impersonal, unlike my own mistress who always spanks me over her knee and hold me tight, kissing me afterwards.

I hope to learn how to be better from Miss Wilkinson. I hope she will make me a good, loyal and obedient Tigrou for my mistress, who deserves no less.

During my lesson with Miss Wilkinson, she made me make a list of all the things I have done wrong:

i) I have broken my promise.
ii) I have broken my bond.
iii) I have been rebellious and disrespectful to my own sweet mistress, who loves me.
iv) I have refused punishment on two occasions.
v) I have been selfish, wilful and disobedient.
vi) I have been disloyal.
vii) I have been slovenly in my appearance when seeing my mistress

I will tell you more of my visits from Miss Wilkinson next week.

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