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My name is Josie, 21 years old and I am a student in the UK. I share a housewith 4 other female students. They are also 20 or 21 years old. When wefirst moved into the house we encountered the not unexpected problems ofdirty crockery littering the kitchen, dusting and vacuuming hardly evertaking place, and a lack of food in the cupboards. After a couple of monthswe all sat down for a meeting and agreed that things could just not continuein this manner. We decided to draw up a set of rules and punishments forbreaking these rules. We decided to purchase a school cane to punish anymember who broke these rules. Now the daily chores are allocated fairly toall members of the household and any failure to carry out these chores isrecorded in a punishment book. On the Monday evening we all meet and reviewany entries made in the punishment book for the previous week. Any seriousoffences are punished with 4 (very occasionally 6) strokes of the cane. Therecipient is instructed to remove her jeans or skirt and then bend over theback of a chair. We have a rota system for selecting the member toadminister the caning. This ensures a degree of fairness we believe. Lessserious offences are punished with a hairbrush.

Prior to this arrangement none of us had ever been caned before. The firsttime was a shocking and painful experience for us all! Now we firmly believethat the cane is the perfect implement for maintaining discipline and regretthat it was not available for teachers to use when we attending school. Thereintroduction of the cane would certainly solve much of the poor behaviourcurrently taking place in our schools.

We would like to purchase an additional cane for punishing very seriousoffences. Do you consider the Governess Cane to be a good choice or maybethe Punitive Cane?


The Punitive Cane is really too heavy for girls under most circumstances. The Governess Cane would be ideal. [see].

Not only maidservants need discipline

Dear Ladies,

congratulations to your new forum. I was a regular reader of thewildfire forum and was very disappointed when it wasn't carried on.

In the Handmaiden Forum is talked a lot about maidservants and theirmistresses. But not only these women need discipline. I did study law,just made the first of two exams and I am going to become a lawyer. Iwouldn't have done it so good, if there hadn't been the firm guidanceof my aunt. From her I learned obedience and self-discipline. Ilearned to work hard and concentrated and not to slow down before Ihad given my best. Still there are times where I get a bit carelessand negligent. Then I am lucky when I am able to visit my family andespecially my aunt who knows very well what I deserve after we havetalked. She is very stict but for she can not punish me regularly, Ithink she is right to administer chastisement of the utmost severity.Of course I fear her disciplinary sessions very much because they arelong and intense and mostly exquisitely painful. But when it is over,I feel the effect of purification. I don't know if I am able to makemyself clear, but there is a strong feeling of concentration andclarification which keeps on for a long time. It's just easier to workand to concentrate on my work.

Well, what I want to say is, that it is good to have a mistress notonly for maidservants and young girls but also for women who want makecareer in a male dominated world without loosing their femininity.This forum really is a help for myself.

I hope I didn't make too much mistakes by writing this letter for Idon't want to feel the anger of Miss Mary J. Miss Mary J. is anadmirable person, and I am sure girls like Ann H. will be lucky tohave found such a firm disciplinarian.

Kindly regards, J. H., Germany

I was an Indentured Servant

Thank you Jenny Anne for your straight talking! I too had been thinkingthose thoughts, but perhaps being too lazy I just left the forum. It isso important that forums are entertaining and intellectuallystimulating, but who makes them so? Us the readers. It's so easy to bepassive and sit and wait for other people to do all the work.

Of course while being entertaining they should also be instructive,otherwise it's just so much more 'noise' on Electraspace.

So to contribute I thought I would share a little about my time as anindentured servant. True there are few openings these days. It wascommon in the last century and before for people moving to the new worldto have their passage paid for by an employer, who in return wouldexpect so many years of unpaid work.

Today there exists another avenue... A few years ago I set up my owncompany. With both design and editorial skills I thought I would offer apublications service and take business from charities and other smallenterprises to produce materials for them. For a while it wassuccessful. And then suddenly things went wrong. To cut a long storyshort, my loans manageress 'reeled me in' and said I was bankrupt. To behonest it was a terrible shock. I'd work ever so hard for my littlecompany, which gave me independence as well as enjoyment and mentalstimulation.

During my meeting with her, she said: 'I'm afraid, as your house was putup as collateral for your business, it will be necessary to put it onthe market.' Well my heart beat faster and my face went bright red withhorror. Seeing my consternation the lovely (but extremely serious)blonde suggested a way out of my situation. 'There are opportunities forladies of good background to gain secondary employment and thus avoidthe ignomy of losing one's home and the discomfort that would accompanyit.'

She arranged a meeting for me with a Mrs Anton Dervish-Price, whom Idiscovered to be quite fiercesome. Mrs DP (as I shall call her) was arather buxom woman in her late forties married to an attache to theforeign office who was rarely home. She ran her home with an iron rod(almost literally). She was an extremely busy woman and employed a cook,nanny for her five children, maid and chauffeur/gardener.

Mrs DP agreed to meet my loan payments, in return I agreed to work forher when her maid was off on weekends, during holidays and two eveningsa week. The agreement was to last two years.As an indentured servant, it would turn out, I had few rights and nocomeback. My experiences with Mrs DP have proven to be the mostinfluencial in my life.

I hope readers will be interested to hear more about my time with Mrs DPwho was a great believer in discipline (both mental and physical).

Yours truly


Thank you for this contribution. We should certainly be interested to hear more.

New Forum

I must say, I was tickled when I discovered your new Forum. The conversationsin the old Forum had become tedious at best, and I was looking forward togetting back on track.

The new Forum seemed all I had hoped for......a place where those of us whowere interested in the close relationship of Mistress and maidservant coulddiscuss the joys and problems of feminine discipline and obedience. I wouldcheck the Forum religiously every day, eager to see what the new postingswould bring.

What do I get from that now? Definitions. I certainly mean no offense to MissMary J (and probably deserve a caning for even daring to protest), but Iwonder if this Forum might be headed in the same direction that the last was,but on a different path. I am in no way suggesting that the postings bereplaced by silly monkey business, and I do agree that lines or definitionsare an excellent form of punishment. But the truth is, one reason that theyare so effective as punishment is that they are BORING. That, I am afraid, iswhat this Forum is in danger of becoming.


Jenny Anne

You are right, Jenny Anne. The Forum was becoming a bit cluttered. We have now changed things, and posted imposition work will appear from now on in our new Detention Room

Possibly you do deserve a caning for daring to protest. What is needed to keep the Forum alive is more material from girls like you who obviously think and care about discipline but are not contributing anything. Instead of a caning why not accept the "punishment" of writing to the Forum telling us a little about your interest in discipline. Your feelings and your fantasies. We are waiting to hear from you, young lady.

A New Girl Seeking Discipline

May I introduce myself to the Forum? My name is Diane. I am 40 years oldand live in the UK. Sometime back I watched the television documentaryabout the Aristasian Embassy and found myself both fascinated and scared bywhat I saw. Then I got on the internet and came across the Wildfire Clubsite and now finally the Handmaiden Forum. I have followed it on a dailybasis and have read the archives thoroughly. Now I am ready to take thenext step.

I am asking for a Mistress to accept me as a girl and to correct myoffences through the imposition of regular discipline. My offences are asfollows. The first is "lack of effort". My lack of effort was mentioned bymany teachers in my school reports. At the time I blamed this on the lackof discipline at the schools I attended but this attitude has now followedme into my adult life. These leads on to my second offence and that is oneof laziness. I am basically a lazy person and unless there is someone thereto push me I will not do the task in hand.

I see the Forum has a very real way for me to be disciplined for myoffences especially as the impositions have to be sent to the Embassy understrict deadlines for inspection and are there for public display. Havingseen the documentary I know that the Embassy is for real and not somefantasy in a mans mind.

It is not my place to suggest what form my discipline should take but I dobelieve it should include dictionary work as my overall knowledge of theEnglish language is poor. I have been following the disciplining of Ann Hby Miss Mary J. with great interest and I even set myself the selfdiscipline of making a Button Card.

I am very serious about this although I am scared by the submissivefeelings I have just discovered. I will carry out all impositions to thebest of my ability. The internet has been a great help by realising that Iam not alone.

In preparation for my discipline I have today obtained a copy of the ninthedition of the concise oxford dictionary, an exercise book and a pad of A4paper which I have cut down to Quarto (It seems impossible to obtain anyother size).

Although I will find it humiliating, I will also complete my disciplinewhist wearing a punishment uniform as instructed by my Mistress. Wherecould I obtain a schoolgirl uniform to fit a girl of my age and size? I dowork shifts which will determine when I can carry out my discipline and Iwill post full details when I have been accepted.

If acceptable to the Forum I will create my own web site where I willdisplay all written impositions completed for the inspection of everybody.

I do hope you don't think I have gone on for to long? This is a genuinerequest for real discipline for real offences but the very fact that I havewritten this at all does scare me.

Diane B.

Supervision of Ann H.

This is a good opportunity for you to test your self-discipline, Ann. For personal reasons I shall be out of contact with you from Thursday 3rd until about July 22nd.

In my absence I expect you to continue to work hard and to obey the instructions I have given you. Miss Trent has kindly consented to keep an eye on you and if she has cause to reject any of your work, or if you miss your deadlines, you can expect a minimum of a half day's detention on my return.

If you're a good girl in my absence, you may be given a half-term break.

Now here are some suggestions for the rest of your essay topics, but you may write on any topic you wish, provided the work is of an acceptable standard and of the right length. If you prefer, you may write stories rather than factual pieces.

The Best Holiday of my Life

The Benefits of Ritual Punishment
My Favourite Pastime
The Environmental Consequences of Progress
If I were not Myself I Would Like to Be...
The Lost Opportunity

The following essay is mandatory and will be written as your eighth essay, at the end of your training period. It will also be typed for publication on this Forum.

Reflections on Eight Weeks of Strict Discipline

Mary J.

Punishment Report

Miss Mary J.

Having initially committed myself, I had a lot of doubts. I do not find this submission easy, but I wanted to try very hard for you, as you had been good enough to make the effort with me.

Getting together the necessary clothing to conform with the dress code, the other bits and pieces specified by you, and taking in the initial instructions, was very trying. At times, I wanted to give up. However, having gone that far, I wanted to make a start. Which I did last weekend.

I began with my first set of lines. I dressed myself in the approved uniform of, green knickers, white brasssiere, white suspender belt, tan stockings, green skirt, white starched shirt and green red and black tie. I have subsequently worn this uniform to perform all the tasks set by you and to perform the household chores. I have ensured that it is washed and ironed before the start of each day.

The punishment book has ben started and maintained. I have completed all the additional lines awarded against me, including the ones I thought unfair for late delivery, when I had posted them on the Sunday. My early morning dictionary work has I think been late twice, once because of access problems, and once because I was slow typing the definitions. I have been up and dressed in my uniform on time each day and I have been in bed on time except for the two days when I was granted a dispensation. The laid down dress code has been obeyed absolutely, it has been a real effort to conform to it.

Overall, part of me has really hated conforming to external discipline, another part of me has found some satisfaction and calmness in being an obedient girl, a curate's egg perhaps.

yours obediently,


Remission for Ann H

I believe you to be an honest girl, Ann. Therefore I accept that your lines were posted on time and I propose to give you a "punishment credit" as I have no wish to see you treated unfairly.

Under today's date enter in your punishment book: "Credit of thirty lines from Miss Mary."

You may claim this at any time during the term, to reduce one of your punishment tasks.

If you're not already doing so, I suggest that you send your work by first class post. This should ensure that it is postmarked on time.

Mary J.

Curate's Egg, Ann H.

I do believe that you are making an effort and I was very pleased to see Miss Trent's report on your lines.

However you must observe the time deadlines. Early morning dictionary work must be typed accurately and transmitted by 6.20am, and you must post your lines by 9.00am on a Monday morning. On this occasion I shall not have you repeat the work, as I am pleased with your overall progress.

In future any early morning task that is date stamped after 6.30am will be repeated the following day and transmitted by 5.20am, so do take care. [If you have a genuine problem making contact, that will be taken into consideration and I expect you to be completely honest about this.] I intend to be fair with you but extremely strict. Any lines that are postmarked after midday from next Monday onwards will automatically be rejected and you will submit a further 300 by 9.00am on the Wednesday.

This weekend you will write an additional fifty lines as a punishment for continuing carelessness and for failing to observe the deadlines.

"Obedience is not negotiable: I must deliver my punishment tasks on time"

I am sure that you want to be a good girl, Ann, and that you want to please me, so you must make a little extra effort in future.

Mary J.

Weekly Exercises for Ann H.

These instructions have been unavoidably delayed and you will therefore commence the following programme with effect from Monday 30th June. You will be pleased to know that after this, there are no more long instructions to come!

The situation so far is that you are writing 200 lines a week, you are getting up early every morning, you are keeping detailed records in your punishment book, you are wearing school uniform when performing your punishment and household tasks, and at other times you are conforming to a strict dress code.

I hope we are making in-roads into your wilful, lazy and disobedient nature! From now on you will publish a punishment report on the Forum, every Monday, so that we all know how you are getting on.

I want you to continue with the work already set and keep up this programme until the end of your training period.

As far a protocol goes, you should regard me as your Form Mistress and Miss Trent of the Wildfire Club as your Headmistress. Miss Trent has ultimate jurisdiction over all aspects of your disciplinary programme.

Now here are the additional tasks that you must schedule for yourself each week.

I want you to find your postcards - you will eventually use a total of sixteen - and write your name on the front of each one. Below your name write "Self Discipline: Exercise 1" on the first card, "Self Discipline: Exercise 2" on the second card, and so on. On the back of card one, rule a grid of vertical and horizontal lines at one inch intervals. This creates a series of intersections. With a pencil, mark twelve of these clearly and then sew one of the white buttons onto each intersection to form a neat grid with the buttons precisely aligned, horizontally and vertically. This is called a Button Card and you will make one twice a week, to be posted in one of your brown envelopes to the Wildfire Club by 9.00am on Wednesdays and Fridays respectively, together with a stamped and addressed envelope.

I shall ask Miss Trent to confirm that the work is satisfactory, then one of the girls will return the card to you in the envelope provided. You can then reclaim the buttons to start your next card.

[If you have any concerns about the use of a return address you may do an alternative exercise with the postcards. The front is the same but on the back you should draw a grid of quarter inch squares and shade alternate squares in black with a soft pencil to form a neat, chequered pattern, without overlapping the grid lines. Post these as specified above but without a return envelope.On balance, I would much prefer you to do the Button Cards.]

Each week you will write an essay of at least 500 words but in view of your time constraints, I have decided to reduce your dictionary work to two hours a week.

For the dictionary work you will start with the word "hypotenuse" and copy out the definition into your punishment book. The word itself should be in capitals, the phonetic symbols in red in normal handwriting, and the definition itself in black in normal handwriting. You should be able to do twelve definitions in an hour, judging by the length of your morning exercises. Choose your own words at random but they must be at least eight letters long. Don't forget to make a note of your starting and finishing time - and remember that your punishment book will be inspected.

The essays will also be written in your punishment book but mistakes are not acceptable, so I suggest that you write a draft on rough paper first. It would be a good idea to do this at the weekend in future, and then copy it out during the week. You may find it convenient to turn the book upside down and start from the back when writing your essays.

This week's topic is: "Learning the Hard Way"

I shall set the other topics shortly and it's up to you to ensure that you produce eight essays by the end of the eight weeks.

The August Bank Holiday is at the end of your ninth week and I shall set you a series of tests over three days, to establish whether you have made any progress.

Copy the above instructions - from the paragraph on the postcards to the essay topic - into your punishment book.

Any questions?

Mary J.

Two hundred lines from Ann H were received at the Wildfire Club postmarked 23rd June 10:45 p.m. and also the 25 extra lines. The lines were neatly written and set out, correctly underlined in red where appropriate and did not deteriorate from beginning to end. They were addressed to "Miss Mary H".

Dictionary Work, Ann H.

There has been a delay in the publication of the next phase of your training programme, so you will find your first week rather lighter than you might have anticipated. You will be kept more fully occupied in future!

However, I see that the definitions you have submitted to the Forum are all very short and I suspect that they are not taken from the Concise Oxford, or a similar standard of dictionary, as specified.

If I am correct, you will write fifty lines on Friday evening for disobeying my instructions - to be posted by 9.00am on Saturday.

"I must obey the instructions given to me by my form mistress"

You may continue to use the same dictionary but I shall expect you to publish ten definitions each morning.

Make sure you publish a punishment report on Monday. Tell us about your response to the external imposition of discipline and how you have conformed to the dress code.

Mary J.

Dear Miss Mary - the detailed instructions you gave to Ann seem to have been eaten by the rather cranky system we use to make up this Forum. We should be very grateful if you could send them again.

A Good Start, Ann H.

I'm delighted to hear that you have already posted your lines. That is a good start and shows that you really do want to mend your ways.

The bedtime dispensation is granted for this week only but you will write an additional 30 lines next weekend for addressing me as Mary H, once again.

I know there is a lot to learn but I'm sure you can cope if you continue to make the effort.

Mary J.

Miss Mary J.

I posted my lines yesterday including the additional 25 for being careless. I regret I have been carelesss again and mis-addresssed them to Miss Mary H. Please forgive this time as there is so much to learn very quickly. May I please be granted two dispensations from lights out this week. There was some difficulty accessing this morning, but I think I delivered my definitions on time. I confirm that that I have made no arrangements for the Bank Holiday weekend.

The lines were in fact date-stamped 6:24 a.m. The small

Weekly Exercises for Ann H.

By now you should have posted your first set of lines and begun the revised early morning routine I specified in my previous message.

Mary J.

Work from Ann H

Nomination noun a formal proposal of a candidate for election or appointment.

Nonagenarian noun someone between 90 and 99 years old.

Nomadic adjective wandering from plce to place; not settled.

Nobody pronoun no person;no one.

Noblewoman noun a female member of the nobility.

Modification of Routine for Ann H.

Now, listen to this, Ann H. You are no longer required to publish a news summary but you will be dressed in school uniform by 6.00am from Monday to Friday. You will type out the definitions of five words from your dictionary and send them to the Forum by 6.20am.

Mary J.

Clarification for Ann H.

I am very glad to see that you ask sensible questions. There is, of course, no such thing as a bra. You presumably mean a brassiere. I took it for granted that a girl would always wear such a garment.

As for socks - absolutely not, while you're in my class. If you must ride a bicycle, wear a long enough skirt for modesty together with stockings.

Now you must take more care, Ann. I have just noticed that in your acceptance message you signed off as follows:

"yours, obediently,

Ann H."

The correct form is:

"Yours obediently,

Ann H."

In your most recent communication you addressed me as Madame Mary H and made a number of other errors. I am "Miss Mary" or "Ma'am".

You will write an additional twenty-five lines this weekend:

"I must take more care when writing to my tutor."

Now I think we are in a position to start the term.

Write your name and the words "Punishment Book" on the front of the exercise book in capital letters. You will keep this book tidy and submit it to the Wildfire Club for inspection as soon as it is full, or at the end of your fourth week's training, whichever is the sooner. That is, it should be posted no later than 21st July. If you would like it returned, you must enclose a stamped and addressed envelope.

You will start a new book for the second half of your training course, or sooner if necessary.

In your punishment book you will record, in diary form, the tasks carried out each day, and their duration. You will also write your essays and other work, apart from lines, in this book.

For a start I want you to number the pages in red in the bottom right hand corner of right hand pages, and in the bottom left hand corner of left hand pages. Using a small coin draw a black circle around each page number.

Now copy out neatly the previous instructions I published and told you to keep. If you no longer have them, you will be put in detention for three hours next Saturday afternoon.

Your tasks for the next eight weeks will consist of a fixed daily routine together with other work which you must schedule for yourself to encourage self-discipline.

From Monday to Friday you will be fully dressed in school uniform by 6.00am. You will listen to the 6.00am wireless news, make notes and afterwards write a summary of no less than 100 words. This summary you will transmit to the Forum, via Elektraspace, by 6.30am.

I am sure that Miss Trent will not wish to occupy space on the Forum with such information but I would ask that she publish an acknowledgement of receipt each day, so that I know you have done the work. On Saturday and Sunday you may start an hour later. Every day you will make a neat copy of the summary in your punishment book.

You will be in bed every evening with lights out by 10.00pm.

During your free time each day you will ensure that the household is maintained to a very high standard and you will note in your punishment book exactly what chores, such as oven cleaning, dusting, washing, ironing, window cleaning and vacuuming you have performed, and their duration. You will also do thirty minutes' dictionary work a day. At the end of each day you will rule off the page neatly and start a new day with a fresh page.

Make a copy of this communication and write it out neatly in your punishment book. I shall explain dictionary work and your other tasks to you in my next communication.

I have no intention of repeating any of my instructions, but you may ask for clarification at any time.

I accept no excuses for untidy work or lack of effort. For the first week you must do all the work that is set. If it is genuinely too heavy a burden, you may appeal to me on Sunday 29th for a reduction.

Mary J.

Dear Mary J. May we appeal for an alternative to the wireless news exercise? While this seems an excellent idea and is as well-conceived and professional as are all your punishments, Aristasia strongly discourages girls from partaking of the Pit's mass-media and in particular from following its news.

Answers and Questions

Madame Mary H.

I am sorry if I am a little late acknowledging your last instruction. I had some difficulty gaining access. My tomorrow I believe I will be fully equiped for the coming term.

My spare time is limited, however, six hours a week would be copeable much more than ten would be extremely difficult. During the week I normally

get up around 6.45 and at week- ends about 8. I go to bed around 10.30.

I have a couple of questions, am I permitted a bra with a dress and when I am cycling, do socks count as bare legs.

yours with some trepidation,

Ann H.

Discipline for Ann H.

As I said in my previous communication, we shall begin with an eight week disciplinary programme. This is designed to put some order into your life and to encourage you to become more obedient.

Each weekend for the next eight weeks you will write two hundred lines and post them to me at the Wildfire Club by 9.00am on the Monday morning. The first set of lines will be posted on Monday 23rd June. Any work postmarked after midday will be rejected, as will any work that is poorly presented. Rejected work will be repeated within forty-eight hours and the number of lines increased to three hundred. I shall not send you any reminders, and Miss Trent at the Wildfire Club will assess the quality of your work.

The line you will write each week is as follows: "I am being punished for disobedience and I must make a determined effort to improve my conduct"

You will write the words in black ink and underline "improve" and "conduct" in red.

When carrying out any task for me you will wear the previously agreed school uniform with all items spotlessly clean and freshly ironed. You must wear a tie and your blouse must be lightly starched. It is forbidden to wear a petticoat with your school uniform.

At all other times you will wear a blouse and skirt, or a dress, with matching petticoat, knickers and suspender belt. You may wear natural or black stockings. You will never wear tights or trousers, or go outwith bare legs.

Mary J.

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