They walk! They Talk! They Sing! They love you! Every Girl's Dream Come TrueWelcome to Femmeworld

You have just entered the sovereign territory of Femmeworld, a feminine nation in elektraspace.

Take a moment to adjust yourself. Things are different here. Notice the aura of scent and lipstick; lace petticoats and nylon stockings; long cigarette-holders, elegant music.

What sort of place is this? Is it the 1950s? It seems a bit like that. Certainly the fluorescent noise of the late 20th century seems further away with each passing minute. Yes, it is like the 1950s among other things, but not quite like your1950s. For one thing there is nothing masculine here. Not only are there no men, but there have never been any men. If you are a man, you pass through like an electronic ghost, seeing but unable to touch, unable to be seen, unable to influence the course of events in any way. If you are a woman, a girl, a lady, a pette. . . but enough! You stand upon the threshold and it is time to welcome you in.


A message of Welcome from Princess Zyanthea

Princess Zyanthea of Novaria, the Royal Patronette of Femmeworld welcomes visitors from Telluria and answers some of your questions.

A Taste of Summer

As late summer merges into Golden Autumn, our cookery correspondent from Qurinelle offers some delightful cullinary tips for the season.

A Traveller's Guide to Aristasia

"Aristasia is a vast Empire of seven Provinces. each province is a nation in its own right, ruled over by its own Queen; and each of these Queens owes allegiance to the High Empress herself who lives in Ladyton, the capital of the Empire." Everything you wanted to know about the all-feminine Empire of Aristasia. What are blondes and Brunettes? Where is Quirinelle? The first part of this delightful Guide is here now


The Magic of Lingerie

Girdles, stockings, suspenders -- the hidden underpinnings of the feminine woman. A chic brunette tells of her innermost secrets and of the truly magical effect they have on her and those about her.


"A Meeting at the Mermaid"

East meets West in a quiet provincial inn in Quirinelle. See a tall, dark brunette from the East, learn what a Golden Dragon is and spend precious hours in the heart of a feminine universe.


The New Femininity

What is femininity? It it a weakness or a strength? Is it an artificial construct or a natural reality? Is civilisation in danger of losing its feminine aspect -- and what could this danger mean? Can we reclaim our femininity? Challenging ideas, exciting new prospects plus the remarkable scientific facts of femininity they never told you in this stimulating interview with Miss Annalinde Nightwind.


This Week's Delightful Cover-girl

An elegant brunette motorist from Quirinelle. We know you will love to see her.

A Charming GIF(T)

Just wait till you see it!


Please Come in and Meet Us

The chic-est drinking-place in Elektraspace. Come and meet the blondes and brunettes, introduce yourself and join in the fun. This is the place to have your say and meet the other girls.

A Love-Link: Aphrodite . . .

A femme site introduces a new philosophy of ultra-feminine erotica combined with some subtly delicious girly photography as only girls can do it. At last something sensual by pettes for pettes: and some very original feminine-ist thinking.
FEMME-TIP: they charge a small fee to get into the Inner Sanctum, but you girly-girls don't really need to pay. Its just to stop the XY types from flooding the server. Just knock three times and ask for Charlene. No, really: go to their Cocktail Bar, read a bit and get the feel of the place, then send them an intelligent or sensual femmey comment and say the girls at Femmeworld sent you. They'll give you a free pass. Note: it does not seem to have been clear enough from the above that 1) You have to make a reasonably intelligent contribution to the Cocktail Bar and 2) You must be a girl. Aphrodite is a sex-discrimination site. Requests for free passes from men will be ignored.

Hold tight for the

RIDE of your LIFE!

But my dears and darlings, we have hardly started yet! Lots of charming new things are coming to Femmeworld sooner than you think! So keep coming back.

In the next little while we are hoping to have A Beginner's Guide to Aristasia, telling you all you need to know about the extra-dimensional queendom to which Femmeworld owes her being, including a thrilling section on Romantic Love. A little later there will be an Interactive Map showing you what is where in Aristasia and revealing such mysteries as the time/space shift. Don't worry, it isn't a bit manny and technical, but you will find out how it is that in Aristasia the 1950s and the 1930s (say) aren't times but places.

We shall see (Dea volente) the opening of the Imperial Academy, the first University in Elektraspace. You can learn about feminine philosophy (it is serious, I promise you, and fascinating beyond description) and attend seminars. There will be more fiction, more pictures, more ideas and we shall all be getting to know one another in the Common Room.

These developments will be taking place very shortly. Expect new things each day. So don't be a stranger. Femmeworld needs you.