Is Aristasia Commercial?

Aristasia is a feminine Empire. It is not a commercial enterprise. However, as with all nations and empires, commercial activities take place within Aristasia, and Aristasia also has foreign trade with places outside its magical boundaries.

The commercial enterprises at present conducted by Aristasian organisations have the primary purpose of giving a truly Aristasian livelihood to girls within the Empire. For those who wish to live an Aristasian life twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, it is is obviously necessary that her working life should be Aristasian and not only her leisure hours.

Thus the fundamental aim of Aristasian commercial enterprises is to support the Aristasian way of life and to allow Aristasian girls to remain within Aristasia in every part of their lives.

The secondary aim of Aristasian commercial enterprise is to make available Aristasian literature and those things that are needed for an Aristasian life.

From the novels of Miss Regina Snow to the Aristasian philosophical testament The Feminine Universe the reader is enabled to have a complete picture of Aristasia, far deeper than can be given simply over Elektraspace.

And many things that an Aristasian girl wants or needs are practically unavailable in the Pit. True fully-fashioned stockings, for example, are almost impossible to obtain, which is why Aristasians began their own stocking company, New Lady Nylons. The New Lady company is now also selling traditional underwear and even made to measure clothes in the styles of the 1930s, '40s and '50s. Again, real school canes and straps, as opposed to rather silly imitations were becoming unobtainable, until The Wildfire Club, another Aristasian enterprise, began to make them to traditional standards.

Those who want traditional items in the field of feminine clothing and disciplinary equipment will find themselves well served by the commercial arm of Aristasia, and they will have the extra satisfaction of knowing that while they are buying the best they are also supporting the magical life of the Feminine Empire of Aristasia.