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Calling All New Girls

Category: Mistresses and Girls
Date: 15 Apr 1998
Time: 11:07:49
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If you are standing by the gate wondering what to do, come on in and introduce yourselves. There is no need to be shy. On the other hand you must remember that this is a polite society, and that we observe the standards and conventions of the 1950s. If you are lewd, objectionable or obscene we shall apply for your immediate expulsion.

There are Mistresses waiting to hear from you, but you must be patient as we are very busy people and we have to be selective. We try to identify girls that we can empathise with and help to develop. Therefore you will have to tell us a little about yourselves and indicate type of training and discipline you want. (This might not be the same as what you need - and you may be in for a few surprises!)

You must understand from the outset that this is not a Forum for fantasy. We deal in real training, real discipline and real punishment. However we are not narrowly-based and you can discuss any subjects and personal interests that have a school or disciplinary connection. Remember, however, that this site belongs to the Wildfire Club. We are their guests and they are the ultimate arbiters of what is acceptable.

Unless you are prepared to be obedient and co-operative, this is not the place for you. Before I accept a girl, for example, I expect her to submit a 200 line trial imposition. Other Mistresses have different selection criteria.

I hope this is of some help to you. Now come one, speak up. Who's first? Yes, you over there. What's your name.....?"

Mary J.

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