Available again, at last!

Every one knows the '40s and '50s were the era of feminine glamour

And every one who can remember them knows that 1940s and '50s stockings had that unmistakable something that made them exquisitely sensual to wear, to see and to touch. And the stockings you can buy in the shops today - even the best and most expensive - are nothing like them.

Why not?

Real 1940s and '50s nylons were fully fashioned. They were made from wonderfully silky non-stretch, gossamer nylon fabric (so they couldn't be "one-size"). They were made to the shape of the leg, just as a tailor cuts clothes to the shape of the body, and were finally seamed up the back. The seam was an essential part of the stocking's construction - it was the seam that held it together - unlike modern "seamed" stockings which are knitted in a tube shape and the "seam" is merely an added decoration.

Real fully-fashioned stockings are unmistakeable in look and feel. They set a standard in stocking glamour that has never been equalled.

Until five years ago Aristoc still made real fully-fashioned stockings on 1940s machinery. When this machinery was declared obsolete, fully fashioned stockings finally became unobtainable ...

UNTIL. . . New Lady Nylons are manufactured today on authentic 1950s machinery reconditioned to the original standard.

Modern machinery can turn out 20 times as many stockings per working day (one reason why real fully-fashioned stockings are comparatively expensive).

But it cannot imitate the exquisite look and feel of genuine traditional nylons.

It has taken four years of work and experimentation to learn to operate this complex equipment; but we are confident you will feel it was time and trouble well spent.


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