For Brunettes


With the planetary orb of Mars hidden away in the Arian house of secrets, it may feel as nothing is happening fast enough for your taste. If this weren't enough, the Sun and that pernickety old teacher, Saturn, as well as those gossipy Mercurial influences, are hiding away with Mars. You may feel lethargic and rather run down, but Mars and the Sun move at a quite brisk pace so, luckily, this is a short transit. Saturn unfortunately doesn't move as quickly, but the wise Arian brunette will realise that while the next month may seem a lonely time, it is time for some deep soul-searching. Examine your career. Are you doing what you would like to? Now is the time to make long range plans, and to think of aims that you wish to achieve in time. A lucky break in your career is in store, for Jupiter is guaranteeing that one of your superiors will notice you! You are not aware of it though, because you are looking inward at this time.


Ever so hardworking as you are, lately you've found it hard to buckle down and get to work. You have a dreamy air about you, and you find yourself attracted to the finer things in life, such as artwork, vintage wines, and that cute little blonde who lives right next door. Taurean pettes, though one of the hardes workers in the Zodiac, just aren't the type to make the first move, unless they are really urged. So what are you waiting for, dear? Get over there and ask her out. Now is your lucky time in the romance department, and that little blonde would simply love to tour the museums with you. While you're trying new things (which is very unusual for a Taurean, you know), go and study a foreign language or learn about an Eastern Amazonian culture. Some new employees may even come into your office from another province during this time, leading to exciting romantic opportunities.


Your life lately has seemed somewhat out of balance. Work is very demanding at this time, and several colleagues may be giving their duties to you. While you are ever-industrious, as well as ingenious when it comes to ideas and plans on making sure that things get done, this constant barrage is starting to wear you out. You may be feeling a little misused, as your secretary comes in 15 minutes late for the fourth day in a row, with some excuse, expecting you to forgive her. Now is the time to put your foot down. While it is certainly noble to be sympathetic and understanding when other pettes are experiencing difficulties, it is another thing to be a doormat. What started out as a generous gesture is being taken advantage of, and now it is time to be firm.


Things should be going rather smoothly for you now, with four planets in one of your most friendly signs, Pisces. You may be a little less crabby and a little less snappy now! Puns aside, it is time for you to aspire and learn. Like your land-loving bovine cousins, you need to go out and to learn about new lands. Perhaps this spring you will even take a longed-for trip. Learn about the language and customs of the province that you will visit, and have a wonderful time!


Many of you fierce lionesses are suffering from broken hearts at this time. The reasons are as varied as the lionesses themselves, but the end result is the same. The lioness goes off in private to nurse her wounds, for she can't bear anyone to see her in less than spectacular condition. It gets lonely, though, ever so lonely. What's a lioness to do? Get over it and go out, of course! At least see a few of your friends. They are bewildered by your recent change in attitude, and can't understand why such a sparkling pette as yourself is hiding her light underneath a bushel. Keep your chin up and face each new day as it comes. It will get better, you know!


Work, work, work, work, work. Is that all you pettes ever do? No, not at this time. The planetary orb of Mars is influencing events in the relationship department, while at the same time Venus is making a pleasant aspect to your Sun. What does this mean? It means that many Virgo brunettes, and blondes too, for that matter, will no longer be available in the marriage department. Many Virgoan June weddings loom in the near future, and of ocurse the ever busy and finicky Virgo is making sure all the details are attended to, down to the last minute. Does this mean that the hard working Virgo is about to do the unthinkable, and take a holiday? You are joking, aren't you?


Always trying to achieve balance, you are the fairest sign of the Zodiac. You wish for everyone to get along, and you want them to do it right now! Unfortunately, you may find yourself in the middle of a battle of duelling colleagues, seeing both sides to the issue at hand but incapable of making the others see the other side. In addition to having to play Nanny to the quarrelling parties, you may find that work is slipping at the office. Of course, you cannot diappoint your superiors, so not only are you trying to keep the peace, but you are also trying to do the work of ten pettes. The only thing to do is to muddle through it, but pay particular attention to your health. The up-to-date Bach Flower Remedies would be useful to you, as would those newly-discovered vitamins. Try and get a good night's sleep every night, and if things are particularly difficult at the office, only do those things that demand attention when you return to the hestia.


When you're hot, you're hot, and you, my pette, are certainly hot this month. You're so hot you almost sizzle! Single Scorpion brunettes will find that their romance life is heating up, and many of them will find that special blonde now. Married Scorpions will find their marriages more satisfying now, as if they and their wife are finally merging and becoming a part of the true golden chain.


It's becoming clearer...I see packing boxes in your future. While Sagittarians aren't the ones to grow deep roots, many will find themselves moving this month to a better home with more room to roam! Work should proceed rather smoothly this month, with gentle Venus in your house of work and duty. If that wasn't enough good news, lucky Jupiter is passing through your money house, possibly bringing windfalls of money to you. Pennies from Heaven!


Lucky, lucky you! Depending on your date of birth, the ever expansive influence of Jupiter is about to pass over your Sun, causing good luck wherever you are. Just be careful while you're enjoying the good life that this affords! Sun and Jupiter conjunctions are notorious times for weight gain that can lead to health problems later on. Also, don't spend more than you can afford, for while this transit is wonderful while it lasts, it doesn't last forever!


This is an unusually quiet time for you. Oh, what's unusual about it, you might ask? Well, you are enjoying the quiet, that is what is unusual about it. The normal state of affairs is that you have to be surrounded by pettes to feel as if you are on top of the world, but at the moment you are just as happy to be a stay-at-home. You may also be involved with a practical home repair or renovation that is taking up quite a bit of your leisure, but you don't mind. No doubt you are receiving admiration from some lucky blonde somewhere!


Pay close attention to your health at this time, and tend to any problems right away. Now, don't let this scare you, my dear pettes, for it's not as ominous as it sounds. It is only that Saturn is currently in your home sign, and she has the uncanny ability to bring to attention those things that we should have been doing, but that we haven't been doing. Once we start living up to her standards, she will be milder with us.

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