REGULAR readers will have noted with consternation that the Wildfire Club was unavailable online for a day or two. This was owing to a very silly mistake made by one of the office girls responsible for routine site management duties.

We shall not tell you the girl's name on this occasion, but we think you would like to know that the girl has been punished for her negligence.

She is quite a pretty girl of about 23, and was naturally quite nervous having committed such an offence because it could easily have merited the Office Cane.

In the event she was awarded six strokes of the Girls' School Strap, a light-coloured two-tailed strap some twenty-four inches in length, stamped with small decorative flowers in the manner of some 19th-century Scottish straps. It is a slender implement -- just an inch across -- not stiff like the Lochgelly tawse (which is reserved as is traditional for excruciating punishments on the hands, which many girls fear more than the cane itself), but dense and heavy, administering a sharp, deep sting, very intense, though not long-lasting.

The young lady in questio is wearing a neat blue and white sailor dress with pleated skirt, pink artificail satin blouse, real 1950s stockings and sensible mid-heel office shoes.

She was taken out of the office into the schoolroom where she was made to bend over a school desk.

Office girls are often allowed the dignity of keeping their skirts in place during corporal chastisement. This young lady was not so lucky. The blue pleated skirt of her dress was turned back and the strapping given over her pink lace-edged nylon full-slip, which was tucked firmly between her legs to take up the slack, presenting a clear, rounded target, and a semi-visibility of stocking suspenders and pink panties in matching nylon to the petticoat.

The first stroke made her squeal aloud. She nearly stood up, but she has learned better on previous occasions, and she stayed bravely in place throughout her ordeal.

We just thought you would like to know, since you were put to inconvenience by this girl, that justice has been done.

A fantasy? Far from it. This is life for the girls of the Wildfire Club. Some permanently, some just for the day or two they can manage to be maids or office girls or to come to school.

If you are female, well-dressed, living in or visiting England and would like to be a Wildfire Girl, let us know.

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