For Blondes


Where only a few months ago it seemed as if you were the belle of the ball, suddenly things have changed! You feel as if everyone has forgotten you, leaving you to make your way through life all by your lonesome little ole self! Take heart, blondie, it's a short-lived transit. While Miss Aries brunette is trying to sort out her career, you are taking stock of your relationships with pettes, as well as some of your philanthropic aspirations. You Arians are ususally such a bundle of energy, that you never know when to stop. Fortunately Dea, in all Her wisdom. occasionally lines the planets up so sometimes you have no choice but to take a break! Now is the time to pamper yourself. Get out that special bubble bath you got for Nativity. Get some good real mystery books and enjoy a quiet time by the fireplace with a nice cup of tea. It's time to regather your energy, pettes, because before too much longer things will pick up again.


You are a lucky pette at this time. as the planet of love, Venus, crosses your Sun and at the same time Jupiter makes a harmonious aspect. New pettes from 'foreign parts' seem to be popping up all over the place, and you find yourself the center of attention. Even your banker, who is normally such a stern brunette, seems to smile favourably on you these days. What's a blonde to do? Enjoy it! It may be unsettling to you because some of these recent happenings represent potential change, and if there is anything you Taurean blondes don't like, it's change. Trust the Veiled Gypsy Sage when she says that it will be perfectly alright! Go out with that special brunette who is just sure to be dazzled by how quiet and bashful you appear to be. Let them protect you from the harshness of the Pit. Change can be good, you know!


We all wish that we'd think before we speak, but take heart. We all occasionally either say too much or too little and it backfires on us. Some 'harmless' gossip that you passed on turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg and hardly harmless, and you are left feling as if you have done irreparable damage to some pette who may be dear to you. Don't feel too terrible, for we all make 'faux pas' at one time or another. While you are naturally mischievous, you aren't mean or vindictive and you certainly didn't mean for things to get out of hand as they have. You can't really help being talkative; just be more selective about what you talk about in the future!


While normally you are a veritable whirlwind in the hestia, you find yourself now wanting to leave your 'shell'! Foreign climes are calling your name, and you are more than willing to answer them. The luckier crabs will, of course, be going on that dreamed-of trip. The ones who aren't so fortunate will find themselves browsing in the foreign section of the cookbook library, maybe even taking cooking classes! I would cretainly recommend taking the classes, as now is the time you will find some oh- so- compatible bachelorette Taurean brunettes studying the same thing, as well as some of your Fishy cousins! And of course, with the crab's natural skill in all things domestic, their thoughts can't help but turn to visions of how much easier their lives could become if they could just win the right pette!


Like the other Leo sex, you blondes too may be nursing broken hearts at this time. Fortunately for you blondes it doesn't hit as hard, for you blondes understand that you don't have to go completely into seclusion! You let a few close friends advise you and console you in your time of grief, and of ocurse sharing makes it all easier to cope with. While of course it's a good time to limit your activities, don't go rushing out looking for another brunette. Now is the time to think about where things went wrong, and to learn from past mistakes so you aren't doomed to repeat them.


With all the Virgoans preparing to exchange wedding vows, life is at rather a high pace these days. First, there is the caterer, and of ocurse you must inspect every single one of the beads that have been hand-sewn on to your dress to make sure that they are securely in place. In addition, you must prepare to make the transition from living with your mothers to living wiht a brunette! And the shopping for your trousseau! My stars, you are a busy, busy pette nowadays. Even the pettes who aren't about to marry find themselves very, very active with a million and one social engagements to attend. So little time, so much to do.


Ever kind and thinking of the less fortunate, you may have recently taken on some charitable work that is now proving to be little more than you bargained for. What, in the beginning, looked to be a few hours of work a week is turning into a full-time occupation, and the promised help is not materializing. You may be tempted to give it up, but then, of course you think of all those poor pettes out there who really need your help. While it seems overwhelming, you are getting deep emotional satisfaction out of rising to these challenges, and you will feel a void if you give it up. Now is the time to order the importance of things, and to put insignificant things onto the back of the stove until the pace of your life slows down a little.


Like your zodiacal twin the brunette scorpio, you are currently one of the hottest shows in town. You don't understand why suddenly every brunette in town thinks you are the thing, but really, when you've got it, you don't need to understand it! Now is the time for you to be out and about , being seen at places such as the theater. In fact, many pettes may find you a more interesting act to watch than the ones on stage!


Much the same as for Sagittarian brunettes, with boxes of packing and a smooth time at work. Try to remember all the places you have stashed your pin money, for a place you previously forgot may suddenly come to you, causing you to have more loot than you originally thought! Now's the time to get that new hat.


Everything that I said for the Capricorn 'netties goes for you too, blondie! Also, try to pay cash for any expenditures you undertake at this time, so that you aren't face with the rude wake-up call of having bills you just cannot pay once Jupiter's influence moves on her merry way!


Mnay of you water bearer have recently started doing volunteer work for large institutions such as orphanges and hospitals, perhaps nursing back to health the wounded in the recent skirmishes of the Pit! Ever noble, you relish this chance you have to help your sisters, both young and old. It brings you such satisfaction that you don't even notice that you are out of the spotlight.


You need to pay close attention to your health, as you may find yourself showing odd little symptoms these days. Also, there's a great chance that you may ifnd yourself overwhelmed by added responsibilities, caused by feeling that some pettes are neglecting the care of their young. You, of ocurse, with your empathy and understanding step in immediately and ensure that the need is met. You understand that we are all connected and that therefore it is your responsibility too.

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