Arcadia is one of the two Eastern provinces - the other being Amazonia. Although it is the smaller of the two, it is still larger in extent than the five Western provinces combined. Historically it is most usually taken to correspond to the Victorian and Edwardian periods of Tellurian history, and since most of the Arcadians seen in the West are Western Arcadians, this is understandable. In fact, Eastern Arcadia contains areas corresponding to much more remote periods of Tellurian history, through Mediaeval and even to Classical times.

However, owing to certain natural laws discussed in our section on Amazonia, travel to these areas from the West is somewhat restricted. Loveton, a city of Western Arcadia represents approximately the furthest point east upon which motor transport can be relied upon, although the trains run rather further Eastward. The last railway station east is at Darlingtown and even bicycles begin to be unreliable east of Ironbridge

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