Romantian Men


Honor, courage, valor, integrity, character. These are the words that describe the men of Romantia. Romantian men are appalled by the loose morality and slack standards of the Pit; they pity the poor young boys growing up today who don't have real men to look up to and emulate, and they feel especially protective of their own children (and their wives too for that matter!), always striving to keep them from the wretchedness of the Pit.

A Romantian man wears a fedora hat and an ulster, often smokes a pipe, always opens doors for his sweetheart, and would be horrified not to pay for the date. He feels proud as punch walking through the streets of the Pit with his Romantian lady on his arm, looking like the darling she is. His delight in her comes from his admiration of her courage as well as his appreciation of her beauty. Most men in Romantia have purposefully patterned themselves after their grandfathers, always striving to look as they looked, act as they acted, and live as they lived. Since many Romantians grew up in the Pit themselves, they also watch up-to-date television programs and movies, seeking in these entertainments additional models to pattern themselves after.

What draws men to Romantia (besides the lovely beauties therein) is the war effort, for if you haven't surmised by now, Romantia is deeply engaged in a war against the Pit. Our men understand that the Pit is evil, and they rise up to the challenge of trouncing that evil every day of their lives. They are brave and heroic, and their gals love them for it.


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