Farewell to the Forum

The Feminine Discipline Forum is no longer with us.

It was an open Forum which ran automatically - postings made by members would appear as soon as they were posted. There was very little policing of the Forum.

When we began it we had little idea how it would turn out. We made various categories for postings - Mistresses and Maids, School Discipline, Discipline at Work, Discipline in the Home, Slave Girls etc. we had rather expected people would post articles on various subjects. In fact this only happened to a relatively small extent and the Forum rapidly developed into a place where Mistresses offered elektraspatial teaching and discipline to girls.

It was not like what is called "Cyberspace". On the whole, mistresses were responsible and sensible and an atmosphere of traditional, serious discipline prevailed. We were pleased, as discipline is widely misunderstood misrepresented in the Pit, both by those who hate it and by those who like it. There were some fools and perverts - more as time went on, but never did it descend to the moronic and lascivious depths of "Cyberspace" - which is to say, of the Pit as a whole.

Nevertheless, certain problems dogged the Forum almost from the beginning. Technically it was supposed to "run itself", but it did not. Without constant nursemaiding it developed problems continually, and Aristasia was unable to devote the amount of time required to looking after a Forum essentially for outsiders. Also the lack of policing meant that - while the standards never fell to Cyberspatial levels - they were not what we or the more responsible members of the Forum wished them to be.

Also,, while responsible, the senior Mistresses - with one exception - adhered to the values of the Pit - more conservative and reputable verions of those values than are to be found on, say, national television, it is true, but nevertheless unacceptable values to those who reject the collapse of civilisation which has taken place since the Eclipse.

Finally it became necessary to offer the maintenance of the forum to its more responsible members. We offered to allow any senior Mistress or person designated by her to take over the Forum, both policing it to an acceptable standard and maintaining it technically. We were asked for two weeks grace, which was granted. It was then indicated that a new Forum would be formed by the senior Mistresses, but this venture never materialised.

On the last day of the Forum a strange note appeared purporting to be from a senior Aristasian, stating that the Forum would continue after all and enjoining members to "enjoy". The rather ghastly use of that last expression should have been a clue that the message was a fake. That was the Forum's last gasp and one by one the lights went out.

It was an interesting venture and one which, perhaps for the first time made a meeting place for girls who wanted to discuss and practise discipline in a sensible and proper way and to understand it neither in the prejudicial light of the anti-disciplinarian climate of the late 20th century or in the lascivious and idiotic climate of the discipline perverts.

Perhaps something like it will arise again.

Probably not.

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