By Margaret Stone

EVER SINCE girls have gone to school they have been subject to corporal punishment. The cane, the strap and, in America, the paddle, have been the most common implements, although slippers, rulers and hairbrushes have often been used for less formal spankings.

It is often believed that formal corporal punishment was mostly restricted to boys, but the truth is very different, and this book reveals, for the first time, the real facts of the corporal punishment of schoolgirls with photographs and case histories.

You will learn how during the 1914-18 war no less than 118 girls were caned in a typical English Midlands girls' school, each caning formally recorded in the school's Punishment Book with names, dates and details. You will see how the school's caning policy progressed over the years, with a marked increase in corporal punishment -- both frequency and severity -- in the 1960s.

A whole chapter is devoted to this fascinating book, including reproductions of several pages. with girls' names, offences, number of strokes awarded and the comments added by the schoolmistresses.

You will also read about the Texas mother, Mrs. Ann Torbet, who objected to her pretty daughter Tammy's being paddled at school and eventually reached a compromise with the school authorities: She was allowed to come to the school herself and chastise her daughter with the leather belt she used to punish her at home. After the punishment one of the school's assistant principals said: "Tammy would have been better off taking the paddle swats from us. Her mom really sizzled her behind with that strap."

News stories and case histories like this, together with photographs, charts and pictures, enliven this strictly factual survey of the corporal punishment of schoolgirls.

You will read of abuse cases where girls have been punished unfairly, excessively, even bizarrely, or obviously for the improper gratification of male teachers. And you will also read about the vast majority of legitimate cases, where corporal punishment is used fairly, wisely, and in the best interests of all concerned.

The corporal punishment of schoolgirls may seem to some like a fantasy, but it is a living reality that has been going on for centuries, continues to this day and is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. By the time you have read this book, you will be intimately familiar with that reality.

Never before has a book dealt in depth with this fascinating subject

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In the U.S.A. over a quarter of a million schoolgirls receive corporal punishment every year.

As late as 1976 a survey by the Inner London Education Authority showed that one girl was caned for every day of the school year.

Girls as old as 17 and 18 are regularly paddled in U.S. schools.

Before abolition in the late '80s nearly six out of ten Scottish schoolgirls received the strap.

Since abolition over 100 British schools have opted out of the State system and restored corporal punishment -- and more are joining them all the time.

The Corporal Punishment of Schoolgirls
uncovers the story behind the statistics

CORPORAL PUNISHMENT is often thought of as applying exclusively to boys.

Yet the corporal punishment of girls in general and schoolgirls in particular has a long history, and one that has not ended.

In 1939 a correspondence in Picture Post, Britain's most popular news-magazine, showed widespread public support for the caning of girls in the home.

A survey taken in 1995 shows that no less than 97% of English mothers still use corporal punishment on their children when necessary and some educational theorists are returning to the support of corporal punishment.

This book presents the facts relating to the past, present and future of the corporal punishment of schoolgirls.

The Corporal Punishment of Schoolgirls is a handsome hardback book, now available at twenty pounds sterling post free or $40 U.S., including airmail postage and currency negotiation, American cheques are welcome.

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