Romantian Women

icon Let it be known to all who enter elektraspace that Romantian women are the most lovely, divine, and delightful creatures living on God's green earth. At least that's what our men say about us. But, seriously, Romantians believe that nothing is more important than the beauty a real girl brings to an increasingly drab world. A Romantian girl (regardless of our age, we prefer to be called girls; as one Romantienne said, "woman sounds so matronly, don't you think?") walking through the Pit is a wonder to behold: her head topped by a chic Trentish hat, her hands gloved, her posture erect, her legs enclosed in silky stockings, her face perfectly made up, her gate dignified. She is obviously superior to slovenly, unkempt bongos because she delights in her own femininity and always strives to be ever more feminine.

A Romantian woman, and a Romantian man for that matter, understands that femininity is an eternal archetype, one that has always existed and always will exist, and one that does not depend on a male audience to be manifested. Romantian girls would be the delightful feminine beings they are even if every living man suddenly disappeared. Truth be told, though a Romantienne may enjoy the attention a gentlemen pays her, she mainly dresses in her gorgeous up-to-date frocks and dons her hats and gloves because, as the Quirrie song goes, "she enjoys being a girl."


If we were to put in descending order the reasons for her lovely feminine attire and deportment, we would say that first, she is lovely out of service to God; second, she is so for herself, because she believes that as a girl, being feminine and bringing heaven's own beauty down to the earth is both her responsibility and her pleasure; third, her efforts are for her sister Romantiennes, who truly appreciate the dedication a girl must have to fly in the face of the Pit, which always encourages her to be as ugly and sloppy as possible; and finally, she is feminine because the men around her enjoy being in the presence of soft beauty (well, who wouldn't!).

Though Romantians wear the clothes and watch the films from earlier decades, in their regard for the virtue of femininity they are quite unlike those who were citizens in the free world before the eclipse of civilization occurred. In the historical early twentieth century, femininity was certainly considered to be natural, but it was not revered and lauded to the extent it is in Romantia. In fact, for Romantia, femininity is the thing, the sine qua non, and much of our world is based on the idea of the superiority of the feminine principle, and the qualities associated with it: beauty, gentleness, softness, vulnerability, suppleness, precision, elegance, grace, and order.

So, the next time you see a beautiful girl walking down the street looking as if she has stepped right out of a Cary Grant movie, ask her what Romantian province she is from, and she just might know exactly what you are talking about!

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