Kadoria: Austerity and Style

Kadoria corresponds to the 1940s. It is the province of Jive, Boogie and the Big Band Sound, of tailored jackets with padded shoulders. If Quirinelle is in some respects a "blonde province" then Kadoria is rather a "brunette province" though, of course blondes and brunettes are to be found - and in about equal numbers - in each.

Kadoria is ruled by the rather stern, some would say dictatorial, brunette Queen Francesca who favours the cultivation of courage, austerity and the military virtues. This is in keeping with the tutelary deity of the Nation, Vikh, the brunette Angel of Courage, Combat and Victory.

Austerity, however, does not preclude stylishness in Kadoria, and some of the best-dressed ladies of the Empire come from this Nation.

Also depth of sentiment is not lacking in this realm, as is exemplified by many of the lovely, highly emotional songs of the Nation Room Five Hundred and Four and That Lovely Weekend spring immediately to mind. Flanked by the sophisticated cleverness of Trentish songs and the raw emotionality of some Quirinelle music, Kadorian sentiment strikes a note that is civilised, deep and terribly poignant. The rich, affecting voice of Miss Vera Lynne perhaps typifies this aspect of the Kadorian sensibility.

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