Umm - who said blondes were the same as brunettes?Questions and Answers on Aristasia

Many people have heard of Aristasia on television documentaries and interviews, magazine articles and so forth, but still end up feeling they do not really know what Aristasia really is. Here is the place to get your questions answered.

First the obvious one - what is Aristasia?

Aristasia is an alternative world in which there are no men. The two sexes are blondes and brunettes. Different nations in Aristasia correspond (rather loosely) to different time-periods on earth.

Phew - that's a lot to take in at once. Is Aristasia a fiction, a fantasy, another world, or does it really exist here on earth?

Essentially there are two Aristasias, which we call Aristasia Pura and Aristasia-in-Telluria.

Aristasia Pura is the Real Aristasia in which blondes and brunettes really are biologically different and can have babies together. It has been depicted in fictional works such as Strangers in Paradise and The District Governess.

Aristasia-in-Telluria is the Aristasia that we create for ourselves here on earth. It is depicted in the novel Children of the Void. We can live out Aristasia, create our own magical world. Of course, one's sex does not necessarily correspond to one's hair colour, and we cannot make babies together. But we manage very happily all the same!

So what about blondes and brunettes? How do I know which I am?

In Aristasia Pura, hair colour is a secondary sexual characteristic. A girl born of the blonde sex will have light hair. Among ourselves in Aristasia-in-Telluria, sex is a matter of personality.If you are a blonde type it really doesn't matter if your hair is raven-black; you are still a blonde. It may take a little getting used to, but you soon will!

In Aristasian Life Theatre, one girl may have more than one persona. It is quite possible that you will play both a blonde and a brunette at different times, though most of us discover after a while that we are primarily of one sex.

Redheads can be enigmatic, but they are always blonde or brunette!What about redheads?

We resisted the temptation to call this section Frequently Asked Questions - but this one really is! In Aristasia Pura redheads are either blonde or brunette (just as redheads are either male or female on earth). Dark redheads are brunette, fair ones blonde. Red hair can denote a slight hormonal ambiguity, but Aristasians are always of one sex or the other.

In Aristasia-in-Telluria, of course, the actual colour of one's hair is of no significance. Blonde or brunette is a matter of personality type.

How do I learn more about the Aristasian sexes?

The best way is by staying about Aristasia for a while -- or reading Aristasian literature. That way one picks up a natural feeling for Aristasian life. It is rather like picking up a language. However there is a useful page on blondes and brunettes at the Official Aristasia Site which may help get you started.

What about the Aristasian Nations or Provinces?

There are seven of them. The five Western ones are Vintesse, Trent, Kadoria, Quirinelle and Novaria -- these correspond very loosely tho the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and a re-civilised future respectively. Arcadia corresaponds to the Victorian and Edwardian periods and Amazonia to the ancient past. This is, of course, a considerable simplification, but it is enough to get started with.

Amazonia is a vast and mysterious land of ancient magic, and Novaria, while the most "futuristic" of the Aristasian Provinces, is closely affiliated to Amazonia, the most ancient.

Isn't Aristasia all about discipline and spanking?

>giggle< Not really. That aspect has been played up by the Pit mass-media and some Aristasian books, like the delightful Children of the Void have lain emphasis upon it partly because they were selling into the disciplinary niche market - well, they have to sell somehow! It is a part of Aristasian life, but girls who do not find it of interest can easily take part in Aristasia without encountering it at all (providing they are good, of course). Many girls who encountered Aristasia from other directions have found discipline a very exciting and rewarding aspect of Life Theatre. On the other hand those whose only interest in Aristasia is discipline will not make good Aristasians. Aristasia is much more than any one aspect.

Send us your questions about Aristasia. There must be things you've always wanted to know. This is the place to ask!

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