The Cocktail Bar

NOTE: This conversation runs backwards! For the benefit of regular readers the newest comments are put at the top.

Beautiful ...

Hi ... Your world is quite beautiful ... I was amazed and content while I visited. You never mention shocking red hair ... like mine ... wonder why?
Thank you,
some time we must find some permanent place to explain to newcomers that "blonde" and "brunette" are terms that do not refer to hair-colour. What they do mean is too complicated to explain in a sentence or two, but just stay in the Cocktail Bar for a while and you'll soon pick it up.

Arise, Lady manuela

Dearest Manuela Darling....on your knees? Arise Lady Manuela! Kneeling is a sign of submission reserved for the lesser mortals of the Pit (i.e. males!!!...yukky I even dislike thinking that word!)

 Of course if you were merely rehearsing for the part of Rometta for a season with Juilette...all would be forgiven, darling. But if you must rehearse, please dear, return to the bar and delight us all with your sensually evocative rendition. Yes deary, don't hide your light under the proverbial bushel...besides, the powder room is far too small for a divine personality such as yours dear. Shareena & I for one (or should I say two) would rapturously adore the culturally artistic talents (in more ways than one) of yourself and the other beautifully elegant mesdames here in the cocktail bar.

 XX in lipstick to all
Shareena & Miriama

But surely kneeling is a gesture not inappropriate on certain occasions for a chivalrous brunette - and all the brunettes are chivalrous here in Elektraspace, you know - and, of course, the blonde adore it.

Manuela on her knees for Barbi

Ooops, you caught me there. Or rather here, in the powder room. Mea culpa, Barbi, my Sweet, for I have betrayed you by allowing the much abhorred remnants of the Pit in my character take the better of me. Look at me, indeed a glow on my cheeks, but flushed with shame rather than with the unrelenting passion for you that has possessed me for longer than I dare admit to. Barbi darling, I beg your forgiveness. Please find it in your heart to not think too ill of me. There are only words I can offer as an explanation and I don't have the illusion they will suffice. Words are all I have in this world, meagre words compared to your abundance, and I fear they will fail in soothing the pain their lack may have caused you.

 When I first set eyes on you, my expeditious extravaganza (oh, how much sleep I have lost over you), your unprompted blondness affected my Old World reticence deeply. Your liberating expression of self shocked me to the core. How to maintain a credible brunette facade against such disarming frankness? If it hadn't been for business I would not have been able to resist such striking sincerity the long, long time it took to finally feel you in my arms, to smell your fragrance, as sweet and exciting as I had imagined it to be all the months I dreamed of nothing else. At last my eager hands could explore your frail waist, and drawing your yielding softness closer I felt your excitement matching mine. But when I felt the lips of the woman I had seen laughing, talking and flirting with evocative elegance and swift wit touching my neck I did something unforgivable: I lost heart. Suddenly I was all fingers and thumbs, despite the situation's urgent demand for less cogitative action I started thinking. Beastly thoughts. There I was holding a Blonde beyond any adjective, and her fully accomplished blondness put my deficient attempt at being a worthy brunette to shame. You see, my victorious vanquisher, after all our talk and banter about your alleged Pit bondage, I was rather uncharacteristically overwhelmed by unspeakable desires of a distinct un-Aphrodisian nature. My fancy grew absolutely defenceless against your unsuspecting goodness. I had visions of cruelly corrupting the innocence I had assured myself and you to be indivertable only moments before. Lechery I had never thought myself capable of rose within me. I managed to summon up what little restraint was left and suppressed the ferocious fantasies that would pale even those newlyweds (whose synchronous blondness would puzzle me no end were I in my usual frame of mind) while I somewhat brusquely ended our dance and brought you back to your seat without a word, biting my lips for fear an immodest proposal might escape.

 Thus, my sweet, you find me here, trying to regain my composure, in vain, because quite frankly with you being so near in this hot and confined space I can feel my monstrous longings returning with full force. I should take my leave of you now lest I won't be able to resist them any longer. But before I do, Sweetipops, tell me if you can forgive me, or at least understand.


What a day!

Girls, I do believe there may be a blonde hair or two peeking out from under my hat! Either that, or the mail services between this side of the country and that have to pass through the Pit - there's no other way my little message to the very sweet Tootsie could have gotten through AFTER we had our little excursion.

 And pettes, I tell you - what a girl that girl is! She found the easiest track down to the most delightful spot, willows and peppercorn trees shading a sweet little grassy knoll with a bend of the creek so we could put the champers bottle in to cool while we paddled and played - but then I won't say whether it was the heat or the bubbly that made us start that water fight. The sun shone, the water gurgled and giggled past us, we swam, we ate, we lazed - and that comment about my anatomy, Tootsie sweetie, tells me only that you peeked while I was getting undressed for swimming and you PROMISED not to! Oooh - blondes!

 And her gramophone played so softly as the sun dipped down - then we packed up so very quickly because it got so cold so suddenly! We barely made back to the bus stop before the storm came over! But what a time.

 Toots - honey - lets have one more Sweet Lady with Ice then find that dance club you were telling me about.

 Yours ever

Not just passing by

Dear girls in Aphrodite,
You are all so kind to welcome me so warmly to your little circle. I hope I will ( I will sincerely try) be able to follow the rules of your land. I "flitted" in to your world many times before along my travels and I was always very intrigued with it all (yet only a voyeur). I do feel that a strong attraction consistently (and quite strongly) draws me back to your little node in space and time (or not in space and time).

 There is just something so femininely alluring here that beckons me back to check in. Your kind welcomes have served to gain my future attentions. This is, if I'm not mistaken, a truly innocent place (unlike the vulgarity and familiarity (if you know what I mean) of the Pit--unfortunately we do have to go there sometimes).

 But I'm rather a fanciful creature who doesn't really live the Pit anyways (I just walk around all day long like a zombie (aka bongo)). Still it is sad to me that I feel I am sleeping through all the joyous potential of life. At times, all that keeps me going is my lovely dream that a beautiful blonde or brunette princess will kiss me gently (on the cheek of course, to begin) and awaken and stir all the passions and senses that sleep in me.

 If you have the notion that I am flirting shamelessly with you (just a bit), you may have a right notion. Please don't be afraid to see if I am!

 Thank you for buying the drinks Miss Barbara. I hope I didn't offend you with my forward thinking of free refreshments. In the Pit I find it necessary to try very hard to always pay my own way so as not to become beholding to anyone. But I do now see that your gestures were offered with the noblest and best of intentions most certainly. Next time, allow me to return the favor. I must confess, I went back after we parted, and left a large gratuity for the maid that served us so considerately. At that time I saw how generous you had been to our pretty server as well. She has had quite a lucky evening, as have I.

 I'm fairly sure I'm a brunette, although my hair is on the golden side and my eyes are blue (like my name). But you are right to make me really question this. There have been times that I have given and received in such a blonde manner --if only I could be forever locked in that state!

 Good night all! It's late (very late) and the Pit calls tomorrow.


Miss Barbara to Miss Violet

Dear Miss Violet,

 Darling, I am quite happy to buy you a drink. What are you drinking tonight? A Planter's Punch? Barmaid, please, bring another over to our darling new pette, and put it on my tab. Well, yes, dear, we do have to buy our drinks, for how else would the Cocktail Bar stay in business? And how else could a dashing brunette show her chivalry? If the drinks were free, well it wouldn't be quite so nice, would it? i mean, drinking a drink "on the house" isn't nearly so thrilling as drinking one bought by a brunette? Luckily, though, the prices are real prices, not the silly inflated ones in the Pit, so when a brunette buys you a drink, you needn't worry your little head, for it certainly won't break her. But, wait, you said you were a brunette yourself! Are you quite certain?

 One thing you can be certain of, though, is that you happen to have stumbled upon the one circle of girls who want you to be your true self. With all of the enforced cynicism of the Pit, the regulation dreariness, isn't it wonderful to know that you've happened upon perhaps the only place in all of Christendom where a girl can be a girl! We are thrilled to have you here.


Sweetipops Says a Few Words

A felicitous Sweetipops, here, my dazzling darlings! Shareena and seductive sweethearts...please let me join in the congratulations at the announcement of your, as Miss Violet would so properly have it, nuptials! Somehow, after watching the two of you for the last few months, your news, I must admit, doesn't come as a complete surprise. No two girls have found it harder to keep from touching each other, hugging, kissing, and sharing all manner of things than the two of you. I know that your bliss will be complete. Champagne all around, barpette, if you please, in honor of our special young and beautiful pettes!

 My vivacious Miss Violet, while I am forced to admit that I find the idea somewhat tantalizing, please rest assured that Miss Barbara's apprehension regarding some bubbly, your slipper, and my lips is, for the most part, ill founded. At least until we get to know each other a little better, that is. Then...well...who knows?

 Really, though, I must say that I am so enchanted with your words and your presence here. I do hope that you will stay for a long while. The girls here are quite special (and I don't mean me), as I'm sure that you have already discovered. There really is nothing like Aphrodite anywhere, no matter how hard you look. So many new faces seem to come and go, though, never to be heard from again. You seem so honest, and you look so lovely...I do hope that our respect and love for one another can grow richer as time goes by.

 And my beautiful Miss Barbara, please indulge my most recent indiscretion and accept my apologies if I have offended you in any way. I was feeling rather light-headed and may have dropped my decorum for a moment or two, but, I have to admit that, Manuela to the contrary, perhaps I am still more Pit-bound than she allowed.

 ...And, speaking of Manuela...this Mai Tai is nearly gone and she still hasn't returned. I'm beginning to develop something of a complex about the effect my company has on some of the brunettes here. Am I doing something wrong? I love to be sensual and erotic and laugh and have fun with language and try to feel my way into the virtual environs of Elektraspace with a sense of its potential for interaction and the special kind of friendships that prevail here...but...

 Oh! Here I go again...the Sweetipops snivel is coming on...excuse me, girls (sniff! sniff!)...I have to go to the powder room...I do hope that Manuela hasn't left without saying anything...

 Apprehensively, I remain
Your Sweetipops,

Are we blushing something red or pink or other shades of lipstick?

Dearest Miss Barbara
Are we two naughty girls or not....Shareena and myself, deary us, we feel so girlishly naughty for how we must be showing ourselves. But thank you to Miss "Delightfully Mommy" Barbara, we have decided lets come back down to Mother "Aristasia" earth ever so soon and gently. Your advice taken to (bosom) or heart as you wish Miss Barbara. Sorry Girls...Shareena and I shall be keeping some things secret about our Honeymoon, Dears. But we will let you know it was so lovely. You have something definitely adorable in the future for yourselves when too, you join together in matrimonial bliss. You must believe it darlings!!

 But please dears, don't feel that we're both now in hands-off territory from you other desirably adorable pettes. We're all still sisters under the skin aren't we.

 Sisterly XX in lipstick

Under the skin I thought we were all skeletons!

Music Playing, Laeretta Syrelita singing Lili Marlene

Who Was that girl?

I just wanted to clear-up any possible confusions about the identity of "that pretty girl who flitted in without even giving her name" or as Miss Barbara also designated me, and so very kindly I might add without even being much acquainted with me, "dear nameless sylph" that these appellations are one in the same with Miss Violet Langham.

 I send out my warmest congratulations to my new acquaintances Shareena and Miriama on their recent nuptials (a pit term, but certainly the nature of their union is not under regulation of the pit authority). When you two birds of a feather do emerge from your blissful honeymoon nest, please do order us all a celebratory drink at the Bar.

 Until then, I would be most happy to take up Miss Barbara's offer of buying me (do we pettes really have to pay?) a glass of bubbly".

 To clear up one last point, a faux pas that I fear I might have made, when I said that "both worlds have failed them" (i.e. the colonies and the communities), [in reference to the poor pettes who neither fit in the mainstream Pit or the underground Pit], I meant the Pit colonies and not the Aristasian colonies.


Don't worry Miss Violet - we guessed what you meant!

Picnic Arrangements

Tootsie, dearest, I'll meet you by the Sphinx on the Bobbin Head Road. I'll bring the rug and the Smoked Chicken and I'll meet you when the 7:47 evening bus north meets the 7:22 bus south. And bring a sunshade - it's getting warm.

 Girls, we'll tell you all about it when we get back!



Yes! Let's move in

Yes, this seems very true. Hmm, it is very strange, that Miss Barbara has the same thoughts as I, Miss Violet Langham, although she has formed and expressed them much more eloquently than ever I could. Thank you for clarifying for me outright what I have been coming to understand for some time now ( in a less well-defined way of course)! I very much feel that sympathetic chords are being strummed within me when I read the ideas expressed here in Elektraspace.

 I've never truly identified with the "community" thing, yet I wouldn't deny it to others, because for so many that is all there seems to be. Yet, I have felt very isolated because I don't seem to fit in the "straight-acting" or to be fair, the masculinized or, I like the way you put it, colonized world; and, I don't think I will find true shelter, as is often and commonly promised, in the "communities" we've spoke of. I guess you could say that I am a woman (or should I say pette) without a land where I belong. I do fear however, that there are without any doubt, millions of like-minded pettes who suffer a similar oppression, but don't know nor understand what is the cause of it. I see these pettes everyday; there is something behind their eyes that is bottled-up and maybe locked away for good because both worlds have failed them (i.e. the colonies and the communities).

 I like the way you put it--that we should rise above the muck. But as it goes, the higher, the fewer. We will have to offer excellent role models to lead the masses of confused souls back to their true origins. And I do believe that many of these souls are merely in temporal disguise, yet are influenced more by our way of thinking than they know. This would have to be true, since it is the natural way, and girls know how strong their natural inklings are!!!

 If we cannot "move in", then maybe we clever girly-girls should just stay home and indulge in the secret pleasures of romance, dedication to one another, and feminine bliss that we have always known belong only to us!

 Most respectfully,

With Love

Sisterly greetings Miss Violet (what a divine nom de plumette!)

 You'll enjoy the girlish company you'll find here, Shareena and I found each other here...loving every moment too! Thats us....the two blondes snuggling away behind the potted palm in the corner (giggles!). Introduce yourself to Barbi, Manuela, Rebecca and the delightful Miss Fox over yonder. Lovely ladies All!!! Shareena and I are feeling so ultra blonde (and each other) just now dears...our minds and hearts are away up on cloud nine, reclining on satin pink pastel cushions. Forgive us dears...we're away with the birds.

 Miss Violet, make yourself at home dear.

 XX in lipstick

Music Playing, Laeretta Syrelita singing Falling in Love Again

They've Moved out - Let's Move In!


 Who was that pretty girl who flitted in and out without even giving her name? I do hope she returns for I think I know just how she feels about girly girl circles in the Pit. You know, "communities" of all kinds have always had ideas about how members should behave, dress, and speak. One must ask if the "rules" for membership are based on sound principles. I don't want to talk too much of the Pit, and I hope I am not offending the more sensitive pettes by saying this, but if you look at typical girly girls in the Pit, they all seem to want to find that special someone, but when they do, they can't seem to stay with her more than a year and a half or so. Isn't this strange when you consider that the essence of woman always seeks stability in the home? Shouldn't this be so all the more when two women establish a family? But often it isn't. Why? Because all too often these are the very women who have decided that the masculine essence (that seeks carnal pleasures, competitive endeavors, and autonomous circumstances) is superior to the feminine essence (that seeks domestic harmony, cooperative endeavors, and harmonious relations). The fact that they dress like men and act like men is no coincidence.

 But, dear nameless sylph, may I share with you a little secret? In my mind's eye, I have seen a day when the cream of that group can rise above the rest and above every other kind of bongo. The heterosexual world has abandoned a life of strict morality, delightful sensuality, and heightened glamour, so why don't we move into that vacated house? I have in mind the Nation of Islam from the historical 1950's. Did those negroes walk around moaning about how oppressive the white man was to their race? No. They dressed in a proper manner, went into business for themselves, and prospered with a fierce group independence. It is such a glorious feeling rising above the muck below. Please do return and you'll see what I mean. And I'll buy you a glass of the bubbly. But don't let Barbi see it or she'll likely drink it out of your slipper. Skinny dipping! Really!

Love and lipsticked kisses and a big femmey congratulations to Shareena and Miriama. Darlings, you'll remember to be quite modest in your tales of the honeymoon, won't you? Remember, most of us are single pettes, so we won't know about the glories of a honeymoon until our brunette mommies let us know on our wedding day.

 Ta ta for now,

A breathless Shareena & Miriama

Forgive us dears...for our mad dash away from your delectably femme company. Shareena & I had something to do so romantically urgently and intensely darlings. But know what we mean, mmmm? Oh dear it so divine to be back with you, in such romanticly girlish heavenly creatures as you-me-us all in together. And an especial hello to you gorgeously attractive dolls who have joined us in the cocktail bar.

 Barbi, Manuela, Miss Fox, Rebecca....darlings many hugs and kisses from us two for you still being here dears, Shareena & I thought of you tenderly during our the right girly way too darlings. It does seem that you have all been enjoying yourselves and each other so much. Us two girls can only imagine the fun you girls have been getting up to. Just as you can imagine the "fun" Shareena and I have been having. (girly giggles)

 XX in Lipstick

Music Playing: Marlene Dietrich singing You've Got that Look


Hi blondes and brunettes,
It was simply thrilling to see my message posted in your cocktail lounge. Just when I was feeling so low about the Tellurian world, I find so many who feel the same.

 My name is Margaret (aka Violet in Elektraspace). I am a brunette with blonde ambitions for myself-- and eager to please the blondes to get ahead in the world. I'm still in the process of rediscovering my true self and shedding off the myriads of unwanted layers draped over me by the militant society I was born into. I have a ways to go, but I will bow to the higher wisdom of the blondes of the queendom quite happily along the way. If you will, please send me a password to enter the inner sanctum. I'd like my name in Elektraspace to be Miss Violet Langham. Good night femmes and here's hoping you glimpse many fine virtues this week-end!

Welcome, Miss Violet. We are delighted to have you with us.

Shareena & Miriama return.... in love

Oh you beautiful doll, you great big beautiful doll!!!

 Dearest Shareena, love of my life, you don't mind if I share this expression of my forever love for you, with our dearest girl-friends in the lounge, do you gorgeous?

 Blonde and Brunette darlings, Shareena and I have decided to let you our sweetheart darlings in on a little secret. Are you all comfy?.... Dearests, Shareena & I have gone and tied the knot, we are pledged to each other for life! BarPette... a round for all!!!

 Oh!! my minds all so aflutter as those delightfully feminine images of our betrothal and ever so gloriously aphroditic honeymoon so readily speed to the front of hers and my mind. We'll let you know more anon darlings...just for now....Shareena and I are feeling so, so deliciously amourous for each oth...Shareena Darling, leave your drink, Dear!!!

 Girls we'll be back soon!...mind our drinks for us please dears?

 (Arm in Arm the two miniskirted misses dash out of the lounge!)

 More to follow

 Kisses in Lipstick

Music Playing Lindala Serelique singing "Heat Wave"

Poetry & Self-Gartered Stockings

A breathless Sweetipops here, my pretty pettes! My magical Manuela seems to have gone to the powder room and...La!...while at times it is such a burden to be a blonde, at other times, especially when in the hands...or arms, I should say...of a beautiful's purest pleasure! Oh...what a delicious dance we had! Our entwined forms moved to the very latest Quirrie music, but, speaking only for myself, of course, I was most profoundly moved in those revered, ancient, and secret places of my body and heart...but...enough!...lest I bore you delicate and delightful darlings with another longwinded personal reflection. If only I could find a poetic selection as evocative and appropriate as the romantic Rebecca's. My precious pette, your excerpted expression of feelings for Miss Elizabeth touched me deeply, and reminds me once again how grateful I am to have found sorority of such exquisite and enchanting sensibility.

 And my tantalizing Tootsie! Your utterly charming Vintesse "Jeepers creepers" is such a delectable exclamation that I just had to laugh. And the gift of the beautiful're such a beguiling pette that your charms are quite irresistible! No wonder the fabulous Miss Fox has extended you an invitation to picnic. I do hope that we can be friends as time goes by. And...speaking of friendship...I wonder...

 Well, my darling Tootsie, you see, I have it on good authority from the sagettes at the Coffee Lounge that my thigh high you know the kind I mean?...are actually a type of self-gartered know that I shouldn't do this...let me stand up for a moment and lift the hem of my dress...there...see the pretty lace elastic tops?...La! did that tube of lipstick get there?...well, a blonde can never have too many lipsticks, can she?...anyway...they are quite all right for a pette to wear here at Aphrodite. But...well...forgive my indiscretion...I couldn't help noticing...even though I am sure that I shouldn't have been looking...but I really couldn't help myself...that you have a real garter on your lovely leg...and...well...oh, dear me...I'm blushing again!...might I borrow it? Or...might you have another? I promise to return it, darling...but...I would so love to surprise the marvelous Manuela with such a charming Vintesse accessory...

 By the way, speaking of my marvelous Manuela, what do you suppose is taking her, anyway? It feels like she has been gone forever! This Mai Tai needs the both of us to finish it and if she doesn't come back soon, I'll probably finish it all by myself and Goddess only knows how silly I might get! I have been known to dance on the table and...well...perhaps I shouldn't tell you was rumored that once I was in such a festive mood after a few martinis that I took off all my clothes and went skinny dipping in a fountain just like the one outside! Of course, that act, rather recklessly performed in the Pit, was fraught with the potential for the most dreadful consequences, while here, without those attendant terrors, it might actually just be good clean fun, mightn't it? But, really, I don't suppose for even one moment that any pette, would ever do such a thing, would she? Oh, I do hope that Manuela comes back soon. I am feeling just a little bit giddy...

 Dizzy with anticipation, I remain,
Your Sweetipops,

Heat Wave

Oh my oh my oh my, may I please have all of the blondes over here, in the corner? For what I have to say is for blonde ears only. Now that we have a little privacy, may the gossip begin! Darlings, Miss F. and I did go on that picnic, and may I say a little something that just makes me want to blush? Oh, I can't say it, so let me just quote from the song, "Heat Wave":

 Gee, gee, gee, Her anatomy makes the mercury rise to ninety-three.

 I know it's so riskay for a blonde to say, I know, but golly, pettes, don't you know just what I mean?


Girly girls and the Pit

What happened to FemmeWorld? Does Aphrodite replace FemmeWorld? I love your sites and was wondering if there is a live chat-room? If so, please send me info. on how to access it. If you don't have one, how about getting one?

 I agree with many of your principles and observations about modern society and the way the masculine has trodden over the feminine and is attempting to engulf it. Here in the States I can say it's especially worrisome how the pioneering, conquering spirit that "we" Americans revel in seems to still be obliterating the feminine identity. Especially when it comes to sports. God, how I hate sports as they are. I think sports could be quite feminine pursuits and are quite natural and necessary to our existence; but I think that sports as they are, are one of the principle undermining forces against the feminine sensibility (at least in the States, where unlike Europe, our culture is totally saturated in them).

 Yes, I agree that "lesbian" has obtained some very unsettling connotations. People just assume that a woman with strong tendencies toward other females is mannish, macho, hairy, ugly and dresses like men. This is a hard stigma to bear, and if this isn't you, then where do you go to fit in? Do you have to turn to a man? And you are disliked and scorned upon by the "lesbians". This is what a few "lesbians" who are so vocal and high profile about being "out" do to the rest of us girls.

 Sometimes I feel like I'm at the end of my wits trying to figure out what image I'm supposed to convey and where to find acceptance and still retain my inner self. So, thanks for your quite classical views. There are not many places for a girl to turn these days since the "gay community" is so hostile towards these types of views. Unfortunately, I believe these views are held by the minority right now or at the very least the femmes among us have been silenced. Even if we are feminine and say we are attracted to other woman, no one takes that seriously because we don't fit the preconceived "lesbian" mold. The "gay community" likes to believe that it is only the "straight" world that represses us, but it is really the overly-masculine identified world (both "gay" and "straight") that makes us miserable and steals our real identities from us all! But we girls can at least enter Elektraspace to be our selves (or rediscover our true selves)! Thanks for that

Thank you for your comments. We agree with you entirely. We hope you will become a regular at the Bar. Please do introduce yourself. What's your name? Are you Blonde or Brunette?

Femmeworld is still there, but the Femmeworld Common Room isn't. That has now been merged with the Cocktail Bar, so all the girls in Elektraspace now meet here.

A Double-Picnic

Toot toot tootsie here, my darlings!

 Jeepers Creepers, a girl goes away for a fortnight and returns to such glorious goings on! And such a divine invitation too. Dear Miss Fox, I do hope you didn't think my silence meant that I was rejecting your chivalric advances. Of course I will join you on a picnic. It's Autumn up here and Spring down there, I suspect, so perhaps we could have two picnics. One to enjoy the changing leaves in Culveria and another to smell the spring flowers there. I will bring my Victrola both times if you'll bring your darling little maggie. I adore Kadorian magazines, don't you? Something about their war in Kadoria that makes the girls in there really pull together. I remember once reading an advertisement for blankets in a Kadorie magazine that said, "If your old blankets are serviceable, please buy war bonds instead. But if you need new blankets, buy our blankets." Isn't that swell?

 Dear Miss Fox, I'll bring some bubbly too, for what's a picnic without a bit of the sparkle! Let's go, sweetie!

Wearing the Trousers

Dear Girls,

 I was just now thinking about how I usually wish I could see girls in dresses, and today the thought popped into my little head that I wished I could see girls in pants. This is nearly a heresy for an Aristasian to say, but what I mean is that so many bongo girls have worn bifurcated garments for so long that they no longer walk, sit, or move like girls in them. Watch any real movie in which even a gangly teenage girl is in trousers and you will see that she looks like a lovely feminine thing who just happens to be wearing pants, probably because she is painting her room or taking a vacation at the Flying W Ranch or maybe walking the beach at twilight. But in the Pit, females in pants have been in pants so often that they have forgotten how to wear them as a lady should.

 Before I became a full Aristasian, I would wear trousers about once a month, and would take such pride in the fact that while other girls acted as if they were in blue jeans even when they put on a dress, I acted as if I was in a dress even when I put on slacks. Of course, I wouldn't dream of ever wearing the silly garments now, but when I did I was quite consciously a girl in trousers.

 Love and Kisses,


Some one has described Aristasia as "one long conversation". Well, Aphrodite is rather like that. If you want to catch up on the conversation so far, the Archive is the place to do it.