What's that noise? It's the bell ringing for the start of the delightful new series from a Quirrie Kitchen--better hurry up, pettes, or you'll miss...

The Quirinelle Cookery Class

Every pette knows that her hestia is the center of the Universe, but do you know what the center of the hestia is? Of course you do! It's the kitchen. Whether you are an Amazonian pette, cooking food by the same fire that gives warmth through the night and comfort in the cold, or a Trentish brunette who likes to impress guests on Cook's night off, or a Quirrie houseblonde who never seems to leave the kitchen, The Cookery Class is for you!

Throughout the months, we will discuss secrets for making a fine sauce, a perfect souffle, and a delightful aspic. In addition, we will attend to matters of etiquette, table manners and gracious entertaining.

In short, we will occupy ourselves with learning ever more about kitchen magic. What is kitchen magic, you may ask? Any pette who has ever seen a complete dinner come together, with each course arriving from the icebox or the oven at the same moment, knows about kitchen magic. The Fairies who live in our kitchens help at such moments, and of course we wish to please them in hopes that they will continue their delicate magic!

A pette especially interested in pleasing the kitchen Fairies will want to do everything to make her own kitchen pleasantly inviting and real. We have heard of some girls who have such racinated kitchens that they feel the presence of their Kitchen Fairies as surely as if the Little Darlings could make themselves seen and heard.

There are many ways to invite the Kitchen Fairies into your kitchen. Up-to-date ovens and refrigerators help make a kitchen sound enough for Fairies to wish to stay, as do nice Trentish pots and pans or Quirrie wall clocks. Fairies often flee at the sight of anything bongo, especially offensive advertising from the Pit, so it is best to take your groceries out of their bongo containers and pour them into either up-to-date tins or clear glass jars. Finding recipes in real magazines or Quirrie cookbooks helps a girl feel perfectly up-to-date, as does listening to real music while cooking.

Of course, the most real part of a kitchen should be the lovely girl within it. All the pettes we know prepare the evening meal in well-applied makeup and a smart housefrock covered with a frilly apron. By looking so nice as you busy yourself in the center of your hestia you will be sending those darling Fairies an engraved invitation!

Next month

We shall learn how to make a perfect sauce every time. Until then, happy cooking, pettes!

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