The Miracle of Any Century!

Invisible Dollies

Yes, girls! She's here right now, just waiting for you!
An Invisible Dolly to love and call your very own.

Each Invisible Dolly is exactly four inches high, but perfectly formed in every detail, even down to her dear little fingernails. She wears a beautiful 1950s frock with layers and layers of frilly petticoat. She has the sweetest little silver slippers you ever saw and even darling little nylon stockings with tiny, tiny suspenders (or garters as you American girls call them). She has blue eyes and red lips and a trusting, innocent smile.

If you are given an Invisible Dolly, she will climb right through your monitor screen and stand on your desk looking up at you, and you will know that she is your very own.

And just listen to what she can do!

She can walk * She can talk * She can sing
* She can dance on her pretty silver toes
* She can kiss you and call you "Mummie"
* She can stay near and protect you when you are frightened
* She can sing you to sleep when you are unhappy
* She can be your friend when you are lonely

Yes, she can do just about everything except let you see her, and after a while she might even start to do that, just now and again, out of the corner of your eye, in a vague and shadowy way, at first, perhaps: but maybe one day . . .

But what must I do to get an Invisible Dolly?

How much will an Invisible Dolly cost you? Five shillings? Ten shillings? A thousand crowns? Oh, no. Invisible Dollies are not for sale. Dear me, that would be almost as bad as selling people. No, in order to have an Invisible Dolly, you will have to fulfil certain Special Conditions, And the first one is, to be good.

Oh, yes, I know. You have tried to be good before, and it is so terribly hard. But don't despair. You don't have to be good all the time, and you don't have to be good in every way. But what you do have to do is find the innocent, pure little girl that lives inside each one of us, but has been so terribly hurt by cynicism and television and all the anti-good, anti-innocent forces of the late 20th century that she hardly dares to raise her darling head. But she is there inside you. You can be sure of that, because if she wasn't you wouldn't even want an Invisible Dolly. You would have left this page before now saying "Oh, this is all silly!"

So that is an encouraging thought, isn't it? If you want an Invisible Dolly, you are already half-way towards deserving one.

But only half-way.

The other half involves finding your pure, good, innocent girl. Can you remember her? Or was she always half-smothered by post-'60s television-culture? What is her name? Do you know it? Perhaps you will have to give her one. How is she dressed? It will be in some style before the mid-'60s, however young you are.

You don't have to become this girl, you just have to find her and acknowledge her. She is the girl who really wants an Invisible Dolly. She is the girl who will become the Dolly's Mummie, and whom the Dolly will protect and look after. She is your secret, pure, inner self. They told you not to be pure, but they could never touch her.

Here are some ways to help your innocent inner self:

See what she is wearing. Probably clothes from the 1950s. Dress yourself from head to toe in her clothes in your imagination.

Play some music for her. Have you some 1950s popular music? Or something classical. Something that breathes innocence and happiness.

What is her name? Perhaps you will find you know it, or perhaps you will need to give her one.

Once you have found the magic girl who will own her, you may be ready to have an Invisible Dolly. But you will have to do one more thing. You must fulfil a Magical Task.

What is the Magical Task? Well, it might be various different things; but just as in all good fairy tales the heroine may have to answer a question or perform a feat, so you will have to do the same, and we shall be setting various Magical Tasks over the next little while. You will only have to fulfil one of them to get your Invisible Dolly, provided you have also fulfilled the other condition of recognising your innocent inner self. The task may be hard, or it may be very easy. You might have your Invisible Dolly this very night.

The First Two magical Tasks

Number One (easy task): This is called an easy task, because it is very easy if you can do it. It is a question. At the beginning of this page, we called the Invisible Dollies "The miracle of any century". That is a quotation. Where does it come from? Can you put it in its context by quoting the preceding lines?

Number Two (hard task): This is called a hard task, because we cannot give an Invisible Dolly to every one who tries it. Only those girls who really impress us that their need is special can receive an Invisible Dolly through this task, though the task is simple enough. Write a short essay entitled "Why I have an extra-special need for an Invisible Dolly". If you can show that you have an extra-special need, then you shall have one.

If you cannot manage either task, please do not worry. We shall be setting extra Magical Tasks very soon. But for now, if you would like to ask any questions or make any comments on this page, please do so. If we get some nice letters, we shall create a special Dolly Room where they can be posted, and we may start a Dolly Club for girls with Invisible Dollies and girls who hope to have them soon.

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