The Magic of Lingerie

By Matthilde

I AM an Aristasian brunette. As mistress of an Aristasian household, I havemany responsibilities; the ordering of the house, the training of maids, thehelping and transformation of visitors from the Pit, business responsibilities.My thoughts, my feelings, my activities are directed outwards, towards the careand ordering of the girls, both blondes and brunettes, around me.

As an Aristasian it is of fundamental importance for me to feel, look and beessentially feminine. Blondes, of course, have a great advantage. Being lookedafter by brunettes as they are, they embody that sweet yieldingness which issuch a delightful aspect of true femininity. But I am competent, energetic,forceful. How do I maintain and enhance my femininity?

I do have a feminine appearance--all Aristasians must have. I dress in Trentishor Quirinelle dresses, wear a hat and gloves when out, high heels and real1950s nylons, careful make-up and groomed hair. My exterior is always feminineeven when I am in the throes of brunettish organisation and activity.

But in order to feel truly womanly, through and through, I like to be fullyconscious of my femininity, not lose it in drabness in the flurry of daily lifeand responsibilities. And I have found that there is one category of clothingthat is essential and extremely potent in producing this inward feeling ofdelicious femininity--corsetry.

I have worn Arcadian corsets in the past, and laced and boned corsets do have aparticular effect on one's femininity, but I am talking here aboutbasques;--lovely, lacy all-in-one basques which clasp one's body in a firm butgentle grip, from the cupped breasts to the suspenders.

You put the garment on. It hugs your form. You feel your breasts raised andheld caressingly as though cupped in gentle hands. You feel the light boningand the taut elastic of the bodice close, so close, against your body. It hugsthe contours; you can feel the material stretched tightly curving in towardsyour waist and swelling out towards your hips. The lighter, frillier basquesstop above the hips and the tight garment suddenly ends in an airiness withstretched suspenders below holding your stockings in place. You feel enclosed,soft and sensual.

My favourite basques are the more substantial ones, midway between a bonedcorset and a light basque. I recently bought such a basque in the Pit. I wasdirected by the lingerie assistant in bongo-Harrods to the Queen'scorsetière just opposite. There I described my requirements--a longblack basque with wiring under the cups, a few bones in the bodice for a firmerfeel, and a bodice which ends not in a fastening between the legs but cutstraight across at hip level with suspenders(preferably three each side)attached. She had one such garment in stock; the last of its kind in thecountry, she surmised. Sad that such a feminine garment should be so hard toobtain.

So how is one's femininity enhanced by the wearing of such garments? Femininityis delicate and subtle, not bold and coarse. Even brunettes who hold authorityover others as I do are feminine in the exercise of power, not strident orloud. Basques and corsets give an enclosed sensation--a feeling of protection.One is wearing a shield, close, protective, comforting; one is held in asensual grasp that enables the feminine self beneath to feel safe. Thus withinthe shield one can feel soft, yielding, sweetly feminine, while exhibitingoutwardly the confidence, glamour and dash of a brunette.

To close let me describe one particularly vivid moment. I am climbing thestairs. I can feel the basque tightly embracing me. I can feel the three pairsof suspenders fastened on my stocking tops and pulling taut against them. As Ilift my leg to step on the next step, there is a tight little tug on eachsuspender in turn. I like the feeling; I am at the mercy of these taut stripsof elastic--they are with me wherever I go, forcing themselves and theirfunction on me at every step, making me concious of the long, silky sheath ofstocking encasing my legs. My sense of myself as a feminine woman is kept inthe forefront of my mind. I feel my femininity flow within me--and I am glad tobe an Aristasian lady.

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