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The New Cocktail Bar

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Dateline: Saturday, March 29, 1952


Welcome Gwen! And goodness, when I ordered the little Blonde Bombshell, Iwasn't aware that yes, it was a bit strong, but also very good. Would youcare for a little something yummy to snack on, or even a cup of tea to wardoff the effects of the Bombshell? It's on me as a welcome from onenewcomer to another. Ah the adventures of Aristasia, including thelibations! A surprise around every corner, but such a refreshing changefrom the Bongoism of the pit that I too found that I had been engratiatedin from day one, in many ways without even knowing it, but also in manyways which I chose not to embrace. Goodness there are so many thingshere, and I noted from the little note at the bottom of Femmeworld thatAristasia is also growing more, and more. By the way have you seen thePette Monthly magazine yet? It's got some very interesting articles, andmakes good leasure reading!

By the way all,. note that this finally isn't coming from my roommate'sordinator.... the new little ordinator, properly named Sirach, (a woman'sname meaning Wisdom) came into my home on St. Pat's day! The leprichaun'smust have smiled down upon me, laughing with glee at the surprise to come,on St. Patrick's day eve, even though I'm of Scottish heritage!

Sirach was also selected with much background tutelage from severalordinator owners I know, and when the time came, with the help of severalpatient ordinator salespeople, and an ordinator owner I had along at thetime. Dispite background preparation as best I could, I can't tell youPettes how helpful it was having someone along in the know about ordinatorswho not only has owned one for many years, but who had been a technicalsupport representative for a company who sells them! Still, the (little?)shopping venture took over four hours, and between a very pit orientedsalesperson I came across, and promptly left, as his Bongo manner cutthrough my nerves mentally, plus all the stressors from all the newtechnical terminology I was suddenly bombarded with I was exhausted by thetime Sirach was being taken to my car for the trip to her new home. All'swell that ends well though, and she has proved to be a great newElectraspace sister, and partner! From the moment I met her, she hasbeen so polite, quiet, quick to respond to my requests, and quieries Ihave, and with no grunts or groans as my roommate's does... I so dislikedgoing in in the evening, saying hello to the ordinator and the moment Iwent to do anything, it groaned at me! It's so nice having a totalopposite to that.. the pit's dark enough without a grumpy ordinator all thetime!

Well, enough babbling, I think the little touch of Cream De minth I askedfor in my hotcocoa must have been a little more than I had thought theywere going to put in! Soon time to go to bed, as I have a full day atwork tomorrow!

Until next time Pettes, have a lovely week!

Miss Terrie

Apologies and Thanks

Oh Dear! ooh, my poor head. I believe I indulged in far too many glasses of'Shampoo' last evening. Barpette, a Bromo please? Ahh. And would it be toomuch to ask the band to not play so Loudly? No, no that would be selfish, Ishall Manage. Patience says I can be terribly selfish at times.

Hello dear Gwen, a Pleasure to meet you. I do agree that there is Freedom inboundries. By example, I have always felt it more Rewarding to write asonnet than prose or that atrocious, bongofied "Free Verse". Aren't Zepplinsthe Bee's Knees?

Thank you so much, Petal, for your good wishes. And, Oh, Miss Anita, I amflattered beyond comprehension! The gowns are perfection! In one day youhave Solved the most significant Dilemma in planning a wedding. But don'tworry you won't spoil my Fun. I still intend to try on Two Hundred dressesbefore settling on yours!

You know, I have a Vague memory of passing about a dry cleaning receipt lastevening and claiming it was a Photo of Patience. Dear me what a Fool I musthave appeared. I hope that Miss Blake was right when she said, "The road ofexcess leads to the palace of wisdom." Here is the photo I Meant to showyou. The light is rather low, can you make it out?

You see, Miss Anita, I believe your choice is perfect for her. I willcertainly share my plans with all of you as the date gets closer. Oh dear,there is So Much to do! The Invitations, the Church, choosing the silver andchina. I must get started Right this minute!

Vaya con dios,
(I learned that in Spain, it means "Good Bye" -Anyway, I hope it does)


Music Playing: Sulannie's Hot Six with Chinatown

Dateline: Thursday, March 27, 1952

Innocence Abroad

Hello Pettes!

After reading so much lately about Aristasia and taking courage from MissTerrie's chronicle of her own trip to the Cocktail Bar, I decided that is wastime to pack my bags for an extended tour. Upon completing the flight herefrom my home in the U.S. (my first time in a zeppelin), I bumped into a youngpette who gave me directions. So here I am.

Please forgive me if I do ramble some so unabashedly. But the travel herecombined with the heady atmosphere of a place so different from the pit arealmost more than a simple blonde can take. Yet I must be quick to point outjust how wonderfully friendly everyone here has been.

I must say that what strikes me most about Aristasia is the reawakening of myown innocence. Odd, isnít it? That what Iím noticing most here is somethingI brought with me. What I'm realizing is that what I thought had beendestroyed from being surrounded by everything bongo (though not embracingit!) was only lying dormant. They didn't kill my innocence, it merely hidand waited for me to come back to it, or rather to return to what is "real".

Itís almost a paradox, akin to wearing a firm foundation (and Iíve alwaysbeen a "firm" believer). There is freedom in restraint. Itís the protectionthat comes from boundaries, whether those boundaries be stays or simple rulesof decency and femininity. But such order is liberating. Likewise, myinnocence can flourish because it is protected here in Aristasia.

Iím sorry, I feel as though Iím babbling on. And there are a couple ofbrunettes in the corner giving me some rather odd looks so I fear that Iívecertainly committed some faux pas on my first visit. Oh dear. Miss Terrieshould have warned us about the intoxicating effects of these "BlondeBombshell" drinks.

Well, I must be off. So much to see in such a short time. The pette who metme when I arrived mentioned that I should look for someone named Charlene ina place called the Inner Sanctum. Sounds mysterious - and certainly anotheradventure awaits me.

Bye for now, sweeties.


Added Easter greetings, and comments about fasting...

Thank-you Miss Candida,for the lovely cocktail, and I am delighted tomeet you all.

I agree on fasting, it does heighten the sense of newness of the Easterseason. Also, when done with meditation, or preceeded by a nice quiettime of reflection, and meditation, it can help one thrust aside thevoid of meaningless dark definitions the pit often places upon it. Thecommercialism, the self-centeredness, and the things that darkenEaster's special central meaning- darkness to light, renewal, inwardrebirth within ourselves.

Fasting can bring back focus upon that central meaning as well as createreflection, and growth within our inner selves, clear down to tiny awakenings we may have of suddenly finding things to be thankful forwe've never noticed before, i.e. the myriad of things in life that mayhappen, and dispite the rough detours they provide, the hiddenstrengths, and positives that can come from them, as well as situationswe suddenly find ourselves in, and land up having to venture through,and grow from, then dispite the pit and all its mental maladies it canproduce, coming out of them stronger, more beautiful inwardly, and withour sanity still in tact! Or just perhaps picking up a tiny pebble whileout for a walk, and seeing it's natural beauty for the first time, orsavoring the little everyday serindipities we come across in our day-to-day lives.

As I listened to your very enlightening comments on Fasting MissCandida, I was also reminded of a small banner I happened to see at thevery traditional, lovely Episcopal Church I attend here in Pocatello,Idaho. The little banner, hanging outside the doorway of the entranceto the church's Parish Hall where coffee hours, wedding receptions, etc.are held simply said "And what are you giving up for Lent??" This wassurrounded by a kaleidescope of suggestions done in rainbow colorsfollowed by the words "whatever you choose, the gift back will begreater," and like Candida, having tried it I can attest that it is!

And aside from all the seriousness, it also makes a tiny pleasure like ayummy little chocolate egg something to stop, enjoy, and savor!

Happy Easter all,


Music Playing: Sulannie's Hot Six with Chinatown

Dateline: Tuesday, March 25, 1952

To The Luckiest Blonde In The World

Dearest, sweet little peripatetic Daffodil, please do accept my heartfeltcongratulations on your engagement to Patience! You were quite right, quiteright indeed, darling, to delay the wedding 'till way past June. Imust confess that many of my brunette sisters - your Patience perhapsincluded - haven't the slightest idea of what goes into planning a wedding:all they have to do is show up at the church at the right time - more orless - on the appointed day, while all the work is left to the poor blondeand her family.

I say "poor" with tongue in cheek, of course, as I can hardly think of ablonde alive who does not relish planning her own wedding - a slightlycontradictory blonde attribute, if I might say so: even the very dizziestblonde suddenly finds herself in command of the most apparentlyinconsequential details, such as what pen and ink to leave at the guestregister, or precisely how the linen napkins are to be folded at thereception, or what flowers the members of the string quartet shall wear intheir hair.

Today I was planning to give my daily fashion lesson on the refineddelights of Trentish lingerie - something for which a number of you havebecome confirmed vegetarians over the last several weeks in anticipation ofa reward - but your request, of course, pre-empts my plans, so I am morethan delighted to give you a hint for your wedding gown, little Daffodil.(You others can wait a day longer for your lingerie rations, can't you?)And as a special treat, I will be forward enough first to make a suggestionfor Patience's wedding gown, knowing full well how very perilous itcan sometimes be to suggest fashions to brunettes.

Of course, I have not met your Patience, but from what you have told us inthe Cocktail Bar, I get the impression that she is quite dashing and rarelyat a loss, whether planning a Zeppelin journey to Berlin or a spiriting youoff for a delightful, spicy Spanish supper in Madrid. So I submit for herscrutiny this splendid wedding gown of ivory satin and white tulle, worn byMiss Frances Dee in her recent Trentish film The Strange Case of ClaraDeane. I regret that even the miracles of Elektraspace are notsufficient to reveal the exquisite details of this gown, such as theancient Cretan motif embroidered on the "V" of the bodice and along the hemof its full sixteen yards of veil. Such gowns did ancient brunetteprincesses wear at their own marriages to blondes consecrated to them attheir congruent births - both princess and her blonde bride having beenborn at the same hour of the same day of the same year.

But for you, sweetest Daffodil, let me suggest this ultra-feminine satincreation worn by Miss Constance Bennett in her recent hit, OurBetters, now showing all over Trent. The bias-cut gown itself clings asbias-cut gowns always do, whether worn by the most innocent virgin or themost tenebrous demimondaine: satin itself is indifferent to thegirl. The all-revealing fabric defines the feminine perfection of MissBennett's figure in almost Boticellian strokes (slightly protruberanttummy, navel and all, with overtones of maternal potency), yet hersnow-driven innocence is announced by the virginal lace of the full-lengthveil, set off by wimple-like layers of sheer tulle about her head,suggesting a holy nun's garb. The tension between the almost suggestivelines of the gown and the innocence of its veil creates a frissonthat will make Miss Bennett's wedding ceremony a memorable one, and willinduce many a blonde who sees this film to cry into her pillow that nightif she has been the least bit unkind to the brunette of her dreamsover the last several weeks - as blondes are, unaccountably, wont to do fromtime to time.


Wedding Wishes

Dearest Daffodil, how utterly SPLENDID! But please - don't let those brunettes know a THING about your wedding gown - we wouldn;t want them to drop any hints to your intended, would we?

Do keep us up to date on the preparations - they are almost as exciting as the actual event itself! But hush - here comes my beloved Miss Fox to take me home. I am SO pleased for you!


Music Playing: Sulannie's Hot Six with Tiger Rag

Dateline: Monday, March 24, 1952

Futurist Wedding Plans

Ah, Pettes. It is to wonderful to travel. It is even Better to return. Thewarmth and friendship, hip!, here are dear to me. You darlings are the mostWonderful companions a girl could Hope for. I just love you so much. Oh, amI being too overly maudlin? Well, I have Just come from a ChampagneReception for this terrific artist, Marinetti and they served lots of it. Champagne. I do so like Bubbly, hup!

She's part of the Vintesse 'Mama/Futurist movement'. She designs recipesfor dinner performances. How can I possibly describe it? Oh, wait! I havea program...Here is her Autumn Musical Dinner:

"In a hunter's cabin secluded in a green-blue-gilded forest, two couples sitdown at a rough wood table made from trunks of oak.

"The brief blood-red twilight lies in agony beneath the enormous bellies ofdarkness as if under rain-soaked and seemingly liquid whales.

"As they wait for the peasant cook, the only food that passes along thestill empty table is the whistle that the wind makes through the door lock,to the left of the diners.

"Dueling with that whistle is the long, sharp wail of a violin note escapingfrom the room on the right belonging to the cook's convalescent brunettedaughter.

"Then, silence for a moment. Then, two minutes of chick peas in oil andvinegar. Then seven capers. Then twenty-five liqueur cherries. Then twelvefried potato chips. Then a silence of a quarter of an hour during which themouths continue to chew the vacuum. Then, a sip of Barolo wine held in themouth for one minute. Then a roast quail for each of the guests to look atand inhale the smell without eating. Then four long handshakes to thepeasant cook and off they all go in the darkness-wind-rain of the forest."

She calls herself a Futurist, hep!, Aeropoet. Need I add that she's simplythe most Intense Brunette I've ever met? Barpette, may I have a brimmingglass of French Fizzy stuff?

Patience and I are just back from a Romantic jaunt to the continent viaZeppelin. Patience knows I love to travel by airship and arranged theExcursion as a surprise. Isn't she tops? Have I shown you her picture? Wait... I have one in my bag somewhere... Oh, here she is in her new yellowhat.

She took me first to Berlin for a week. We attended some Night Spots wherethe entertainment was certainly Eye Popping. The costumes on the, hip!,girls, well, I don't consider myself Prudish in the least but I blushedcrimson never-the-less.

Our next stop was Madrid. The second night, while staying at a lovely villa,we had a dinner of spiced chicken and rice accompanied by a smooth Port. Itwas there and then that Patience agreed to set a date. Do you know, I nearlyFell off my seat!

We have been betrothed now for nearly three years and every time I brought upthe subject of setting a date, Patience found some excuse to put it off. First it was her, hoop!, family. Then her work. I love her so deeply thatI was willing to wait until eternity. Yet I despaired we would ever Actuallymarry. And here she was asking if May or June would be alright. Well, I sether straight at once. Anyone knows no wedding can be Properly planned in amonth or two. The engraver alone needs three for the invitations. And formy dress, Goodness, I'd need twice that time. Perhaps later I could imposeon Miss Anita, our Paramount Studios Archivist, for some suggestions?

Anyway, the Date is September 27, Tra La! Everyone here is invited becauseyou are all so sweet and wonderful, the best friends I could ever have andI'm the luckiest Blonde in the world, hip!



Afternoon Suits And Social Position

Darling Cocktail Bar pettes, Anita here to finish with the vegetablesbefore we may touch the desserts. That means Afternoon Suits, dearies.Well, just grit your teeth and pay attention: life is more than justfeathers, frills, frothy lace, sensuous satins, dazzling sequins and slinkylamés.

So, to the matter at hand. We have seen that important afternoonengagements require suitable afternoon dresses. But sometimes an afternoonevent is so very important that even the most dignified afternoon frocksimply will not do, and an afternoon suit is required. An audiencewith royalty, appearance as a witness in a socially prominent trial,christening a ship, cutting the ribbon for a new bridge .... well, for suchevents nothing can take the place of a dignified, yet utterly stylishafternoon suit.

Let us first consider that paragon of dignified femininity, Miss Fay Wray.Here she is wearing a no-nonsense afternoon suit in brown and beige sheerwool. The pencil-slim beige dress is covered by a brown redingote, unlinedand open in front (as a redingote properly is), with slightly puffedshoulders. The slashed pockets are piped in beige wool, matching the dress.A diminutive Buster Brown collar is finished with a clip of diamonds andemeralds set in gold. The brown suede hat, rakishly tilted to offset theformality of the suit just a trifle, is topped with two pom-poms(hard to see in this black and white photograph): one brown, the otherbottle-green. Miss Wray carries a small but businesslike handbag in brownsuede, with the same piping as the slash pockets.

Certain afternoon engagements demand that a girl instantly establish herfinancial position in society so that not the least hint of doubt caninterfere with, say, her bidding at auction for a rare Fabergé egg or a Tiffany pendant. There is nothing like fur for preventingsuch doubts from arising in the politest society, but fur usedjudiciously, to suggest established wealth, as opposed to theoverwhelming and somewhat declasée or nouvelle riche effectof Full Fur at an afternoon auction. (Full Fur has its special place inevery smart girl's wardrobe, of course - we will take that up in alater lesson.) Similarly, a touch of fur can assist a girl in negotiating ahigher percentage in her studio contract or in obtaining a lower rent on aPark Avenue penthouse apartment.

Here is Shirley Ross, playing the part of a countess in ParisHoneymoon. Miss Ross wears an elegant afternoon suit in blue noveltycrepe. Thick tufts of pale red fox trim the yoked, shawl-like jacket; awide, self-fabric belt and a long row of oversize self-fabric buttonsaccentuate Miss Ross' exquisitely slim figure. Her hat is of light bluefelt, with dark blue grosgrain ribbon as a band and matching blue fabricknots edging the brim. White doeskin gloves with flared, arrow-like wristsmimic the jaunty thrust of the hat. Even the most determined businesspettewill find it difficult not to accede to the financial requirements of awoman dressed like this. And Miss Ross knows it, too: this is the veryoutfit she wore when she negotiated her present contract with ParamountStudios earlier this year!

But, dears, we must not neglect our delicate blondies, who may findthemselves compelled to venture forth of an afternoon, perhapsunaccompanied and unprotected, to deal with important matters of which theymay have but vague technical comprehension, though they may have a firmintuition of the underlying gist of the matter, as blondes so very oftendo. For such afternoon engagements, a blonde must project an aura ofknowledgeable confidence, so that no one could even entertain thethought of taking the slightest advantage of her. For such occasions, ablonde does not want to appear more than normally vulnerable, but neitherdoes she wish to be accused of dressing like a brunette.

How to merge feminine softness with feminine confidence? Behold Toby Wing,wearing a basically simple white suit, open and loose, permitting greatfreedom of movement. The three-quarter balloon sleeves leave her perfectforearms and wrists bare, drawing the eye to her opulent diamond andsapphire bracelet. The dark brown silk blouse has unusual diagonal lines(which show rather poorly, I am afraid) and self-covered silk Minnie Mousebuttons; a dramatically splayed scarf collar is fastened in place by aheavy diamond clip on the left shoulder. Look, pettes, at the penetrating,almost Sphinx-like gaze of this blonde, at her subtly cocked, pencil-thinleft eyebrow, at her unparalleled poise. A brunette had better be prettysure of her P's and Q's before offering protection to this blonde!ANITA, PARAMOUNT STUDIOS ARCHIVIST

Gosh! You've converted us to vegetables for life!

Easter Greetings from Candida

Welcome to the Cocktail Bar, Terri. It is very charming to meet you. May Ibuy you a drink on behalf of all the pettes? Bargirl, a drink for Miss Terri,please.

Oh pettes, I fell to temptation again this week. As a girl once said, Ican resist anything but temptation! Yes, a new hat--another one--and a newfrock. Quite terrible, isn't it? But all sorts of adorable things are simplylying around in shops all over Quirinelle, and after all the shortages inKadoria, it would have to be a stronger maid than me who didn't buy them. I'mjust a pette who can't say no!

I hope that all of you girls have had a pleasant Easter weekend (AristasianEaster, if you're new and a touch confused). I must say that if I eat anotherbite of chocolate I might soon look like an egg myself. The rhythym of theyear is such a wonderful thing, isn't it? Without a period of fasting of somekind, one might find that the good things of the earth palled a little. As itis, those chocolate eggs after the fast really taste of chocolate! A littleself-discipline enhances everthing in life. Those hard edges and boundaries,you know.

Really, when I come to think of it, I think that the destruction ofself-discipline and fasting lead to, or help to create, anyway, what thebongos call 'consumers'. If nothing is new again, because one has donewithout it for a while, either voluntarily or involuntarily (like Nativity),then in order to have the pleasure of the new, one needs more and morenovelties. Some pettes may disagree, but I think that the desire for 'new'things is fairly deeply ingrained within our psyche, and that therefore it isquite legitimate when kept within its place. And that place is to ensure thatwe enjoy the change that affects all that is under the sun. If it were not alegitimate desire to enjoy the new, think how distressing it would be simplyto live upon the earth. No two days are alike, whether one is an Amazonianfarmer or a Trentish miss. So I do think that we have been given an appetiteto enjoy change--within limits, of course.

So we must have change or new things of some kind to prevent ourselvesbecoming bored. How is it to be done? Well, we can either 'do without' thingsfor a while so that when we have them again they seem 'new' to us--or we cando as the bongos do and have everything we want, all of the time, and then weneed ever more novelties. That was last year's model, throw it out and getthis month's. Then it is: this month's model is too like last months. Nextcomes: make it more shocking, so it will seem newer. After this is: we mustgo further than X, this will be really new. And so on and so on.

Well, pettes, it may seem that I have rambled down to this last paragraph,and I'm quite sure that all this has been said rather better than I can sayit. However, the point that I want to get to (oh, yes! There is one, holdyour breaths, old chums!)is this: self-discipline is part of Aristasian life.The traditional seasons for such overt self-discipline as fasting are Advent(which starts four weeks before Nativity) and the four weeks before Easter.If you have never fasted--which may mean all sorts of things to all sorts ofgirls, but is frequently the abstention from strong drink and sweeties, plussomething else you rather like--why not try it the next time? I think thatyou will be pleasantly surprised if you do. There is one thing that I knowthat I could never abstain from, pettes--and that is the purchase of a newhat or gloves!


Music Playing: Miss Marychild's Dance Orchestra with Forty-Second Street

Afternoon Dresses In Black

Golliwogs, pettes! After lessons in satin, sequins, beads and see-throughblouses, perhaps it is time now to return to Earth, and consider somepractical outfits. Nothing can be more practical in a girl'swardrobe than a good, reliable afternoon dress for really importantluncheon engagements and teas. These are not dresses suitable for, say,one's Wednesday bridge parties with the girls or a meeting of theHorticultural Society, (unless one is likely to be nominated for office atan annual meeting, or if one might be called upon to deliver a report on,say, this year's proposals for municipal plantings).

So let us present the ever-popular little black dress, the mainstay of the"ordinary" women of Trent (as opposed to Hollywood stars). A basic blackdress can be extremely versatile, pettes. By using detachable collars andcuffs, for example, the same plain old black dress can be worn again andagain without arousing even the slightest adverse comment, such as,"Really, Dahling, you look simply mahvelous today. There's somuch to be said for timeless fashions that never change, don't you agree?Why, this black dress of yours looks just as lovely now as it has the lastfive times you wore it."

To avoid such withering ridicule, one need only use one's imagination. Takethis publicity still of the enchanting Olivia de Havilland, who usuallyplays in period costume epics - it is rather unusual to see her in mufti,so to speak. But here she is nonetheless in a very plain black dress,indeed, rendered softly feminine by the application of detachable lacecollar and cuffs. A white silk bow tied at the throat softens the otherwisefussy effect of the lace and is set off by a clip of diamonds andreddish-white carnelians, difficult to see in this reproduction. Miss deHavilland's short white gloves signify she has serious business at hand: apastel shade would be proper only for some less important occasion. All thesame, her plain black beret in sheared velvet is worn cocked over one eye,a subtle touch which says, "Yes, I know we have important matters tosettle, but let's not take ourselves quite so seriously!"

The second example, worn by June Collyer, is not really a basic black dressat all, but an absolutely daring design. A girl can wear such anavante-garde, art-neo dress to an important afternoon engagementonly if she is the most self-assured of brunettes, willing to setthe fashion, not follow it. Anyone else trying to pull off such a dress ata serious afternoon function would likely be subject to disapprobation andsubsequent murmurs. Miss Collyer's dress is of ridged black crepe, whilethe bold bow off to the side, as well as the two circular pieces trimmingeach sleeve, are of ivory moiré. These Novarianaccents are meant to suggest calla lilies. The wide, self-fabric beltfastens with two large rhinestone buttons. The futuristic effect is onlyslightly mitigated by a traditional brimmed hat of matching, ridged blackcrepe, also lined with the same moiré. I apologize that the miraclesof Elektraspace are not sufficiently great to allow you pettes to see suchdelightful details as the ridges and the moire effect, but it iseasily imagined.

Coming up very soon, darlings: lamés, lingerie, lounge wear andbedroom attire. But for tomorrow, more vegetables before you may have any dessert: afternoon suits for blondes- and brunettes-about-town. So, 'tillthen, this is your faithful Trinitian fashion reporter, (leaving you to dream about what kind of girl you might be were you to don thesefabulous fashions from Trent),



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