Flower Remedies to Heal the Psyche

In the last issue of 'The Elektrapette', some charming remedies were described that will help to protect us from the pit. The pit is so pervasive that every tiny amount of extra protection that we can gain will help.

One of the ways in which exposure to the pit will damage the psyche is the infliction of excessive tiredness. This is partly a reaction to the amount of psychic energy which is needed to keep the weight of the pit at bay, and partly due to the very tiring incessant ugliness of the pit, which causes a lack of refreshment of the soul. Another cause may be the feeling that one must always stand on one's own; as in extremity, a pit-relative or pit-friend will put the claims of the pit above the virtue of loyalty. They do not mean to do so, but they cannot help themselves. One of the mottoes of the pit is 'divide and rule'. The natural bonds are broken down, leading to pettes feeling isolated; and this state of isolation is un-natural and tiring.

The remedies in this month's article are thus concerned mainly with combating the feelings of tiredness and 'worn-down-ness' and 'dreaminess' which may result from a combination of these things.


Oak is the remedy for those, frequently brunettes, who keep struggling on, no matter how tired they become. Often they will wear their health quite down before they will permit themselves to rest. Duty is a watchword with these pettes. They are hospitable, strong, utterly reliable, and inclined towards determination or stubborness. It is the incessant nature of the pit that these pettes find tiring; there is never a moment's true rest, except perhaps in the bosom of nature. The nature of the resulting tiredness is a feeling of having been 'worn down'. As you hold the remedy within your mouth, think of it as building a wall against the pit around the oak tree, which is yourself.


This is the remedy for those pettes who feel paralysed and unable to face anything. They feel that they have not sufficient strength, either mentally or perhaps physically, to carry on. The simplest thing may feel as if it is too much of a burden for them, although they usually manage to do that which they must. Frequently such a pette may feel that some part of her, she cannot say what, is weak, and needs strengthening.

This is a true feeling; exactly what may need to be strengthened one may not know, but the pit works its subtle black magic upon the unseen psychic level as easily as upon the seen and the mental level. Who can say what part of the delicate link between soul and body may have been damaged by its tentacular reach?

This remedy will heal the hurt and enable you to feel whole and strong again. As you hold the remedy within your mouth, visualise the pure light as embodying circles of wholeness, which fill your being, soothing and strengthening that which is weakened.


Olive is the remedy for great weakness, exhaustion and tiredness. It is necessary to use this remedy in conjunction with other remedies once the exhaustion has struck sufficiently deeply. If this remedy be needed, it should be taken frequently, and used until all remnants of the exhaustion, whether physical or mental, has gone. It treats the symptoms, but not the cause. Determine the cause of the tiredness and treat that as well, if it is possible.


The pettes who need Clematis are dreamy, drowsy, and not fully awake. They are lovers of beauty, artistic and sensitive, and may be inclined towards helping others. It is the ugliness of the pit that offends and tires them, sometimes so much so that they withdraw from life itself. They are usually quiet girls, and not really happy; living often in their dreams and hopes for the future. In illness, they may make no real effort to get well, and sometimes secretly look forward to death as a release.

The use of clematis will invigorate you, and make you determined to bring your vision of beauty and harmony down to earth from the Heaven. Instead of passively letting your life drift by in a tired and can't-be-bothered haze, and living only in your dreams, you will seek and find ways to bring your dreams toward fruition.

Wild Rose

Wild Rose is the remedy for pettes who have 'given up'. They have passively resigned themselves to an unsatisfactory life. They no longer struggle to improve their lot and to take joy in life. The pit has worn them down into a state of helplessness and of passivity. They feel that this is state of dis-satisfaction is 'all life is', and that nothing can be changed.

This remedy will help you awaken yourself. It will help you to find such joy as may be had, and will inspire you to stop passively resisting further encroachments of the pit, and to actively struggle against it instead, so that you may make of your life what you would wish. You may feel it impossible that anything could change--but do try this remedy.

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