The Cocktail Bar

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Music Playing: Miss Marychild's Dance Orchestra with Starlight Souvenirs

Dateline: Tuesday, May 6th, 1952

Diverse Thoughts

Babita, I saw that princess and slave (if that's what they were), too. Quite marvelous to look at, weren't they! I come from the Eastern provinces myself, and to tell you the truth, I've never seen anything like it, but then I'm not that well travelled and there is more in heaven and earth, you know, than dreamt of in our philosophy - or so somebody told me once. I hope they come back, though.

Candida, honey, I didn't get a chance to say so before, but yes indeedy I do like that new dress, especially those cunning sequins. And you wear it with such an air! I'm still dreaming over my green Chinese silk. Yesterday I was sure I wanted to make it into a Dior New Look dress; the day before I was thinking of a very Chinese-style tunic dress, very fitted, with a hundred little buttons down the off-centre seam, and that darling stand-up collar. But today I'm inspired by a certain Trent bias-cut gown worn by a certain princesss - did you see her?

Mary Margarete, until the Academy opens for the new term, perhaps you should come and sit here with me, and tell me what studies interest you, and about those notes you have in your bag. You know, in between blooming romances, breaking hearts, fashion lessons and delicious gossip, we do occasionally have serious conversations here in the Cocktail Bar (especially early in the week, you know, when the regulars are all here and the place isn't overrun with young girls from the suburbs). So tell me, what is your area of academic interest: literature? pure philosophy? deology? history? And what was it you were drinking?


New Friends

Well I must say thank you for support on quality,Candida.I found the most exquisite pair of 5" lace up booties at a lttle independent shoe store in town.Would you call that Fleems?I'm very satisfied,usually a pair of heels takes me a week to break in before I can walk in them for a day.I wore them today and still have them on at the ordinator!Now I know why I have so many pairs of cheap heels.Thrifty girls are funny that way.Cheap heels are uncomfortable.

I like the princess.It was fun to see two seperated and find each other so quickly.I wouldn't mind being chained to my Princess.I love the chain that bonds one to another

Hi Christine,thank you for acknowedging me.I'm a shy one but kinda gabby when I get going.Have you shopped lately?I'd love to hear your response on new style clothing.I wasn't even a thought til infra-quirinelle but there seems to be a charm about this lifestyle. I hope you continue to drop by to say hi And tell me,how come back seam hose is so hard to find?

Flirting with you:


Click here to pop to the Glossary for a definition of fleem.

In Quest of the Ring

Good my friends, it is well to be back among your friendly company, and you will see that my slave-girl is by me, and has about her neck a ring with a golden chain that I may hold, that we may not be lost in the crowds and wild traffickings of these Western Lands.

Good Tavernerette, bring ye hence a Manhattan that I may quaff; and for my slave-girl here a Golden Dragon, for her tastes are steadfast and do not to change with the fashion of the place.

With truth and wisdom spake those pettes who said my task would not be easy, though I confess that I found them hard to credit at first. Full many a shop that sold trinkets and rich adornments did we visit, nor had any so simple a matter as a ring and chain by which a slave-girl might be held, not in gold, nor even in those baser metals wherein such fastenings may be found in every street bazaar in my country. Truly I did marvel to see so many luxuries and superfluities in this great City, and yet the simple necessities of domestic life so sadly neglected.

At the last I came upon a cunning Magdala-maid that said upon a sign she would make any ingenious adornment according to the will of her patroness. In my land this is no great matter, but here it seems that few who expose metals for sale have truly the mystery of their proffesing, but trade the workings of others who conceal themselves from view. And in truth much of this working shews forth so little skill that their concealment is no cause of wonder to me.

So to this Magdala-maid I repaired and my slave-girl described the thing we had in our mind, for it is not meet that I should speak direct to trading-folk. The samples of her work were good and she expressed no difficulty in accepting our command. So did we return on the morrow to see our airy desire worked into material shape, even as our inner eye had conceived it.

But when she shewed the working of the ring slave-girl waxed wroth, and so, indeed did I, for it had upon it a simple catch to be opened with ease by the fingers of the wearer, and slave-girl told her (though why she had need of telling still eludes me) that it is not meet a slave-girl should have power to remove her own ring. Either there must be a cunning lock and a key held only by her Mistress, or else it must be so fashioned that, once closed it will not open more, and must, if need arise, be struck off by such a maker as herself.

And did this maker weep and abase herself to the ground, craving pardon for her gross, unseemly folly? Why, no dear companions, she did nothing such, but only said in rude barbaric tones that it were better we had "told her in the first place".

Tell her, forsooth! If I order a chariot from the chariot maker, must I tell her that I desire wheel on either side? If I cause a house to be built must I say that I prefer a chimney to smothering in the smoke?

Tell me, is such folly and such insolence rife in this fair land of yours? Or did I chance upon a maker, though skilled, not wholly in possession of her wits?

But all was well. My gold coin did assuage her and she hastened to make the changes necessary that the work of her hand might be fitted for its use and purpose. And she redeemed herself somewhat in our eyes by the wise suggestion that I might wear a band about my wrist to which the end of the chain might fasten by means of a clip, that I need not at every moment hold it.

Wisdom and folly are strangely mixed in this strange land.


Dateline: Monday, May 5th, 1952

Tea and Compliments

Oh, my, Michelle, thank you for the wonderful compliment about my peach dress. It seems to be the envy of this place. But no one has shown any jealous envy. Only sweet compliments. I'll gladly accept your gift you may have for me. I noticed you talking to the other girls about me. You aroused my curiousity, so I to come over and invite you to my table for a drink I invented. Royal Peach Tea. It's a little on the strong side. Most blondes love it.


Tea and Scholarly Questions

Mm, just some Duchess Grey tea with lots of milk and sugar, and maybe some kind of a little scone and some strawberries and clotted cream, not exactly cocktaily I'm afraid, but I'm already babbling too much, and I just thought I saw a girl with the strangest ankle bracelet, as though some sort of chain were to be sometimes fastened there? Next doubtless I will be seeing white rabbits, six feet tall and in evening gowns!

Dea protect us from the Pit, the reality of Aristasia is quite good enough for me!

But speaking of new visitors and being lost, when are the Academy, the Seminar, and that new NF Forum going to reopen? I too am checking every day, cupping my hands against darkened windows, with my tapestry knitting bag overflowing with semi-scholarly notes, and dropping hairpins all over the pavement.

And how I do enjoy hearing the young pettes with their lovely compliments, a rose given with a sweeter speech and from a Source sweeter yet.

Ah, here is the tea, and the best berries Dea ever made, thank you so much!


It is not term-time at the Academy, the Seminar and the New Femininity Forum at the mome. We will let you know when they re-open.

A Hello

Hello Espirenza, yes, I read the Elektrapette too. I'm glad you're shy as well! It's nice to know you're here. Fancy a real live Princess coming in here! And with a slave girl!


Heard in the Cocktail Bar

I say, did you pettes see what happened over there?

The most extraordinary blonde came in, terribly Trentish and svelte with a veiled hat and started saying she was a princess and had lost her slave-girl. Well, of course, lots of the pettes like to have a bit of fun, so we all humoured her and let her buy us all drinks with a juggernautical gold coin that took practically all the money in the Bar to give her change. And we all thoughy "Some pettes do take their fun a bit far," but we didn't say so because free drinks are free drinks, after all, and she looked in a moid to go on buying them all night. I mean, she wasn't exactly slurred or anything, but clearly merry.

Only, what do you think happened then? This tall, gorgeous brunette, all dusky, but with ice-blue eyes and golden hair comes up to blondie and kneels in front of her, and blondie gives her both her hands, which she kisses as if they were Holy Icons or something, and says "Mistress, oh, Mistress", and blondie says "Oh, my slave-girl, my pet, my darling." And they keep up the dialogue in this vein for a good five minutes, all because they managed to get themselves separated in the crush for a quarter of an hour.

So then blondie starts talking about getting a ring to put round the slave-girl's neck, with a gold chain so she can keep hold of her in crowded places, and slave-girl seems to think this a very good idea, though she never says about her own ideas really, only about her Mistress's Will.

Then Mistress orders drinks all round in terms that wouldn't be out of place in an Epic Poem, says she will return ere long to this Place of Peace and Friendship and goes off with slave-girl keeping carefully behind her, in search of a ring for said slave-girl's neck. We told her it might not be easy to find, but she seemed to think she would be bound to find a neck-ring-and-gold-chain merchant in the nearest Shopping Arcade.

And all that on two Manhattans. I say, you don't think she really was a Princess, do you?

BABITA (blonde)

Dateline: Sunday, May 4th, 1952

The Slave Girl

Silently, I pass you by, my piercing blue eyes searching for one and only one. Tall, and strong I stand, dark skinned and golden-haired, and only by the ring about my ankle should you know that I am a slave-girl.

I have become separated from my Mistress, the beautiful Princess, have any of you seen her? We have travelled far, and I shall need to attend to her, please, any one, lead me to her...


A Princess!

Gosh, a princess! "Are you from the distant land of Kayapuhr by any chance"? I naturally curtsey with this thought in my mind."I have not seen such a golden hair beauty as you desribe".

"Thank you for the sloe gin fizz."" I'll sip as I listen to your story unfold".Gosh,a princess makes a visit.


Such Feminine Delights

Hi, girls...

Candida...I'm blushing from head to toe over your kind comments. It's always such a pleasure to find delightful company because it is usually so difficult, but, looking around, taking in the absolutely ravishing beauty on display, happily enjoying the delicate and romantic fragrances that fill the air, listening to the delightful sounds of feminine laughter and conversation, and imbibing the absolutely perfect cocktails (a belated thank you, Elizabeth Ruth, for the cocktail so graciously delivered a little while ago!) that this establishment serves, and totally unable to keep my eyes off of Margy in her lovely peach dress, why...what could a girl do but offer some kind of offering to feminine radiance her companion?

Oh, I babble...


Dateline: Saturday, May 3rd, 1952

A Princess Arrives

Greetings, good friends. Though in truth I have seen none of you before this moment, it is the way of my people to greet all as friends who have not shown themselves hostile.

Though I wear the bias-cut silk crepe of Trent and the veiled hat of your people, yet I am from the East, and weary with the travel of many days, It is welcome to me to rest in this great chromium tavern and I am lief to taste that heartening beverage known in these climes as a Manhattan.

Yet first, there is that which I would ask of you. Has any here seen my slave-girl? She has travelled with me this long journey, and I would have her attend me now, yet somehow in the great press of this place we have become separated. She is golden-haired, though sure she is no blonde. A fine brunette and strong, but very tame withal - tame, that is to myself and to those that intend me no harm. A fine travelling-maid for a blonde princess that wears much gold.

She wears gold also, for it is my delight to adorn her, and you may know her also by the ring about her ankle by which she may be secured: though in truth that is but a matter of form and custom, for she requires no securing - or did not ere we came here.

Here is a piece of gold for the maid who brings her to me, and another that all present may drink as my guests

With greetings to all,


To Margy

Of course I can keep a secret! Isn't that part of what it takes to be a blonde?



Shy girls

Hi, shy pette Christine. Did you read the new monthly Elecktrapette magazine yet? It answered a few of my questions concerning being accepted. I guess we all need to be directed one way or the other. You gave me the courage to talk, I hope I'm not pressing you.I like Aristasia and what it stands for, is all.I'd like a hand to hold as I journey forth.

Just a shypette


The Beauty of Reality

So very nice to be back again, to Reality and Civilization! Honestly, coming in here, to the wonderful symphony of sweet voices and lilting music and swirling scents and soft flashes of pastel beauty everywhere ... is like waking from a tiresome dream.

So busy lately with colonial and missionary work in Bongoland. Really, the malaria of the old days seems quite sane compared to their current madnesses. But that's all the more reason to maintain a few outposts there to gather in our own strayed nationals.

Candida, I want to second your caution to Daffodil about Patience. No church, no china? Why, next it may be no children! It all does rather sound like a sign of free-thinking or worse! Daffodil, how well do you know this brunette?

Ah well, back to the Pit for a little while. Many duties there before one sleeps; although, as Elizabeth Ruth very nearly said, one can always stand tall and think of Aristasia.


Yes, to what could one really compare the diseases of the Pit? To suffer from rabies is to be utterly sane compared to being infected by bongo-ism!

Wise Blondes

That Imperial Fizz was very thankfully received, Elizabeth Ruth, for I had become quite dry in my excitement about my new frock. Did you like it? And have any of you pettes any new frocks? Espirenza, would you permit me to take to myself the privilege of reminding your brunette side that you deserve to clothe yourself in beautiful and racinated garments? And to adorn your home with such items? The Pit tries to weigh the value of everything in money; but we know better. Your blonde side is quite right to wish for better things. But I must say that often one is lucky enough to be able to buy racinated and good quality clothes at fleems and suchlike. Your brunete side would be charmed by the utter cheapness of such things in financial terms!

Michelle, what a charming and romantic nature you have. I was touched to the quick by your innocent and lovely gesture to Margy. You are indeed a blonde ornament to the old place, and we are very glad to have you here and to make your acquaintance.



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