IT IS with great pleasure that we announce the re-issue, after considerably more than half a century, of the American classic of female discipline, Happy Tears.

First published in the 1930s, Happy Tears tells the story of a mother who brings up her grown-up daughter with the strap and the whip.

In doing so, she is following a tradition handed down from mother to daughter for generations.

Seeing the story through the eyes of Arthur Lacy, who hopes to marry the mother and bring his own wayward grown-up daughter under her control, we encounter other households where similar discipline is meted out to both daughters and maidservants.

Admired for years by a small circle of discerning collectors, this classic work of female discipline has been out of print for over half a century.

The Wildfire Club is proud to make it once more available to a new public with a fascinating introduction by Miss Regine Snow, the acclaimed authoress of The Feminine Régime

The book runs to 160 pages and is adorned with the contemporary illustrations made for the first edition by Alva D. Hurst. It is a handsome hardback in the famous Wildfire Editions livery of Imperial purple dust-wrapper and burgundy Wibalin gold-stamped cloth binding. The typographic design is in the Art-Deco tradition.

The book is Demy 8vo, printed on 21-lb Felsted Cream Wove paper.

Happy Tears is available at 20 pounds Sterling or $40 U.S. (including airmail postage)

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