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Jenny Anne's Response

Dearest Ladies,

First of all, I beg forgiveness for the lateness of my reply. Unfortunately,some technical problems have occurred that have limited my access to theForum. I will try and be more prompt in the future, and will accept anysuggested punishment for the late reply.

I do appreciate my concerns being taken seriously, and I do agree that my ownlack of participation is one reason that Forum postings have slowed.Therefore, I will submit my own story as requested.

I am an American girl in her late twenties who has never been thoroughlydisciplined in her life, though I have always felt the need for it. Living inthe Pit, it is very difficult to find loving, caring discipline that is notautomatically tied to sexuality. For a young woman living on her own andcraving discipline, even the Silly Monkeys have their appeal, and I blush toadmit that I have at times found myself in Silly Monkey circles. (And mightI add.....YAWN.)

I have found a woman in her late forties who provides some discipline to me,though she is unprepared to provide the kind of strict, long-term disciplinethat I feel is necessary. Her punishments, however, are very effective, and Ihave been impressed by her methods. Since she does not see me very often,nearly every visit comes with a punishment, usually severe.

I once asked her reasoning behind this, and she sat me down and explainedthat if she and I were able to form a Mistress-maidservant relationship, Iwould receive all the discipline I needed, in the form of both salutatory andritual beatings, because my behaviour would be more realistic on a day-to-daybasis. However, when I act as her maid for four hours a day, once or twice amonth, it is much easier for me to be on my best behaviour. As a girl whoneeds discipline to live a happy and peaceful life, this situation is not thebest one for achieving that. Therefore, she delivers the ritual beatings notbecause of my behaviour during my servitude, but because it is what I need inorder to be able to function until the next visit.

I would be happy to elaborate on the punishments I have received, and on whatI wish for in a Mistress in further letters, if such is desired by the Forummonitors and readers.

Again, my apologies for the lateness of my reply. I assure you that I will bemore prompt in the future.


Jenny Anne

Thank you for this contribution. May we suggest that your sometimes-mistress administer six strokes of the cane for your late reply. However when we know a little more about the kind of punishments you receive we may wish to alter this to something more in keeping with your usual regime. We should very much like to hear more details of punishments you receive and of what you wish for in a mistress

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