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Auntie Effie knows that sometimes girls have little problems that they don't feel that they can tell their Mummies about. That's what Aunties are for. And now your very own Auntie Effie is here to listen to your problems, and give you sensible, Auntie advice. Do write to your Auntie, girls, if you have any little worries that you would like to ask her about. Don't worry, for your Auntie would never tell anyone else about your little worry, would she? That wouldn't be kind, and real Aunties are always kind. They are made that way in Heaven.

Dear Auntie Effie,

I am a Trentish blonde with a big problem. I had been 'stepping out' with a rather rakish brunette, although I never let her go further than holding my hand.
When I discovered that she was seeing another blonde on the side, I broke with her. Now she's spreading rumours around our little town that I am an easy blonde with no morals, and it's just not true. None of the nice brunettes will look at me now--what can I do?


Dear Suzie,

The best defence against lies is the pure and honest truth. If the brunettes hear that you're a loose blonde, yet you stay at home with your parents and are never seen at any establishment you would not want your blonde mummy to go to, then the true girls will see you for what you are--and will know the truth about that brunette. But you mustn't say a bad thing against her--it will only sound spiteful and it stands you in a better light to be seen as silently bearing the pain. Howver, if there is a grain of truth in the accusatiopns against you, you may have to consider visiting a friend or relative in another town for a while. This could be the fresh start that perhaps you need.

With love from

Auntie Effie

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