ARISTASIA is a feminine Empire; a world without men. It has two sexes, blonde and brunette. It is an elegant, gentle world, and yet also a world of strict discipline. It is an attractive world, a world of music and song; a world of intelligent conversation and serious thought; a world of kindness and courtesy; a world of loyalty and honour.

   Where will you find Aristasia? Aristasia exists in many places. Wherever Aristasians are, they create Aristasia. Walk down any street, and one of the houses in it could be an Aristasian house. Step inside it and you would find you were no longer in the masculine world of the late 20th century, but in the Feminine Empire of Aristasia. And you would be  in no doubt that you were in a different world. The furnishings of the house would be rather different from those you were used to So would the music, the clothes of the inhabitants, the way they move and talk. At first you might think you had walked into the 1930s or the 1950s. Gradually you would see that things were different in very many ways. This is a new world. A reality you have not encountered before.

    At this site in Elektraspace, you will learn a little more about Aristasia; what it is and why it is; its ways and its customs, its glamour and its magic, and may even begin to take part in the life of Aristasia in Elektraspace.