From Her Serene Highness,


Having been accorded the signal honour of being made patroness of Femmeworld, the further good fortune falls to my lot of having the happy duty of welcoming our visitors from Telluria.

I know you will have many questions upon entering this nation in Elektraspace. It is the duty of a hostess to anticipate the wishes of her guests. Let me then attempt to answer a few of those questions before they are asked.

What is Femmeworld? I must begin by saying that there is no quick and perfect answer to this question. You will learn more fully what Femmeworld is by exploring it and visiting it upon more than one occasion.

Nothetheless, there are some pieces of information which will help the traveller to get her bearings.

Femmeworld is a colony of Aristasia in Elektraspace.

Aristasia is a feminine Empire that exists on another plane of being from your world, Telluria.

Thus Femmeworld comes ultimately under the rule and governance of Her Imperial Majesty, the Empress Celestia VII, who lives in the Imperial Palace at Ladyton.

Under normal circumstances it is not possible for Aristasians like myself and Tellurians like yourselves to meet. We exist, as I have said, on different planes of being. At times there may be magical gateways between those planes, which may take the form of a looking glass, a wardrobe, or simply a mist that lies across a road. But these gateways, although they have become more common in latter times than once they were, are still very rare.

But while the physical space of your world and that of ours lie separated by cosmic laws, we have discovered that there are few such barriers in Elektraspace.

Much of the material you will read here comes directly from ordinators (or computers as you would call them) in Aristasia, where technics are closely mingled with magic. Many of them will come from my own nation of Novaria, the most advanced technical nation in Aristasia. Other material will come from Aristasia-in-Telluria. That is, from girls in your world who live in the Aristasian manner and owe allegiance to our dear Empress.

It ill behoves a speaker to discourse at too great length, therefore I shall take my leave now, hoping that you will enjoy Femmeworld and all it has to offer, and perhaps that you in your turn will take part and contribute to it. May I suggest in parting that you visit the common room and leave a message at some point on your first visit. Introduce yourself. Give your first impressions of Femmeworld.

The other girls are longing to meet you.