Novarian ShieldNovaria, where Past and Future Combine

NOVARIA is, in a way, the most "modern" of the "modern provinces". Technically it is the most advanced of all the provinces and has many inventions that are not known in Telluria—"auries", personal auras that keep girls warm in cold weather without wearing extra clothes and cool in hot weather, levitating vehicles and even some form of teleportation are known in this province. It is generally considered the most "advanced" of all the Provinces and is admired throughout the Western Empire for this reason.

  However, things in Aristasia are often not quite what a Tellurian might imagine. In the first place, Aristasian technics are not the purely material affair that they are in Telluria, and contain a strong element of what might be called "magic". Not the Pure Magic found in certain parts of the East, but it must be understood that the laws on which Novarian science—and Aristasian science in general—are founded are not simply those of the physical plane, but also the laws of Form and Manifestation themselves. The meaning of these points would take us deep into Aristasian philosophy, so we shall leave the question here with the simple warning that "technics" in Aristasia, whle they may in many ways resemble their counterparts in Telluria, are not actually the same thing.

  Having said this, it may perhaps seem a little less surprising to learn that Novaria, the newest of the Provinces was founded only a few hundred years ago by settlers from eastern Amazonia (some of whom are still alive today), bringing with them the most ancient of traditions and customs, and that Novaria, while it is certainly "advanced" in many respects is also the most traditional of the Western Provinces, with much of the ancient flavour of the East.

  Novaria, then, is a curious combination of East and West, Ancient and Modern. Its young brunette Queen Viktoria is ambitious and works untiringly for the advancement of her Nation. She is seen in other Western Provinces as favouring the "modern" side of Novaria's heritage, and in many respects that is true, but she has deep roots in her ancient Eastern lineage, and is in some ways far less of a Westerner than she superficially appears to be.

  Although the Imperial City of Ladyton is popularly supposed to be essentially a Trentish city, Novarian influence has always been very strong there, which partly accounts for its Eastern flavour. Queen Viktoria is believed to have considerable influence over the Empress, though Her Imperial Majesty, though also a young maid for such an office, is too shrewd to be influenced any more than she deems proper for the good of the Empire, and it seems likely that this  rumoured "influence" is nothing more than the natural working together of two young and energetic Sovereigns who have many aims and aspirations in common.

  It should be noted that while Novarian technics are to some extent exported to other parts of the West, the most sophisticated elements actually do not work outside Novaria. The reasons for this are complex. Aristasian Nations are not mere arbitrary or historical-accidental map-divisions. They do to a large extent constitute different States of Being. See the articles on Amazonia and Arcadia for further discussion of these matters.

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