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Of course we all adore going to the movies! Spending half the afternoon getting all dolled up, then the smell of popcorn, the plush, comfortable seats, the thrill of seeing yards and yards of velvet curtains raised to reveal the silver screen, ready to come to life with the deep voices of the leading men and the soft, pretty faces of their ladies. Some of us prefer the chic glamour of Trentish movies, while others prefer the more domestic comedies of Quirinelle. So that everyone is happy, most Romantian cinemas will show a mixture of movies from all of the Western Provinces, including some delightful Vintessian silent films, of which our children are especially fond. icon

Since most of us aren't lucky enough to live in a town where a beautiful, plush up-to-date theater shows real films, we must create our own theaters in our own homes. We won't bore you with the details of how this is done (for you can probably figure that out for yourself), but we will say that in our homes, going to the cinema is a great event, one talked about with excited anticipation throughout the day. Often before a movie is played in one of our cinemas, we watch newsreels, previews for coming attractions, and a cartoon. Sometimes we are lucky enough to watch a cliffhanger before the main feature, and those always give Romantians, especially the young ones, something to talk about until the next visit to the cinema, when they can discover how the hero escaped the great danger he was left in at the end of the last installment. icon

We hope this page will inspire you to create your own Romantian theater. We have such splendid times going to the cinema -- we are sure you will too!

Cinema Reviews


Please let us know about the latest real film that you saw at the cinema.

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