Imperial ShieldIntroduction to Aristasia and its Provinces

ARISTASIA has seven provinces, all ruled by the Empress Celestia III at Ladyton, the Imperial City. Each Province is, in fact, a Sovereign Nation with its own Queen, and indeed the provinces are often referred to as nations

  Many of the qualities that, in your world, belong to the dimension of time belong in Aristasia to the dimensions of space. Thus the seven Provinces of Aristasia shown on our map have many of the properties which, in your world, belong to historical periods. The Province of Quirinelle, for example, is in many respects equivalent to your 1950s, the Province of Trent to your 1930s, the Province of Arcadia (in its more Westerly parts) to your Victorian and Edwardian eras, and the province of Amazonia to the pre-historic matriarchal civilisations of your world. The Province of Novaria corresponds to the 2020s and 2030s which in your world (at the time of writing) we do

  If a disproportionate number of the provinces cluster moderately close to what your world terms "the present", that is because Aristasia is not wholly independent of time, and those tendencies represented by the smaller provinces west of Arcadia and Amazonia are very much to the fore in the present Aristasian century. Many of them have indeed only come into existence relatively recently, though not in a chronological order that relates directly to your eras (Vintesse, for example, corresponding somewhat to your 1920s is much more "modern" than Kadoria, which has much in common with your 1940s).

  You will notice also that, while both your past and your future have correspondences among the Aristasian provinces, your present does not. This brings us to perhaps the most important distinction between Aristasia and your world.

Aristasia is still sane. It did not suffer any equivalent to the cultural Eclipse which took place in your 1960s, leaving all values inverted, replacing the love of beauty with the love of ugliness, the love of order with the love of chaos and giving over all normal human loyalties, decencies and truths to vilification or to mockery. This is why there is not and could not be any Province which bears any relation to the decades of darkness following your Eclipse.

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