ONE of the most popular forms of demonstration given by Miss Frost is the traditional English schoolgirl scene. Suzanne looks good in uniform and her submissive nature as well as her experience as a grown-up schoolgirl in real life makes her a perfect schoolgirl. Miss Frost is every inch the English schoolmistress and can vary the role from a severe, even bullying mistress to a less experienced one who finds her feet during the course of the demonstration.

Miss Frost dresses in traditional academic gown and mortarboard, sometimed in a 1960s mini-skirted style, sometimes a little more conservatively, always with traditional seamed stockings. Suzanne normally wears a navy blue uniform with gymslip or blouse and skirt, school tie, black or dark stockings and regulation navy blue knickers or white ones. However variations in uniform and in the costume of the schoolmistress can be discussed.

The most usual scene would consist in a detention with various forms of corporal punishment given by the mistress to Suzanne. This punishment is by no means a matter of play-acting. Suzanne is fully submissive to her mistress in real life and is accustomed to receiving real discipline. Punishments may range from spanking through the use of a leather strap to the severe application of the traditional school cane.

If desired, it may be possible for visitors also to discipline Suzanne or to receive discipline themselves at the hands of Miss Frost.

Variations on the usual scene are always possible, and these again can be discussed in advance or at the preliminary interview

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