Romantian Children

icon Imagine a tree-lined street in a small town filled with boys in crew cuts shooting marbles, girls in dresses making mud pies, mommies in aprons bringing the children a tray of homemade cookies and cold milk. A scene from days gone by? Not at all. Such delightful innocence takes place every day in Romantian neighborhoods.

Our children live their lives exploring streams and woods, living the adventures of pirates sailing the high seas, cowboys roaming the prairies, and princesses being rescued by knights on white horses. They read the best books that have been written for children throughout the decades, such Little Women and The Chronicles of Narnia. Their imaginations are further fueled by excellent television and films made before the eclipse of civilization, such as Watch With Mother and Howdy Doody; and they listen to radio programs that we are fortunate have come through the Iron Curtain, such as Gunsmoke, Toy Town, and The Lone Ranger.

These delightful entertainments do much to help encourage a wide-eyed innocence in our children, but even more important is the fact that no Romantian parent would ever allow his child to look at or listen to the soul-destroying products of the Pit. Every book a Romantian child reads, every radio show he listens to, every song he hears, every program he watches shows him a whole world where families stay together, children obey their parents, fathers are strong and good, and mothers are true angels in the home.

Our children are the joy of our lives, and we understand that we have the solemn duty of keeping their souls protected from the harshness and ugliness that surrounds us. Only then can they grow to be fine men and women who will stand firm against the tyranny of the Pit.


Write to us and tell us about your favorite racinating children's book or activity.

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