From the Editrix

Hello again, pettes! Here we are with the second issue of 'The Elektrapette Monthly'. We do hope that you enjoy it. Remember, if you would like to contribute an article, or simply suggest something that you would like to see in the maggie, then do write to us.

Easter will have come and gone before the next issue of 'The Elektrapette' is published. Easter is always such a wonderful festival, the time of the renewal of life and hope as the earth shows forth her beauties once more. One can feel the fresh young life in every green shoot, and one's heart soars Heavenwards in thanks for the beauty of Nature. Spring is the season of joy and youth; and the renewal of that joy and youth is ours, regardless of the physical age that one may have attained (or not!); for joy is the life-blood of Aristasia, and as one becomes more racinated, the more an inner, unending youth, freshness and wonder grows within. Dear pettes, please accept our best wishes for a very Happy Easter!

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