Dear Editrix,

I am in love with the ElektraPette. She is all I dreamed of, and such fun to be with. Do you think that she will marry me if I ask nicely?

Seriously, I have really enjoyed reading the magazine. I look forward eagerly to the next issue.


The Elektra-Pette is always happy to hear from her admirers!


I enjoyed the Elektra-Pette very much. It is a delight to have a magazine that is ours. I don't know very much about Aristasia as yet, but I like what I do know. I hope that I will find out more about it through the Elektra-Pette and the Aphrodite Cocktail Bar. It's not very easy when you feel isolated and alone to pursue these things. I wish that I knew some other girls.

Is it acceptable to put a pen-name to this letter? I would feel a little exposed if I gave my real name.


Yes, life can seem hard when you feel isolated, or even if there are two of you. Living an Aristasian life may seem impossible. Yet we are not really alone. An awful lot of girls read this magazine, and many of them feel alone and exposed as well. We are lucky to have the miracle of Elektra-space, which means that however far apart we are physically, we can still 'talk' easily with each other. That is why I would advise you to join in the conversation in the Cocktail Bar, and to write to The Elektra-Pette, using a pen-name if you wish to. You can feel, and become, a part of things that way.

Dear ElektraPette,

The maggie is wonderful! The Veiled Gypsy is terrific, and the Agony Page is fascinating. A magazine which covers everything from music to cookery to the future is an excellent idea. I shall never read a Pit-publication again. It made me realize how tawdry and awful they are, when I compared them to the writing in this mag.

I printed it out and showed it to some girls who are a little bit interested in Aristasian ideas, and they really liked it too. May I send a very big 'thank you' to all the pettes who write it?


Dear old thing, if our efforts have made you resolve never to read a Pit-publication again, then we do feel very thanked indeed!

Yes, we'd love to hear from you! Why not write your thoughts down and pop a letter in the post?

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