Quirinelle Shield Quirinelle: The province of Hearth and Home

QUIRINELLE corresponds to the 1950s. It is the province of wide skirts with yards of rustling petticoat and also of the slimmest pencil skirts which make a free girl walk as if she were in slave-rings. It is the province of high pony-tails and innocent Rock and Roll, brunette "cats" and blonde "chicks".

  But Quirinelle is also often considered the Province of the Home. Less sophisticated than the other Provinces, many Aristasian girls consider Quirinelle the finest province for rebuilding one's psyche, shattered by the madness of the Pit . Quirinelle films are often considered on the whole more racinating than the films of Trent or Kadoria.

  Quirinelle is governed by the young blonde Queen Elspeth, about whom there has been some talk of a romantic attachment to Queen Viktoria of Novaria.

  Celestially Quirinelle is ruled by the Angel or divinity Sucri who corresponds to your planet (and Goddess) Venus. Thus it is considered a "blonde" Province and its Sovereign is usually a blonde. Love is found in every Province, but Quirinelle is traditionally the Province of Love. Both Romantic Love and the love that binds families, towns, villages and Nations together in the warm human bonds that are normal in a Real World and are the opposite of Atomisation.

  Sucri is traditionally known as the Sister of ThamŽ, and the qualities of love and bonding are closely related to the qualities of harmony and order. Quirinelle traditionally has a close relationship and friendly ties with Trent.

  Quirinelle colours are green and pink; pink being especially associated with the Province. Its emblem is the five-petalled rose (though all roses belong to Sucri and are associated with Quirinelle), five is the colour of Sucri and of Quirinelle.

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