The Elektraspace Feminine Disciplinary Society


An increasing number of ladies, having had undisciplined childhoods and finding themselves in an unattractively undisciplined society feel the need of discipline within the context of a civilised feminine society.

Girls are therefore encouraged to confess their faults in the Handmaiden Forum and ask for discipline. A mistress will then administer punishment over Elektraspace. Corporal punishment may be given in person to girls able to visit the Aristasian Embassy. Obviously, they should make known their ability and wish to do this.

The Elektraspace Feminine Disciplinary Society exists to allow non-coropral and occasionally corporal punishment to be administered among serious-minded and morally upright ladies and girls who reject the laxness of the past three decades and wish, in their own lives at least, to eliminate it.

A passage from the introduction to the section on non-corporal punishment in The Female Disciplinary Manual we think makes clear the ambience of this Society. Be it noted that this passage is set in a future world where sanity and elegance have returned to life.

We are by no means opponents of non-physical means of correction. Indeed, it will be seen that we have the highest regard for these punishments. In the ladies' University colleges, where the cane was introduced some time ago for serious breaches of college discipline, it was, and still often is, considered that this is the only form of discipline acceptable to a young lady over, or not much under, the age of twenty-one. Other punishments, it is often held, are too childish or humiliating. The introduction at Lady Margaret Hall of a College Detention on Saturday afternoon and even of a rudimentary prefectorial system in which lines are sometimes given has been considered whimsical by some and inappropriate by others. In our view it is entirely in keeping with the ladies' college which has been most associated with the development of the New Sensibility; and the formation of informal disciplinary circles at other ladies' colleges holding their own private detentions and awarding and accepting other penalties may seem mystifying to many, but is, we feel, a sign of the times and an indication of the lightness, delicacy and gentle grace of feminine discipline. It is also an indication that just as the exclusion of physical chastisement is deleterious to sensibility, so such chastisement on its own is insufficient, and young ladies may actually crave the slower, more tedious, yet subtly more enclosing forms.

Discipline is mainly non-corporal, consisting of written impositions. The main reason for this is that the conditions of Elektraspace make other forms of discipline impractical in most cases. However there are exceptions to this rule, and provision will be made for corporal punishment under certain circumstances.

Regulations for the Administration and Reception of Punishment

1) a: Legal Basis: the legal basis of punishment given through the society is that it is administered according to the laws of the Sovereign Nation and Imperial Province of Quirinelle and that all members administering or accepting punishment through the Forum shall place themselves within the jurisdiction and under the judgement of the District Governess of the District of Maryhill, Quirinelle in all matters pertaining to the punishment. While mistresses will be given freedom of action as far as that is possible, the final authority in all matters will be that of the District Governess of the District of Maryhill through her agents and servants.

b: Definitions: For the purposes of this document a member of the Forum setting a punitive imposition will be called the Mistress, a member receiving the imposition will be called the Girl.

2) Accepted obligation: Once a girl has accepted that a particular mistress may punish her, she will faithfully prepare and deliver all written work assigned to her according to the rules set out here and those laid down by the mistress. She will submit it by post or other reliable means of transit to the Handmaiden Society, whence it will be forwarded to the mistress. Any repeated work, whether single or multiple repetitions and/or additional punishment in respect of the original imposition must also be fully completed until the mistress shall pronounce herself fully satisfied and the punishment at an end.

3) Sanction for Default: Failure to carry out her task, including any and all repetitions and supplementary punishments, will result in her being permanently debarred from ever giving or receiving a punitive imposition through this forum on any future occasion. The only exception to this rule are if the mistress, with good reason, rescinds all or part of the task, or if the Maryhill District Governess, through her agents and servants, the Handmaiden Forum management, does so. In the case of a girl under direct Aristasian jurisdiction, other disciplinary measures may be employed.

4) Deadlines and Lost Impositions: The deadline imposed by the mistress will normally refer to date of posting as evidenced by the postmark. If an imposition is posted late the mistress will impose such extra punishment as she deems fit. If it is not received after one month of the expiry of the deadline, the girl will be deemed in default of discipline and will be debarred. In the event that an imposition be, or be claimed to be, lost in the post the girl must repeat it and post it again unless the mistress deems otherwise.

5) Appeal Procedure: If a girl genuinely believes her imposition to be unreasonably severe and irresponsible she may make representations to the District Authority via the Handmaiden Forum management. If it is judged that her claim is correct, the punishment will be rescinded. If it is not so judged she may receive additional punishment from her Handmaiden adjudicatrix. Be it noted that the authorities will uphold the authority of mistresses in most cases and will support their right to be more severe than is normal if they deem it proper. They will find against a mistress only where her actions are truly excessive.

6) Judiciousness Enjoined: Notwithstanding the above, mistresses are encouraged to give punishment judiciously and in keeping with the offence, also bearing in mind the character and any known circumstances of the girl concerned (which may either lessen or increase the severity of the punishment) setting a severe punishment "because one can tell the girl needs it" is a legitimate procedure at times, but excessive severity on all occasions would bring the system into disrepute.

7) Acceptance of Authority: A mistress accepts, however temporarily, that she is part of the Aristasian disciplinary system, under the jurisdiction of the District of Maryhill, Quirinelle. In putting herself forward as a mistress, she accepts that she is herself subject to discipline, in accordance with the Aristasian dictum that "only the obedient may command" and will carry out any written punishment imposed on her by the Maryhill Authorities (she also has the right of Appeal with the same comments applying as set out in paragraph 5). Note that a) discipline of a mistress is exceptional, and b) in contrast to other Forum discipline it may, at the discretion of the Authorities, be arranged privately by Elektrapost.

8) Qualification of a Mistress: While any lady may put herself forward to administer punishment and if accepted by a girl may do so, the society will expect to see that the mistress is an educated person of good moral character dedicated to the principles of preserving and restoring the civilisation overthrown by the Eclipse.

A mistress will be disqualified if:

a) Her standard of education is unacceptably low as evinced by poor grammar, spelling etc.

b) Her moral character appears to be questionable.

c) She adheres to the reprehensible ideas and attitudes popularised in the decades of darkness.

d) She is suspected of not being female (she may be asked to supply evidence of her bona fides).

e) Her behaviour seems in any way such as to bring the Society into disrepute.

9) Presentation of work will follow precisely the instructions of the mistress. The following rules, however, are compulsory under all circumstances:a) Recommended paper sizes are Foolscap, Quarto, U.S. Letter and U.S. Legal. Disallowed sizes are A4 and other metric sizes. If necessary A4 paper may be cut down to Quarto (8" x 10") with a ruler and a sharp blade. Work on illegal paper will be disqualified and must be repeated.b) Work must be dated in the current Aristasian year, 1952. Work carrying an illegal year will be disqualified and must be repeated.

NOTE: Public inspection of work. The discipline of this Society is not a game, and all impositions are really carried out, however gruelling they may be. In order to establish this fact, impositions will be retained in files at the Aristasian Embassy in London and may be inspected by visitors on two conditions:

1) Visitors must be female.

2) They must, on the occasion of their visit, obey the dress code and general conduct of Aristasia: dressing in the manner of any period from the 1920s to the mid-1960s, in smart day-dress, with correct stockings, shoes and accessories.

Corporal Punishment: It is clearly impossible to administer corporal punishment over Elektraspace. Responsible ladies willing to administer corporal punishment to girls in their area are invited to make themselves known to the Handmaiden Society.