Some ideas for racinating the kitchen

Kitchens are frequently a little difficult. Here are some pictures of kitchens to give you some ideas on how to start transforming your own. Some items, such as up-to-date cookers may be very hard to find. But we thought that you would enjoy this picture show. These kitchens may not all be the most aesthetically charming that we have seen, but a black and white photograph does not do them justice. If you have some better pictures, why not send them to us? We would all be very grateful!

This is our favourite!

Rather utilitarian and unstylish, perhaps, but infinitely better than a bongo kitchen. Painted in the right colours, perhaps green and cream, this could be quite charming. It has the great virtue of being fairly easy to construct.

Quite warm and homely with the range, isn't it?

A picture of a kitchen

This one has not a great deal in it, but it is a start.

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