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To read or contribute to the forum, one must first register as a Member of the Forum, using the short form below. Registration is simple and automatic and costs nothing. Members, however, must agree to follow the fourRules of the Forum set out below.Postings seriously contravening these rules will be removed. Those more mildly contravening them will be amended. Members who seriously or repeatedly contravene them will be barred from further access to the Forum.

Rules and Conditions of the Forum

  1. This is a Feminine Discipline Forum. Postings must adhere to the topic of females disciplining females. Discipline may be in the broadest sense, not only punishment, but also obedience, training, devotion, submission in all forms: but always between females.
  1. This is not a sex Forum and it does not accept the degenerate standards of the Pit. Articles containing foul language, explicit carnality and indelicate references to sexual functions or feelings will be reprimanded and their contributors warned or, if serious, barred without further notice. It is recognised that a certain delicate sensuality may arise between females in disciplinary situations, but reference to this should be subtle and tasteful if it appears at all.
  1. The forum, like Aristasia as a whole, rejects the manner and style of the post-Eclipse period language, style and vakues should, as far as possible, reflect those of the period before the cultural collapse of the 1960s. Reference to post-Eclipse persons and events should be avoided. Vocabulary should avoid the slang and jargon of the Pit.
  1. Entries submitted to the Forum will be published electronically and may be published by the Wildfire Club in any other form.


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