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Ann H - A Reminder

Ann, I gave you forty-eight hours to respond to me. Time is now running out.

If you're nervous about about making contact again, please let me assure you that you would be a very welcome addition to our Forum. On the other hand, if you are simply not disciplined enough to respond on time, you must expect to be corrected.

Mary J.

Madam Mary J.

Thank you so much for your reply. I most sincerely apologise for imlying that I would only accept the minimum punishment. I know I must be obedient, and that appropriate punishment is entirely for you to decide and for me to accept. I am wearing my uniform including a tie. I confess that I have not yet starched my blouse but I will do so tomorrow.

My offence is that I am a wilful, lazy, disobedient girl who needs to be brought to a state of humility by the imposition of regular discipline.



Memories of Schooldays

I attended a private boarding school for girls which had what might be described as a three-tier punishment system: lines, essays and the cane. Prefects would give lines, teachers would give either essays or three strokes of the cane and, if you were sent to the Headmistress, it was six strokes of the cane; although it could be more for very serious offences.

If you were caned by a teacher, there were a number of possibilities, depending on that particular teacher's preference: some teachers preferred a girl to lean across a desk; others would ask you to bend over the back of a chair with your hands on the seat, and others would ask you simply to bend over and touch your toes.

Skirts and underskirts were always lifted out of the way and the caning would be across the seat of your school knickers (panties).

It was considered very bad form to jump up during a caning. The rule was that you stayed in position until the allotted number of strokes had been received. This was not easy as even the "softest" teacher would impart a real sting with every stroke. But the threat of being sent to the Head for six strokes was usually enough to ensure that even the most timid recipient stayed in position until told to stand.

There was no rule against making noise during a caning, although it was considered good form to take it with as little fuss as possible. Accordingly, some girls would squeal loudly after every stroke while others made no audible noise at all. My personal response "improved" as I grew older; as an 11/12 year old, I would squeal sharply as each stroke was applied but, as I reached 15, I could restrict my vocalization to a barely audible gasp.

I received several "threes" during my schooldays, often in the company of other miscreant girls, but only one "six". I was sent to the Head for possession of cigarettes and it was an experience I determined should never be repeated.

The Head was surprisingly cool and calm about the whole affair, although she was clearly displeased with me.

I was lectured for a considerable time and eventually began to think that a non-physical punishment might be forthcoming. When she opened her cupboard and produced the cane, to say that my heart sank into my shoes would be something of an understatement.

I was asked to lean over her desk and to pull up my knickers as tightly as I could. This meant that I would be allowed a degree of modesty but that the caning would, effectively, be on my bare bottom. I leaned over the desk and pulled up my panties. She asked me to pull them up even tighter, which I did.

When all was in order, there was a pause....and then the swish of the cane before it bit into my of bottom, across the centre line. I had been determined not to take my caning as bravely as possible but it hurt so much that I gasped quite loudly. I managed, nonetheless, to stay in position.

Another pause, followed by a swish and stroke which landed just below the first. This one brought a gasp and a squeal.

The third took me completely by surprise by landing right at the base of my bottom, at the top of my thighs. I had never been caned there before and it stung even more than the previous two strokes, causing me to jump up (just a little) before regaining my composure and returning to the proper position.

The Head asked me, quietly and politely, to stay in position.

As she prepared to deliver the fourth stroke, I determined that, whatever happened, I would take the last three strokes without raising my chest from the desk.

The fourth stroke followed the line of the first and, although I didnít jump up, I found myself drumming my feet on the floor as the very considerable sting rose to its crescendo. The fifth was placed along the line of the second and my little tap-dance was repeated. I was dreading the sixth. And was, again, taken by surprise when it landed along a line which criss-crossed the two doubled lines. I was allowed to stand and, when I regained some of my composure, I was again lectured at length about smoking.

As I listened tearfully to the Head's advice, I wondered whether she had deliberately spared me a repeated stroke across my bottom/thighs. Perhaps she did; or perhaps she caned every girl in the way she had caned me. In any event, I considered it a kindness and I felt that she caned me very professionally indeed.

Some years later, I met her by chance at a showjumping event and we chatted over a glass of wine. She remembered my caning very well, and even remarked with a smile that I had taken it very well indeed. I was on the verge of asking her about that sixth stroke when I was called out into the arena. She was gone when I returned.

I would be interested in your expert opinion. Do you think she was deliberately 'merciful'?

Best wishes,


Discipline for Ann H.

Thank you for contacting me, Ann. You clearly feel the need for discipline but I cannot punish you until you tell us what you have done to deserve it.

As you are a new girl, you may not appreciate that you cannot opt for the minimum punishment, you have to accept what I award you. I expect you to publish full details of your offence on this Forum within forty-eight hours.

The uniform you have is acceptable and you must wear it whenever you are performing a task for me or making contact with the Forum. The blouse should be slightly starched and I expect you to wear a tie.

If you are committed enough to visit the Embassy, I'm sure the Mistresses and girls would deal with you sympathetically. I am not based at the Embassy and so would not be able to deal with you in person.

Meeting elsewhere clearly calls for a great deal of trust on both sides, and for the time being I suggest that you accept Elektraspace punishment. In the future - with Miss Trent's permission - it may be possible to arrange more local discipline.

Mary J.

Local discipline, where it can be arranged, can be an excellent thing. However, as Miss Mary says, the Embassy is very un-frightening and sympathetic with new girls and any girl who wishes to visit is invited to drop us a line.

My Harsh Mistress

First I thank my Mistress for graciously permitting me to speak on this matter.

It was most interesting to hear my revered Mistress describe herself as harsh, for that is a term that many would consider unpleasant and not one to be applied to oneself. Yet it is a curious thing that in certain areas of life our vocabulary is not well enough developed to express certain nuances that we may require to express. I love my Mistress dearly. She is gentle and wise and kind. She loves me and looks after me. And she is harsh: not merely strict.

Sometimes she is simply strict. Sometimes, indeed, she can be lenient. But a part of her treatment of me is properly described as harsh. And it is so because she knows that is one of the things I need. Not only that - a life of unremitting harshness would, I am sure, abrade my soul, which is delicate and highly-strung, but a certain amount of such treatment, as one element as it were, in the Divine Alchemy of our bond, is necessary to my soul and important to my pursuit of the path of purification and self-giving.

If I were a different girl, my Mistress would perhaps not be harsh with me, though she would be strict. But then, if I were that different girl she would perhaps not own me. For this side of her wonderful nature requires expression as much as does the corresponding side of mine.

Our souls, as my revered Mistress so truly and so beautifully puts it, are in perfect harmony. What is harsh in her lovely soul corresponds to something in mine which is, if we should care to use an equally pejorative term, abject. The terms for these things all seem to be pejorative, and in a way that does not seem to matter. But they can be beautiful things, pure and good things, things that raise us to the height of our own perfection.

There is much more one might say, but perhaps some one else on this Forum would care to tell us her thoughts on this curious subject. Perhaps even my Mistress herself would honour a mere chattel by doing so.

With reverence to my Mistress and with the respect due from a slave-girl to all, I am,


Permission Granted

Lucilline, it is my Will that any response you wish to give to something appearing in this Forum may be given without requesting Permission To Speak. Of course, you may be safe in the knowledge that should I find anything unsatisfactory, you will be dealt with accordingly.

Unlike the slave-girl from the East, you are not nigh illiterate so please ensure that what you do submit be accurate and carefully written.

I think it useful to point out, that when Lucilline wishes to speak with me she requests an Audience and asks Permission to Speak. It is the case that I seldom refuse Audience to my precious slave.

Mistress Clara

Permission requested

How thrilling to hear my own Mistress talking about herself and me on this Forum. We have agreed that any conversation we have regarding the Forum will take place through the Forum itself. So:

Most honoured Mistress, I was interested to hear you describe yourself as harsh. I was interested in much that you said about us. I should love to comment on your exciting and intriguing words in this Forum. May I have permission to do so? I understand that if what I say should displease you I shall suffer accordingly, but I think it will not displease you.

I await your will.

In obedient adoration,


Acceptance of Punishment

Madam Mary J.

I accept the minimum imposition. I understand where I have to post the lines to. I do not possess a Maryhill uniform but I do have an alternative of white blouse, green skirt, green knickers, white suspender belt, proper stockings and black court shoes. The detention and the cane are a bit more problematic as I do not think I am brave enough to attend the Embassy. However, if there was a Mistress or Prefect in the mid -hants area then that might be a solution. Alternatively, you may decide to advertise me. I would try to be brave enough to go through with that.



Ann H

Mary J's Rules

In future any girl who is referred to me for Elektraspace punishment will receive a minimum of 200 lines. These will be independently assessed by my friend and colleague, Miss Trent, or another suitably qualified Wildfire mistress. If the work is unsatisfactory for any reason, the imposition will be repeated but with an increase of fifty per cent.

Any Wildfire girl who is referred to me for punishment will receive a minimum of a supervised detention, during which she will write at least 100 lines and receive at least three strokes of the senior cane.

Mary J.

From Lucilline's Mistress

I see you have all met my slave, Lucilline. After reading this Forum for some time, I deemed it right that Lucilline and I should introduce ourselves, and in obedience to my command, I see that she has done so.

Lucilline is a good slave, she is obedient, lacking in any annoying self-will and submits to me wholly and completely, as that is what our bond requires. She is very precious to me, though I am a harsh Mistress; we are commited to each other and our souls are in perfect harmony.

However, being a very blonde little blonde, she is often rather useless in her practical duties, declining into dreaminess which results in much foolishness. For a fastidious Mistress, this can become rather tiresome. I am very strict with her, as she needs a tight rein, her punishments are often severe, and more than she can comfortably accept. But she accepts what is my Will.

I say all of this, by way of introduction, and I should like to add that I am shocked and alarmed by some of the girls here, and Elaine, my dear, were I your Mistress, you should be given a severe caning - one such as you have yet to experience, before I even considered a programme for your improvement. Count yourself very lucky that mistress Mary J has kindly accepted you in her programme so that you do not become subject to my Will.

Mistress Clara

Slave-girls in the West

Dear unnamed slave-girl from the East,

I understand how it must be puzzling for you. Here in the West, there are many kinds of girls who are submissive to their mistresses in various ways. Not all of us belong to our mistresses. We all have wills of our own which we must learn to tame if we are to become good submissive girls, and our mistresses, who are wise, tame our wills by the use of the rod and other means.

Those of us who are slave-girls must spend a long time learning the things that are natural to you, sometimes painfully, but often with great joy.

Thank you for coming to our meeting-place, brunette slave-girl from the East. You will be an ideal and an example to your lesser sisters of the West.


A Slave-girl Writes

Greetings, ladies of the West, I am a slave-girl from the distant lands of Amazonia, and it is under command from my Mistress, The Princess, that I write to you now, though I am nigh illiterate.

It is with horror and amazement that I read of slaves from your land. That they may be willfully disobedient, that they may have thoughts of their own, WILLS of their own?

Forgive me, for I am unused to such practice. Where I come from a slave is a slave, and she is owned, mind, body and soul by her Mistress. I wear a golden ring about my neck and my ankle, and my Mistress, the Blonde Princess has command of my every movement, of my every thought. For I am on this earth to serve her, to serve her to the best of my ability. Without her, I am nothing, I have no choices, though here, it seems there are choices?

My Mistress, the Blonde Princess, tells me that I am a fine brunette and strong, and I care for her in the ways she commands, and she cares for me by owning me, and disciplining me and keeping my heart as pure as it can be, in order for me to serve her better. For I am only upon this earth to serve my Mistress. What is a slave-girl without a Mistress? She is less than nothing, lower than the lowest, for that is what a slave-girl is, is it not?

A note from the management: This Forum is largely dedicated to the everyday reality of feminine discipline and submission. The letters appearing below are not fantasies, but are entirely true to life. This letter also is not really fantasy, for while it is put in a "mythic" setting, the writer (who is known to us) is a slave-girl in real life. Readers who have powerful fantasies are welcome to share them with this Forum. Our fantasy-life is an important part of our existence, after all. We hope other readers will not find this too confusing. Please be assured that when discipline reports are published on the Forum, impositions given etc. these things are really happening.

Corrective Regime for Elaine

Your conduct, young lady, is absolutely disgraceful. I neither know nor care what your chronological age is, as it is quite clear that you have the persona of an immature child - and a thoroughly spoilt one at that. You will therefore be treated as such, and in all future correspondence you will address me as "Ma'am".

Before we go any further you must understand that if you fail to complete any of the tasks I set you, you will be forthwith banished from this Forum. Is that clear?

I don't approve of your using this Forum without your Mistress's permission and you will keep your contact to a minimum until she returns. Wherever possible you will communicate with the Handmaiden Society by post. All correspondence will be hand-written and I expect exceptional neatness. I shall respond via the Forum so that others can share, and possibly learn from, your experience.

We shall begin with a seven day disciplinary experience. If your Mistress is still away at the end of this period, we may progress to a second phase. Starting on Monday 16th June, you will get up at 6am and you will go to bed at 8.30pm, with lights out at 9pm.When you are carrying out the tasks detailed below, you will wear a punishment uniform consisting of a plain white brassiere, white blouse, black cotton knickers, an above-the-knee black skirt, white ankle or knee socks and black flat heeled shoes.

If you are unable to comply with these instructions you may contact me via the Forum and ask for a dispensation. You must do so within 24 hours. At all other times you will wear a blouse and skirt, or a dress, with a white petticoat, matching suspender belt and knickers and 70 denier black stockings. Under no circumstances will you wear tights or trousers.

On Monday 16th June, you will write 100 lines: "I am a deceitful, ungrateful child and I have been given a richly deserved punishment." You will post these lines on or before 9am on Tuesday morning.

These should be posted to the Aristasian Embassy in care the Wildfire Club at the following address:

Miss Mary J.,
C/O The Wildfire Club,
B.M. Elegance,
London W.C.1.,

This is the full Address. Since you are overseas the letter may take over a week, but it is the date of posting, as proved by the postmark that will be used for purposes of assessing your obedience in keeping to your deadlines. [Note that Miss Mary does not live at the Embassy or work for the Wildfire Club, but obviously prefers not to publish her private adddress over Elektraspace].

On Tuesday 17th June, you will write 100 lines: "I must not take advantage of my Mistress's trust by misbehaving in her absence." These will be posted on or before 9am on Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday 18th June, you will write 100 lines: "I apologise most sincerely for my childish and immature behaviour." These will be posted on or before 9am on Thursday morning.

On Thursday 19th June, you will write 100 lines: "I must be loyal to my Mistress at all times and maintain the highest standards in her absence." These will be posted on or before 9am on Friday morning.

On Friday 20th June, you will write 100 lines: "I must behave in a manner appropriate to my position in life." These will be posted on or before 9am on Saturday morning.

During the weekend of 21st/22nd June you will write an essay of at least 1200 words entitled "Loyalty". You will post it on or before 9am on Monday 23rd June.

Having joined this Forum, young lady, you will learn very quickly that the way of the transgressor is hard.

Don't let me down, Elaine, because I do not give second chances.

I due course I shall expect you to publish a full punishment report.

Mary J.

Elaine to Mary J.

Dear Mary J.

I will be thinking of what will transpire within the next few daysand of what you will assign, and I shall be devoted to you and will makeevery effort to improve by your guidance. How dear of you to take me underyour wing.

With warm parting,


Mitzi's First Detention Report

I should like to begin by offering my belated but sincere apologies to every one reading this Forum for my careless typing errors. I understand the need for high standards in a Forum devoted to discipline. I should like to thank Miss Mary for so kindly undertaking to discipline me for this, and to apologise to her for not making a proper apology to the Forum when first instructed to do so. By way of excuse I can only offer blonde vagueness, but wish to assure both Miss Mary and all our gentle readers that I was not motivated by ill will or defiance or by any unwillingness to apologise for my faults.

The first of my two detentions has now taken place, and, in accordance with Miss Mary's orders, I am reporting it to the Forum.

I dressed in Maryhill school uniform (as fully described in the earlier report of my caning. I reported for detention at eight o'clock. It was supervised by a prefect, Helen R.

The imposition given was a hundred lines, and as these were quite long, they took up nearly two lines of foolscap paper. At the end of each line I underlined the word "accurately" twice in red. Since this involved changing pens and making use of a ruler, it lengthened the task somewhat. I worked hard to keep the lines neat, knowing that hasty work would not be accepted, and in any case wishing to do my work well to atone for my previous failings.

The task took until ten o'clock. The lines were not only accepted by Helen, but a visiting mistress who knows me congratulated me on better handwriting than is normally the case.

My second detention will take place shortly, this time with a hundred and fifty lines.

If Miss Mary or any other lady reader of the Forum should care to ask me further questions, I shall be happy to answer them.

Once again, I apologise for giving offence by my carelessness.

With respect and obedience,


Acceptance of Punishment

Good day ladies, this is Elaine, I have read the response to myletter and I wanted to say thank you for yours. I will say that I amsomewhat concerned of what kind of activity will be given to me by Miss Maryfor my feverish ways. I do think I need some firm guidance, and yes, it isnot proper for me to 'fox' around while she's away, but I do like it in somediabolical way. The loneliness while she's away, is keeping me from beingfocused on my true goals of being a submissive girl, since I must have theattention that I am lacking. I have discussed my venturing behavior to myMistress and she is simply just not around enough to address it correctly. She has even discussed with me to look for a firmer hand. She would like astrict, with results, approach at this point. I will accept the punishmentthat Miss Mary has for me, for it will make me think before I react and itwill occupy my lonely, dreaded time. My apologies for being a poor example ofa truly submissive girl.

With regards,


(& anticipation)

"Your lonely, dreaded time": dear Elaine, you have been very naughty, but I do feel for you. My Mistress used to leave me for periods, and I did dread those times, but I was luckier than you sound. She was with me mostly and was very strict, but very kind. Sometimes I was sent to a much severer household while she was away. I still missed her, but I had other things to occupy my mind.

I am glad you have accepted Miss Mary's offer of punishment. Do read the Elektraspace Rules for Punishment. I hope you will do your punishment work diligently and will benefit from it. If your mistress allows it, you can always come and talk to us at the Forum. We will not be a bad influence on a submissive girl.

Penance for Mary J.

I was mortified to find an error in my response to Mitzi. This is unacceptable for a Mistress participating in this Forum and I am about to undergo a three day penance which includes cold baths and a brisk one hour walk at daybreak.

My apologies to everyone

Mary J.

Training for Elaine

I shall be out of contact from now until the end of my period of penance on Saturday.

If Elaine would like to receive some training and disciplinary exercises in the absence of her Mistress, I shall be glad to oblige.

However you must understand, Elaine, that this is not a fantasy. You will be given a strict programme of written work to be submitted to a Forum Mistress for inspection. Unsatisfactory work will be repeated.

Mary J.

An Obedient Blonde?

Hello is first in order to all of you lovely ladies. I will startby saying thank-you for welcoming me to your forum. Over the past few weeksI have thouroughly enjoyed reading the incoming forum letters, and yourprompt responses to them.

My name is Elaine, and currently my lovely mistress Elizabeth, isaway on business once again. I have discovered her password on her computerand have been spying on her activities recently. I know I should not beconducting myself in this manner, however; I cannot help myself. Due to herfrequent absences, my imagination and naughty ways seem to come to thesurface and I delight in being 'unknowingly' mischievous. It's a new foundfreedom of letting my desires out into the open. I love my mistress dearly,but I must have attention, for if I don't, I retaliate. I may be disobedientin ways such as I am doing now, by fraternizing with other women across theocean. I truly am an obedient 'blonde', but only when I want to be, and onlywhen it's for my convenience. My mistress has thought of having me stay withfriends while she is gone, in order to give me stricter supervision, but onceagain I find a lack of attention and of loving discipline that I so deserveand crave.

I have become quite mischievous in many ways, for example, I flirtvicariously, and I enjoy the challenge of getting away with it. I have shownemotions of disdain on my face whenever something doesn't go my way and Iattempt to weaken the affects of the discipline that have been placed upon meby Elizabeth by giving her loving, flirtatious looks. My mistress isdistraught by her suspicions while she's away, and genuinely knows that Imust have a stricter hand by my side. I think I may need it as well. Itruly want to serve my Mistress in the most reputable of ways, and I want herto know how much I sincerely respect her. Your input would be mostappreciated.

Witheloquent regard,


(XX-I snuck those kisses in!)

Really, Elaine! A girl who is obedient "only when I want to be and when it is for my convenience" is not an obedient girl. Part of the purpose of this Forum is to help girls be truly good and to serve their mistresses better. It is a very bad state of affairs when a girl is partly in opposition to her mistress. If you love her and want your bond to work, then you should be working for it, not against it.

No doubt you do need stricter discipline, and it might be better to discuss this with your mistress than to damage your bond with her by behaviour that undermines the trust which is vital to it.

Now that you have confessed your faults on this Forum, perhaps you would care to submit yourself for punishment to Miss Mary, who would, we are sure, be happy to give you something with which to occupy some of your idle hours whilst your mistress is away.

Mary J's Response to Mitzi

I am delighted to hear that you are fully recovered and I am very satisfied with your detailed punishment report. Your mistress was quite correct, I am sure, to use a senior cane and it was very thoughtful of her to confirm that you had taken it well.

However that is not the end of the matter between us, is it, Mitzi? I originally reprimanded you for carelessness and told you to publish an apology. I awarded you a caning for failing to apologise, and for the unsatisfactory nature of your published response.

In your report you say that you are not defiant but admit to being lax. I have still not seen any expression of regret for the original offence.

When I first reprimanded you I was inclined to award you 100 lines or three strokes of the cane. I have decided to set lines but I have increased the amount to 250. The first 100 are for your admitted carelessness, and the additional 150 are for your repeated failure to follow my instructions and publish a proper apology on this Forum.

The lines will be written in a formal detention on two separate days. In the first session, you will write: "I must ensure that the messages I publish on the Handmaiden Forum are accurately transcribed." After writing each line you will underline "accurately" twice in red.

In the second session, you will write: "I must obey the instructions given to me by my Elektraspace mistress."

I trust that these punishments will bring about a marked improvement in your conscientiousness and general attitude. If not we shall try something more severe.

As usual, I shall expect to see a full punishment report. If Miss Trent has the necessary mastery of technology, perhaps we see a sample of your work on this Forum.

Mary J.

Mitzi's Caning Report

Dear Miss Mary

First of all, I am sorry my caning has taken so long to materialise. There has been a lot of illness in the school, both among pupils and mistresses, and there have been a few other crises. All is serene again now. But although it took a long time, it really was the earliest possible opportunity, as you stipulated.

You ask me, miss: "Are you defiant, extraordinarily careless or simply in need of punishment?"

I am not defiant, miss. I wish to obey and to learn to be better. I know I can be lax and my manner is not always good, but there is no part of me that wishes to defy or to be disobedient. I am very careless, and I expect I do need punishment.

To proceed to the report: the caning took place this afternoon. In accordance with your orders, I dressed in Maryhill Grammar uniform - white blouse, navy pleated skirt, Maryhill tie, flat black indoor shoes, natural coloured stockings.

The mistress allocated read your Forum entry and administered the punishment accordingly. There are several canes in the school. She used a Senior-type cane, rather light in colour and heavy of its kind. It was a standard crook-handled cane. In other words, miss, your designation "school cane" was interpreted severely rather than otherwise.

The mistress positioned me over a school desk and lifted my skirt. My petticoat, a white nylon one, was left in place.

She tapped the cane on me to establish her aim and then delivered the first stroke. It was very hard and very accurate. She paused a few moments and the pain developed to its own crescendo.

The next stroke had the usual cumulative effect upon the first. I was grateful that the strokes were accurate. My last caning was given by a prefect whose aim was not perfect and all the strokes had gone high, on the less padded part of the body. If that had happened with a cane of this weight I should have been considerably bruised. But then mistresses are not prefects.

The remaining four strokes were all equally accurate and equally hard and the punishment was very effective. The mistress said I might tell you that I had a good attitude throughout and accepted the punishment quietly and well.

Thank you for arranging this discipline, miss. I feel sure I shall benefit from it.

Respectfully yours,


Note: Maryhill County Grammar is a school in London for grown-up girls. Visitors are accepted (female only, of course) as pupils and prefects. No fees are charged. Girls are invited to write for further details.

Explanation Accepted

Thank you for your communication, Linda. I accept your word that you did respond to me. I perceive you as an honest and honourable girl and I also believe that there may have been a genuine misunderstanding about my earlier instruction to you.

However it does concern me to find a girl, who is presumably committed to a disciplined way of life, ignoring an opportunity to improve herself. This is something that is probably better dealt with by your immediate Mistress than via this Forum.

Mary J.

Tremendous job

I've just visited your new site. For the last year the Wildfire Forumhad become a tedious heterosexual page for discussions about holes inpaddles. And I had tuned out.

Bu I have to say you've done a wonderful job in recreating yourselves.Well done! I'll certainly be back to the Handmaiden Forum.

By the way, I love the image of the mistress and slave girl on youropening page. Is it form Bizarre.


Yes, the old Forum was getting a bit dreary, wasn't it? That is why we moved here to this all-girl paradise. But remember every one, the only way this Forum can stay fresh and interesting is if you contribute. The old Wildfire Forum dried up from lack of worthwhile contributions. If you are interested in the subjects discussed here, then you have something to say. Share your thoughts and your dreams with us.

Yes, the picture is from a Quirinelle Bizarre

Linda Replies to Mary J

Dear Miss Mary,

Please, Miss I did reply to your question and posted it to the Forum. I thought it had appeared, but I see that it has not. I really do not know why, but I am telling the truth, I promise.

I said that I thought the main reason I had not continued with handwriting practice was that no formal arrangements were made. As you suggested, I asked a mistress for help and she set me some exercises. I am not sure either of us quite realised it was to be a permanent arrangement.

I am sorry if I have disappointed you.


New Regime for Joanne

I wanted to tell you that Joanneis on a much stricter regime, as of late, not exactly what Miss Mary had put forth, but I found many of her suggestions quite useful. Joanne has managed to break all but one of my wine glasses this week, and has received quite a beating for her inability to handle the delicate flutedglasses. I think she was in awe of just how serious I can be, and we both came away from this severe caning feeling a better understanding about our special bond. This was no ordinary caning, but more of a ritualistic beating. After telling her to prepare for the caning, I collected myself a bit, and took in a few deep breaths, for I knew that this would be a turning point. I came into her bedroom, and she awaited me nervously, she could sense the seriousness of the moment. I had her lay on the bed, for I knew it was going to be a long session, and she clutched the head of the mattress. I told her that I was extremely displeased with her, and she said very softly, "I know, I have not been easy". I gave her a very swift first stroke, and she was a tad shocked, it came very quickly catching her offguard. I told her that I wished her to perform her duties to me better. I gave her at least three to four stokes more before I paused, and she was wincing. I asked her if she found this difficult, to conform to, and she replied, "absolutely not, Ma'am". I was almost to the point of being pleased, but it was not enough, this was too important a moment. I gave her four or five more strokes, as I told her of my displeasure, and she winced and tears came to her eyes. We had a few intimate words together, and I left her in her room alone,so she could think about what just took place. I believe she cried for a while, and stayed in her room until morning, where she was up and about tending to her duties. I called her to me, and she stood before me, with clear eyes, and I knew that this was how it has needed to be. She has also been receiving daily spankings every morning, depending on her attitude the day before. I can tell that she feels more cleansed and has a new appreciation for the word 'Forgiveness'. Her duties have been done before I get home from work, and the level of tidiness is impeccable. I must thank you for your advice once again.


We should like to congratulate you in this step forward. I am sure both Joanne and yourself will be much happier as a result of this.

Wake up, Linda!

Some days ago I asked you to explain why you were no longer practising your handwriting. I'm still awaiting the courtesy of a reply. I do hope that you have not caught Mitzi's complaint!

Provided you are well, I expect to hear from you within twenty-four hours. Any further delay and I shall seriously consider awarding you a punishment with the tawse.

Mary J.

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