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The Astonishing Story of a Disciplined Feminine World

FOR THE FIRST time ever, an exact account of Aristasian life has appeared in print.

The Feminine Régime wove a delicate fantasy around it, but Children of the Void depicts the disciplined Aristasian life exactly as we live it. A real world alive in Britain today, where:

How can such a world be real? How can it actually exist in Britain in the 1990s? This book explains everything. It is a novel, but it is based very closely on actual life. We see how a small handful of girls, fully committed to their way of life, each of them playing more than one rôle, can create an entire world, completely different from the surrounding culture.

Oh yes. It is certainly true. Last year it was the subject of a elevision documentary on the British national station Channel 4. It was entitled A Weekend at Miss Martindale's. Viewers in Britain had a chance to see this astonishing world in action, and to witness some of the discipline being given. They saw that it is real; at times all too real.

But no television documentary can enter into the real life of Aristasia in the way that this novel has. It is written by a girl who lives her whole life in Aristasia, a talented writer, whose skill in depicting her world has been praised by British national papers such as the Sunday Times and the Daily Telegraph. Forum magazine hailed her first novel as "an erotic classic", speaking of "the sheer power and beauty of her prose". The book is illustrated by Giacomella Daqui and also includes many real-life facsimiles of documents from Aristasia - film posters, punishment slips, menus from Aristasian cafés; for Aristasia is a whole world.

Press Comments on Children of the Void:

Beautifully written . . . this is a book which, by way of its startling originality, deserves to break beyond the narrow confines of its immediate C.P. genre . . . a style which reflects the fastidiousness of those who inhabit the self-proclaimed mini-State of Aristasia.   Desire

Spellbindingly done, and immensely literate, it will excite and stimulate . . . Children of the Void is unlike anything else you will read today and will not appeal to the coarser spirits: but for those who like their Discipline of high literary quality, it is essential reading.    Skin Two

The prose is beautifully sensual as one would expect from Miss Snow . . . I thoroughly enjoyed this book . . . lovers of discipline between women and female sensuality lyrically described, or those who just want a fascinating, elegantly-written piece of erotic philosophy, should make the effort to obtain a copy of Children of the Void for themselves.    Forum

 The interaction of the females is dictated by the strict adherence to their various rôle-plays and any slight deviation from good form is punished by the use of cane and strap . . . The novel is actually based on real life . . . Well-written and lovingly illustrated . . . the text reinforces the logical arguments that justify why it has been necessary to create such a real-life fantasy world.     Marquis

Connoisseurs will like to know that the book is beautifully produced; designed in the Art-Neo manner favoured by Aristasian aesthetic philosophy and bound in burgundy Wibalin with the famous Wildfire imperial purple dust-jacket. It is a book to last a lifetime and be treasured for a lifetime. Its literary quality and treatment of its theme are so distinguished that no one need be ashamed to display it on her bookshelf.

Clothbound, Demy 8vo, printed on 21-lb Felsted Cream Wove paper, 192pp

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